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Trump's Project 2025 is now being searched in Google more than Taylor Swift and the NFL
  • It's sad when the best candidate that the Democrats can field against a Fascist who literally tried to stage his own Beer Hall Putsch against Congress and kickstart the Fourth Reich... is a senile fossil who should be in a care home, not the White House.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • I wouldn't say it "worked" for me... When I state that they're the best dating apps, it's more like comparing the experience of eating a shit sandwich without any toppings to adding something like mayo or BBQ sauce in an attempt to drown out the taste of fecal matter. You can't polish a turd.

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • Can't say much about iPhones because the last time I used iOS was about a decade ago, but I'm not a fan of Apple for how often they ask you to sign in to your Apple ID just to do anything on the App Store.

    As for Android, learning how to open an app's settings menu to force stop it and clear its cache is a godsend. It solves about 99% of technical issues I may face.

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • For the record, this was for a customer service outsourcer I used to work for. I wasn't directly employed by Associated Newspapers and I'd say a good deal of the internal managerial and pay issues I had were down to my employer, not the client. Only thing I miss about that place were my colleagues. I had made some life-long friends in that place and there were a lot of great people who came and went.

    As for management, one or two team leaders aside, they were a clique of nepotistic assholes.

    I was fired from that job nearly three years into my employment (long after we lost the AN contract and I moved to a different campaign) for 'capability' reasons, after they dragged me through a month-long PIP and disciplinary process for failing to hit targets. Our whole email team was failing to hit performance targets and I was effectively scapegoated and bullied out of the company by a team leader who didn't like me. In retrospect it was the best thing to ever happen to me, because had I not been sacked, I'd probably still be there on min wage and not working in commercial finance today.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • Boo is the best dating app I've used outside of Facebook Dating. It's still pretty shitty though, and I wholly agree with your criticism about the discussion threads.

    Actually gamifying the use of their app as a social media platform to gain further privileges on the dating side of the app is a genius idea though, but it's executed so poorly. If it had the high quality discussions of Lemmy/Reddit, or the plethora of edgy memes you find on 9GAG, Facebook, iFunny, etc, then it could be a game changer.

    I could go on a massive rant about how Tinder is dogshit and every other dating app has been bought out and transformed into yet another Tinder clone by greedy monopolistic cunts who the Federal Trade Commission should have shut down years ago, but I've already wasted a lot of my energy ranting about my shitty experiences before.

    Maybe we wouldn't have an incel epidemic if the modern dating experience wasn't so awful for men.

    As I've said before, Facebook Dating is the best experience I've had, and that's primarily because Mark Zuckerberg is more motivated by harvesting all your personal information, not by suckering you into paying 4 times the price of a WoW subscription just to see who liked your profile.

    Kippo is even more hilarious. Nearly every profile is just trying to recruit you to watch their E girl twitch stream or onlyfans and is not interested in dating.

    Sounds like Okcupid to me. I get a lot of matches on there, but they're all either:

    • Scammers trying to lull me into a crypto investment scheme.
    • E-girls using the platform to plug their OnlyFans
    • African and South-East Asian ladies who discovered GPS spoofing and are on the prowl for a Western husband and the means to a green card.
  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • It's absolutely the same mindset as boomers complaining about technology these days because they don't want to learn how to download a mobile app.

    I'm really not too sure about that.

    Used to work in customer service for a major right wing (Daily Mail) newspaper, and that included tech support for their rewards club website, their newspaper reading Android/iOS/Kindle Fire app, and their bookshop website.

    Pensioners struggle with technology and I really don't think it's just stubbornness and ignorance. I genuinely think that your ability to learn and remember things diminishes greatly as you grow older.

    It was one of the worst jobs I worked in, not just because trying to explain how to do basic things like open a web browser, type in a URL or force stop and clear the cache on an Android app to a 90+ year old is like pulling teeth, but because we were paid like crap, treated like children by management, treated like shit by a lot of customers, and because we used to get a lot of editorial calls from people thinking we could put them through to a journalist so they could spout their often bigoted views. So glad I work in accountancy now. The worst customer support jobs are the ones where callers frequently go full Karen on you.

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • He could alternatively go to...

    Stackoverflow or Superuser, where the answer will be "use the search bar you imbecile, locked."

    Quora, where every question is blatant rage bait like "my 14 year old son got a B in his test. I took away his PS5 and chained him in the basement as punishment but his grades aren't improving. How can I make him better at math?"

    Yahoo Answers which is dead, and was basically Quora before Quora was a thing.

    Or Reddit, where you can't even post on 95% of subs without hitting a minimum karma threshold and where some basement dwelling mod will likely ban you for breaking hidden rule #263, then modmail mute you for 28 days without reply if you try to appeal.

    I think any Q&A site is absolute dog water now.

  • Guys, there's a solution that we haven't considered.
  • The next presidential debate is September 10th. We won't find out until then whether this was just some unlucky fluke or if Biden should truly be moved to a residential care home for his own good.

    By then it'll be far too late to field another candidate...

  • Mcafee accidentally made users call the devs of SQLite and complain.
  • John McAfee would be spinning like a rotisserie chicken in his grave. Or at least he would be if McAfee Software hadn't already turned to shit long before his death.

    So the temp files are still identified, but anybody smart enough to figure out the code is also likely smart enough to know that calling the developer will not help get rid of the file.

    Don't underestimate the stupidity of your average person.

  • Twitch banned Dr Disrespect after viewing messages sent to a minor, say former employees
  • EDIT: Dr Disrespect has made a full statement.


    Hello, I'd like to make a quick statement..

    Lets cut the fucking bullshit, as you know there's no filter with me. I've always been up front and real with you guys on anything that I can be up front about, and I'm always willing to accept responsibility... which is why I'm here now.

    First and foremost I do want to apologize to everyone in my community as well as those close to me, my team, and everyone at Midnight Society Game Studio.

    A lot of people have been left in the dark about what happened yesterday with midnight society and I, and we made the painful decision collectively, to have me step down. Our team is full of incredibly talented and good people that have high career ambitions and families and i'd never want jeopardize the culture we have carefully crafted.

    Everyone has been wanting to know why I was banned from twitch, but for reasons outside of my control, I was not allowed to say anything for the last several years. Now that two former twitch employees have publicly disclosed the accusations, I can now tell you my side of the story regarding the ban.

    Were there twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes. Were there real intentions behind these messages, the answer is absolutely not. These were casual, mutual conversations that sometimes leaned too much in the direction of being inappropriate, but nothing more. Nothing illegal happened, no pictures were shared, no crimes were committed, I never even met the individual. I went through a lengthy arbitration regarding a civil dispute with twitch and that case was resolved by a settlement. Let me be clear, it was not a criminal case against me and no criminal charges have ever been brought against me.

    Now, from a moral standpoint I'll absolutely take responsibility. I should have never entertained these conversations to begin with. That's on me. That's on me as an adult, a husband and a father. It should have never happened. I get it. I’m not perfect and I’ll fucking own my shit. This was stupid.

    Now, with all this said, don't get it fucking mistaken, I’ve seen all the remarks and labels being throw around so loosely. Social media is a destruction zone. I'm no fucking predator or pedophile. Are you kidding me? Anyone that truely knows me fucking knows where I stand on those things with those types of people. Fuck that. That's a different level of disgust that I fucking hate even hearing about. Don't be labeling me as the worst of the worst with your exaggerations. Get the fuck outta here with that shit.

    But I think I've said what I needed to say regarding the ban itself. That's it. That's why twitch made the decision in 2020.

    To my team, community, industry friends that have supported me, I apologize, I wish I could've said all this sooner. You guys have always showed me and my family love and support throughout all these years we love you guys like you can't imagine. I have the fucking best community and circle. If any of this has made you uncomfortable, I get it. You don't have to support me anymore but just know you have always been greatly appreciated.

    But trust me when I say all my haters that live and breath social media with zero real life experience, I don't give a fuck about you.

    Finally, if you're uncomfortable with this entire statement and think I'm a piece of shit, that's fine. But I'm not fucking going anywhere. I’m not the same guy that made this mistake all those years ago. I'm taking an extended vacation with my family as mentioned on stream and I'm coming back with a heavy weight off my shoulders.

    They want me to disappear... yeah fucking right.

  • Gaming Clbull

    EDIT: Dr Disrespect has made a full statement regarding the ban.

    Twitch abruptly permabanned one of its biggest names (Guy Beahm a.k.a. Dr Disrespect) from their platform back in 2020 without explanation. Four years later, two former Twitch employees have now spoken up, alleging that he was banned for sexting with a minor through the Twitch Whispers app and attempting to meet up with her at TwitchCon.

    This came two years after a settled lawsuit between Twitch and Beahm, where neither party admitted to any wrongdoing, and his contract was paid.

    Other notes and links:

    How much should an organisation reveal about a data breach?
    • Date that the breach occurred.
    • What parts of the system were accessed.
    • What data was compromised and if any of it is sensitive.
    • If any of this data was encrypted/hashed and what algorithm was used (i.e. I'd be far less worried about having passwords that are bcrypt hashed exposed compared to ones hashed with SHA1 or stored in plain text.)
  • Is there a Linkedin equivalent that is federated?
  • LinkedIn to me is just a platform where I go to get spammed by recruiters or watch middle managers passionately kiss corporate ass with motivational posts about how brilliant work is or how teamwork is so great.

    It's also a place where I add work connections that I otherwise wouldn't send a Facebook friend request to.

  • Is everything the worst?
  • Unless they pull off some kind of paramilitary overthrow of the German government (and last time I checked their co-leaders didn't have an army of brownshirts to do their bidding) I cannot see Alternative fur Deutschland taking power in Germany. They actually lost vote share and support from other far right European parties when they spouted borderline Nazi views recently.

    Reassemblement National on the other hand... Macron was stupid to call a snap parliamentary election, and if Marine Le Pen can make it to 2027 without being driven out by political scandal, she'll probably be the next French President.

  • What is your favorite time of the year?
  • I'd have to say winter.

    Spring is horrendous when it comes to pollen allergies and gets really bad around April.

    Summer is similarly bad for hayfever sufferers, but also too hot and peak season for wasps and hornets.

    Autumn can be nice but that's overshadowed by being born in the same month as a lot of birthdays fall on (yes, a lot of people fuck during the Christmas holidays.) plus September is the one month that's very restricted in terms of me taking time off because we have to prep the year-end accounts at work.

    Winter on the other hand... It's cold, it gets dark early, it can be pretty quiet, and there is nothing that beats the feeling of eating a turkey roast feast on Christmas Day, or going to a Christmas market and drinking mulled wine.

  • If you didn't have to work, how would you spend your time?
  • I have a friend who worked his ass off as a teenager and had founded a moderately successful IT business from the back of his garage. He sold his share of the firm at 21 and walked away with a seven digit bank balance.

    He's one of those self-proclaimed alpha males who did a lot of stuff like playing video games a lot, martial arts (black belt in two martial arts), gym, partying, etc. He would also still work from time to time, not out of necessity but rather boredom

    Unfortunately age and a nasty case of long COVID caught up with him, so he's mainly going back into IT.

  • Son of a Glitch was hacked

    Thanks, I Hate It! Clbull

    Thanks, I hate Chimera Shaggy