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Casper Van Dien is loving the Starship Troopers renaissance but still finds it mind-boggling some take it at face value
  • The movie point blank says the bugs attacked first and that it's a colonization species that just hurls meteor filled bugs randomly into space in order to try and find new planets to colonize.

    Also, when the "main" character in the movie (Rico) is in basic training and about to quit the military, a bug meteor impacts the earth, taking out an entire city, and killing his parents, so the bugs were most definitely attacking humanity, and earth directly.

    The movie also ends on a high note, making it seem like they learned some very important information by capturing one of the until then unknown bugs that was able to think and direct all the mindless bugs. So while the war will go on, it leaves the viewer to think that humanity was making progress towards a victory. The movie also marked the first time that humanity actually went to the bug home planet and "took the war to them".

  • Casper Van Dien is loving the Starship Troopers renaissance but still finds it mind-boggling some take it at face value
  • The main arguments for it being a pro military and pro war movie is that the Bugs ARE attacking and that if humanity wants to survive, they will have to fight. Then, while most people do die, the movie ends with a major victory that looks like it may help save humanity.

    I don't really think you can argue those points away to claim its an anti military/war movie. The movie would have needed for humanity to have attacked the bugs first, starting the war; or at the least having had most everyone die for no reason, without making a shred of progress in the war effort.

    I mean, they were fighting to save our entire species, and the two most vocal people in the entire movie (Ricos parents) that were against the military machine were some of the first people to die in the movie.

  • Keanu Reeves, bassist of the band called Dogstar, performs at Rock im Park in Nuremberg, Germany
  • It's for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, but want to hear new songs.

    I means, I still listen to and enjoy new music while being in my 40's, but the shit you loved in your teens just kind of gets hardwired into your soul. What I enjoyed back then was usually a bit heavier, though.

  • Is Craigslist Dying?
  • And I hate every one of you for jacking used car prices way the hell up for everyone so you can play half legal car dealer, while also making it hard as hell to even find a used car from a real owner of a vehicle instead of guys like you who owned it for a week and adding $2k to the price.

    Last one I tried buying a guy listed it on a Sunday night. Like 7pm. I arranged to meet him Monday morning. But guess what? Guy showed up 7:45 pm with cash and bought it. Then re-listed it out of my price range.

  • Gaming ColeSloth

    Stardew Valley is just spot on.


    1TB OLED left touch pad has issues clicking down.

    Just curious if anyone else has had issues with their track pads on the OLED models.

    My left side touch pad doesn't "depress" down at all in the middle, and requires much more force around the sides to depress down and "click". If you go by the haptic pressure measurement, the right side will click at around 3,000 anywhere on the pad,, but the left side takes about 10,000 around the edges and never does in the middle.

    Mechanic Advice ColeSloth

    06 tribute manual transmission clutch hard to press.

    All of a sudden my clutch went from totally normal to very hard to press down. It's now been this way for quite a long time. It's a hydraulic clutch (clutch was replaced by a shop a few months prior to the issue, but me and the shop....did not get along.) in an 06 tribute with a 4 cylinder motor.

    Looking for what I'll need done in order to not have to break my leg to shift the thing. Thanks.

    I figure it's something the shop didn't do correctly, as it was supposed to have new flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing but there's no way to verify they replaced it all or did it correctly and the problem started suddenly about 3 months later.