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[Brighton Hove Albion FC] Albion appoint Hürzeler as new head coach
  • Very exciting appointment, and a typically Tony Bloom one too. Love that Brighton continues to show ambition and willingness to take risks and trust their analytics. It's been said many times but they really are an exemplary club in British football.

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • Can we not go after one of the few good guys in gaming? Please? If you want to hound someone Nintendo is right over there.

  • This is why the game lost me to be completely honest. I felt like the type of storytelling changed into more of a Sunday morning cartoon type vibe where the gang always wins and nobody ever dies.

    There was a point during the story (probably Post-ARR through the beginning of post-Stormblood patch quests?) where it felt like there were actual stakes and risks of consequences and the lives of beloved characters were actually in danger and I loved that.

    But instead more people seemed to come back from the dead than actually die.

  • STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl Hands-On Impressions - Good Hunting, S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  • I'm not fussed about the minimap, I play with it off anyway. I might turn off the compass too if given the option, I like checking the PDA for directions.

    The ammo though is a travesty to me. Maybe I'm overly sensitive but for me it's such an immersion break, and these games thrive off of immersion. That's the whole dang point! Interchangable ammo is such a "video gamey" thing that every time I loot a container and see "assault rifle ammo" I'm going to be pulled out of the zone mentally.

  • A follow-up to the legendary Disco Elysium might have been ready to play within the next year⁠—ZA/UM's devs loved it, management canceled it and laid off the team: 'For a while it seemed like miracles
  • Tuulik was a real one and I would have been very interested in his spinoff. He was really the last bastion of the old ZA/UM as one of the co-creators of the setting (having been part of the original Elysium tabletop game sessions with Kurvitz et al). Him getting fired a couple of months ago was pretty much the final nail for ZA/UM.

    But hey, at least the Disco Elysium mobile game with 0 original creator participation is still under development!

    Look forward to a harsh wasteland as the pale is slowly encroaching upon the world! Visit memorable locations like the Whirling-in-Rags and the Fishing Village as you fight off the terrible pale-zombies! Test your skill in our weekly reset "Mercenary Tribunal" challenge mode for in-game currency, cosmetics and more!

    Play as the drunk detective Tequila Sunset - or roll for more champions in our exciting gacha system, each with unique gameplay! Having trouble dodging? Our first featured character "Mega-Rich Light-Bending Guy' can turn invisible thanks to his net worth! Check him out before the banner ends!

    Play free today*

    *Contains in-app purchases

  • What happened with Starfield?
  • Are you familiar with Bethesda games? The best way to describe it is that it's a Bethesda game that sacrifices what makes Bethesda games great (the handcrafted open world) in exchange for an illusion of scale and scope by way of procedural generation.

    What you're left with is mediocre writing, boring characters and uninteresting exploration of copy-pasted points of interest.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • They shouldn’t have to compromise on the unique experience and simplify it for everyone and ruin what makes them good.

    When was this ever about compromising the vision or changing the games? I thought this was about the use of guides while playing.

    I'm perfectly happy for all the players who spend thousands of hours scrounging every surface, making conspiracy-boards out of item descriptions and feverishly figuring out every hidden secret in these games by themselves.

    It's still completely valid to enjoy all the rest the games have to offer and look at the wiki for how you access the secret area with the hidden boss.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • Arguably the first Dark Souls is one of these. Most of the classes push you towards shields as the cornerstone of defense. The studio felt like this overemphasis on shields was such a mistake they took 2 whole games (Bloodborne and Sekiro) in an almost entirely shield-free direction to teach players there were other ways.

    That's more the studio changing design philosophy rather than the game giving poor hints, I would argue. Shields are very viable through all of DS1.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • But that’s literally the point of these games compared to everything else that’s out there.

    I don't think that's entirely true. There are lots of people who play them mostly for the challenge of learning and beating the (mostly) well designed bosses.

    Where else do I get cryptic puzzles and unforgiving exploration without a map full of markers?

    Outer Wilds? Subnautica?

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • FromSoft sort of brought it upon themselves with their design philosophy to be fair, going back at least as far as Dark Souls. Selling a DLC and having it locked behind a convoluted puzzle you wouldn't figure out without a guide was certainly a choice, for example.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer
  • I played Origins recently and heavily modded it too. That engine should not be touched, if it is ever revisited it will have to be in the form of a full remake. Which, I think, the odds of it ever happening has to be near zero.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal
  • I've played only Origins but this trailer is not doing a whole lot for me. Even visually I don't like it (which is bizarre because I think Origins looks like shit and still I somehow prefer it). Don't really like this art direction, personally.

  • Remedy Entertainment will remake the iconic Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne as a single title, in a development agreement with Rockstar Games.
  • I wonder how they'll deal with James McCaffrey's passing. I can't imagine the game with someone else's voice, and I can't imagine just using the existing recordings from 20 years ago would be enough for a modern remake (unless it's literally retelling the story frame by frame, I suppose).

    Regardless, I'm very hopeful about this project and I'm glad Rockstar let Remedy do this. The Max Paynes are true classics and hopefully this can introduce a new generation to those stories.

  • PSA: You can paste the link to a Lemmy post in the search bar of your instance, and you'll be able to access the post from your instance
  • Yes, definitely! Using the [email protected] works well for communities, but linking to posts is a bit of a headache honestly.

  • Starfield's latest update draws player ire by sticking a bounty hunting quest behind the Creation Club paywall
  • Impressive that enough people still care for there to be a backlash.

  • Starfield: Shattered Space - Official Trailer
  • I don't know about complex, but pimping out your spouse is pretty dark (though it's mostly played for sex jokes so I doubt it's intentionally so).

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Серце Чорнобиля — Трейлер «Час Можливостей»
  • God I wish this game turns out to be so fucking good. Please be GotY worthy, please.

  • 2024 Canadian Grand Prix - [POST RACE] discussion thread 🏁
  • Phenomenal race, absolute box office stuff. Something happening somewhere every lap, bold strategy calls, flat out driving for the win, chaos, uncertainty and some slick moves to boot. Albon's double overtake, anyone?

    These are the races that remind us of why we watch this goddamn thing. I wish Norris hadn't gotten unlucky with the safety car but that's just me being greedy for the sake of the championship table. And Max really deserved the win too, he absolutely had to push himself for this one.

    Will be a tough ask to top this race for the rest of the season.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic speech in front of a packed stadium during his farewell ceremony with Swedish national team
  • God I wish he never got those injuries in his last season. I know it's a big ask but I wish he got to close his career on more of a high instead of sort of just petering out.

  • 2024 Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying Classification
  • Georgepedo into Max DNF and McLaren 1-2 to really close up the top of the championship? Sign me up!

  • Saudi Arabia unveils AI renders of their plans for the Qiddiya track

    You would expect Saudi to go all out and not let themselves be outdone on spectacle by Miami and Vegas, but this is more than even I expected. That turn one is straight out of Mario Kart.


    Summarizing the Crossover Weekly in a single team as a sendoff

    I liked the idea of this weekly a lot, but the balance was off and the Strawberry strategy was way too dominant. And the lack of Waffles and/or Flying Squirrel made Toy strategies extremely frustrating.

    I didn't have that much fun this week and am glad to see it go, to be honest.


    [Suggestion] Setting to show comment with context when clicking on an entry in inbox/comment history

    I will often have to spend an extra tap to show parent/context since I want to remind myself before replying. It would be a nice quality of life setting to be able to show them by default.


    Using all three mechanics for the Crossover weekly

    While strawberry seems the easiest path to victory, it was fun to see if I could squeeze all three into a team. Sadly I never got a third Strawberry in the shop.


    Finally got the Sloth ribbon, thank you for the assist Skoottie

    Framework laid out by Skoottie and works surprisingly consistently. Amass Hedgehogs early to get a bunch of draws, hard roll for Lioness as early as possible (use Stoat, Alpaca and lvl 2 Blobfish+Pill to get it leveled ASAP). When your shop is 50/50 you set up Catfish+Anglerfish and freeze waffles in the shop.

    When you have your level 3 sloth, use Cuttlefish and/or Goose to break the 50/50 team deadlock and win.


    [Official] West Ham confirms the departure of Declan Rice West Ham United Club Statement | West Ham United F.C.

    West Ham United can confirm that agreement has been reached for Declan Rice to leave the Club for a British record transfer fee.

    West Ham United Club Statement | West Ham United F.C.

    For those who have played both the originals and the Early Access, how well does BG3 capture the feel?

    I'm not particularly worried about whether BG3 will be good or not since D:OS 1&2 were both excellent, but I'm a little worried about it feeling like a Baldur's Gate game and not Divinity: Dungeons and Dragons.

    How is the writing style and atmosphere? Does the story connect in any meaningful way? Are there any recurring major characters, hopefully even potential party members? In short, does it feel like a Baldur's Gate game?

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    Vet inte om det anses som ett massivt problem men jag märkte när jag försökte synka mina konton att det inte går att se communities och personer på från Kbins sida.

    Tydligen är problemet något med nginx config och det finns en patch tillgänglig någonstans, men detta är bortom min förståelse så jag bifogar en länk till personen som upplyste mig:

    4 Coelacanth's förhållande till Threads/Meta

    Jag har läst åsikter åt båda hållen när det gäller vilken approach som är bäst vad gäller Meta's intåg på ActivityPub. Vad tänker's Admins? Kommer ni federera eller defederera?