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Ephebophiles are not immoral
  • A 17 year old and an 18 year old are only a year apart in maturity. It's essentially comparable to a 17 and 16 year old. 2 years apart starts to get gray as far as morality goes. I'm against 16 and 19, but i can imagine extremely remote cases where it might be acceptable, but that is stretching my objective capabilities. 16 and 20 is too far. As you get closer to 25 and the brain is fully developed, the margins get wider.

    For instance, 18 and 22? That goes back to stretching it. 19 and 23? Back to morally Grey. 20 and 24? Fine.

    Ephebophelia definitions are meant to cast a wide net to protect as many people as possible. Just get over it for societies greater good.

  • How to style for warm weather?
  • This is definitely the way to go, or pick like a gaming or nerdy tee with a large design on the front to further break up the shape up the figure as well as showing people what you like.

  • How to explain cross-dressing to parents?
  • Depends on how they feel about trans people, test the waters. A subtle way is to ask a guy (or a few) role model(s) near you if they have ever thought about what it is like to be a girl.

    My parents are fairly conservative, and I ran into the snag of the FIRST guy I asked was like "oh, yeah. All guys think that." And then I just bought it for years.

    Still, it is good to plant the seed.

  • Happy Trans Day of Visibility

    It's once again that glorious time of year where we celebrate the growing acceptance and visibilty of transgender people.

    I only sort of fit in here since I'm genderfluid, but your journey of self discovery is important!

    Don't take the opinions of transphobes too seriously. Dismantling their arguments is like enjoying a walk through your garden. You've done the hard work. Simply pluck the weeds (bad arguments) that would harm your growth and move on!

    Slowly accepting that I'm a girl
  • Well, in actuality, you would socially transition. You would try out girl's clothes, girl pronouns, maybe a different name. If you stopped, as you would have obviously done, you would just socially transition back. Life would go on. There ya go!

  • I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️ !!
  • So what is your take on when someone with XX chromosomes experiences standard expression of FOXL-2 for part of the gestation, but stops functioning before finishing primary sexual characteristics?

    How does that fit under a biological classification? Are they meant to bear children? Be a father? Will they ever be a boy? A woman?

    Furthermore, are there other genes that inform your thesis to the above statements? How would their expression through developmental stages possibly affect the expressed sexual characteristics in both normal and impeded function?

  • I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️ !!
  • "Fought and bled for some oil executive to have their number to go up". There, fixed it for you!

    I've consistently done everything I can to make those that society has left behind or treated poorly have some comfort. Some joy. Some happy memory of someone who was genuinely happy to help them and be fulfilled by it.

    At the same time, let's use your own argument against you. A gender studies degree? So you are aware biology and gender studies exist beyond what you are capable of understanding, and yet still refuse to accept their outcomes?

    You fought for this country, showing you believe in awarding recognition based on merit. So if someone takes all the steps and jumps through all the hoops to transition to their ideal gender, shouldn't the merit of their struggle be awarded?

    TLDR: You are wrong. Easily wrong. That's alright, I used to be wrong, too. It really f***ing sucks and I hate being wrong. That's life. There is always more to learn and new things to experience. There's a whole world out there, and that isn't even counting the mysteries of space.

  • Disgusting that anybody would destroy a person’s life like this
  • My molester got away with it. He abused 31 other kids before getting caught. He was 'proven innocent 30 times and only got 15 years for that 32nd kid that he got convicted for.

    I've run into him since his release, he tried to get me to tell the court that he didn't do anything.

    I've known other victims.

    Look up the average number of victims before a predator is caught. Fake testimony is rare, predators getting away with their crimes is common.

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Talon Bun (Reupload)

    Source Apparently, Harmony needs her familiar to be a bunny for the time being. A little warning would've been nice.

    (Failed to upload last time. Round two)


    Talon the Bun

    Talon finding out they were needed as a bunny before they even saw Harmony come to pick them up.