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It's amazing so many people are able to use English as a second language.
  • It's probably because you had a lot of exposure but insufficient engagement. I should probably have mentioned this in my original comment. You kind of developed a one way mastery of the language. Exposure will get you there after you get to a certain level but to get there you need lots of practice

  • It's amazing so many people are able to use English as a second language.
  • It's completely unwatchable with voice dubs isn't it? I don't get how anyone puts up with it

    I've had family tell me The Emperor's New Groove is actually great with Dutch dubs but the title in Dutch just translates to "Emperor Cuzco". No one is gonna convince me most jokes don't get lost in translation when the first time it happens is in the title!

  • It's amazing so many people are able to use English as a second language.
  • The Slavic languages are interesting but I don't know a lot about them. It must be amusing to be aware of the various levels of mutual intelligibility. Do you know any jokes Eastern Europeans make about this among themselves?

  • It's amazing so many people are able to use English as a second language.
  • No amount of exceptions and quirks will prevent you from learning any language as long as you have lots and lots of exposure. After your reach a certain base level you just keep improving as you use the language, and even the exceptions start to feel natural.

    English is the only language other than my mother tongue I have achieved this level with. I'd like to think at least in writing it's indistinguishable from a native speaker. Theoretically tho German should be easier for me as I'm Dutch. But my German never reached the same level because of the difference in exposure

  • Slack is now using all content, including DMs, to train LLMs
  • I use Slack at work everyday. I suppose this does feel off in some way but I'm not sure I'm the right amount of upset about this? I don't really mind if they use my data if it improves my user experience, as long as the platform doesn't reveal anything sensitive or personal in a way that can be traced back to me.

    Slack already does allow your admin to view all of your conversations, which is more alarming to me

  • TIL Many bronze age peoples forgot what stone age tools were, and thought discovered ones as some kind of mystical talismans or signs from a thunder god
  • Kurzgesagt did this video where they crammed all of Earth's history in an hour. Basically you look at a barren wasteland for most of the time until life finally goes macroscopic and then all of humanity happens in less than a second

    I sat through the whole thing and it's still incomprehensible

  • Amid campus crackdowns, Gaza war triggers freedom of expression crisis
  • Thank you for your elaborate response. Hamas is the inevitable result of what happens when you drive people off their land and lock generations of them up in a radicalization farm. Now they can't be reasoned with anymore. It's a monster that Israel created and later fed and exploited in some kind of divide-and-conquer strategy. Now they're dealing with the mess this got them into. This is why I assign Israel most of the responsibility, although the rest of the West is also to blame for supporting them.

    I don't think Hamas would exist much longer if Israel were to commit to lasting peace in good faith. Or maybe they would transition towards a peaceful political movement, kinda like what happened with the IRA. The Palestinians would need help to get organized tho. Fatah taking over in Gaza seems like a reasonable first step.

    I suppose you deserve some elaboration on the sign you were referring to in your initial comment. 'Palestine' could mean the West Bank and Gaza or that + all the territories that are currently considered legitimately Israeli. It's impossible to tell what she means and I don't really care.

    I wouldn't walk away from attending a demonstration if I saw this sign. People are understandably upset and gravitate towards powerful short statements. I'm sure this girl doesn't wish harm on anyone innocent. Neither do I, but I do feel like Israel should be forced into one of the two solutions I listed in my previous comment if they don't work something out with the Palestinians on their own initiative. If that means the end of Israel as we know it so be it. They'd still be allowed to live in the area peacefully if it were up to me and I don't care if that country would be called Israel or Palestine