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USA leftists in favor of voting for Biden: What other direct action should we do?
  • what would you clock me to be?

    Deceptive? I've never once in my life heard an American use clock in a personal manner like that. Clocks are for telling time and counting seconds in a race.

    I liked the bit about poll watching. Is this a checklist for things that will be infiltrated for the next election?

    Am I a useful idiot for calling out the obvious and furthering the division?

    I hate US election season in the Internet era.

    For good measure so I know you're an American, post a picture of Sims - 3, with a sticky note and your username.

    Edit: Just so this post gets seen... Stuxnet assassination in Minecraft, with nuclear capabilities. Thanks 🫡

  • How do I share stuff nowadays?
  • It's crazy to me to see so many people recommending these. I remember thinking ed2k was old when Kazaa and Morpheus came out.

    I was looking at this page and it brought so much nostalgia. The days of viruses, "proggys" in Yahoo chat (I missed the AOL train), being a young teenage script kiddy on the Internet... That was the best time of the Internet for me. You could do and say anything and never felt like there was a panopticon watching you to slip up at any time.

  • is telling your employer you may leave if passive aggressive coworkers don't stop gossiping about you behind your back and gaslighting you a good idea?
  • To add to what scrubbles said, the looking for another job part of very important here. Blowing the whistle on your current colleagues may result in your boss not giving you as great of a reference as they otherwise may have. The best way to handle a hostile workplace is to leave the hostile workplace, unless there are blatantly outright illegal things being done to you. And sadly, depending on what those things are, even then....

  • How do Alcoholic recovery programs work in Muslim countries where alcohol is banned?
  • Many drugs that cause nicotine cessation also work for other addictive drugs, including alcohol. Off the top of my head...

    • Chantix (and buproprion)
    • NAC
    • Tirzepatide and Semaglutide
    • Buperenorphine
    • Acamprosate
    • Disulfiram (sp?)
    • Psychedelics (if used properly)

    While we're on the subject, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W, said the help of LSD was integral to his development of AA.

  • What VPN would you recommend for torrenting?
  • Mullvad or IVPN. Some VPNs like Perfect Privacy do leak your IP via DHT and other torrent features, even when full lockdown mode is on. You can search 'torrent leak test' to verify yours doesn't. I found out with a 2nd DMCA warning from my ISP.

  • What is a discreet way of waking myself?
  • My Fitbit Inspire 3 (cheapest fitbit, comes with 6 months Fitbit premium so you can see how your sleep is and address any issues) has alarm vibration options and it is (usually) enough to wake me. Never wakes the wife. If you sleep with her on your arm or something, then this probably won't work. They also have light alarms (goes from dark yellow to bright white over a 30 minute period) and she could wear a sleep mask.

  • What does Lemmy do better than Reddit?
  • Lemmy is heavily astroturfed. There is no way Lemmy instance admins have the time or resources to do the kind of subversion detection reddit did. That's if the astroturfers aren't already running larger Lemmy instances to build them up.

    Here is one of many from reddit. Hopefully some OSINT groups start doing research on Lemmy and outing the bot networks that operate here, because it's election season in the US and it's showing.

    For example, I don't think the admin has the domain knowledge to detect customized Lemmy docker code that allows a hacking group to hide their accounts from admins/mods and go undetected for a very long time, until it's noticed on accident.

  • What does Lemmy do better than Reddit?
  • Yeah... seems like most of the people here are of the younger under 25 crowd, where on Reddit that was still the case but there were a lot more adults to have full adult discussions with. I still check Lemmy but less and less.

  • How come running hard (especially when out of shape) makes your lungs feel like they are on fire?
  • Thanks. I don't have time to read it right now, but you're certain that's a very common thing to happen? I'm overweight and have been jogging and running a lot lately. When I run hard, my nose and lungs burn. I like to sprint in intervals until I can't anymore, after jogging, and then walk for a bit. Repeat. I'm wondering if this is dangerous at all.

  • 5-Eyes, 9-Eyes and 14 Eyes explained: how these alliances affect you
  • Almost every single VPN site I've ever come across is just shilling referral links for the highest paying VPNs. Even the privacy sites with old good articles, their new articles for the best VPNs/most secure/ETC are all the best paying referrals.

    VPNs are not good for anonymity. They are good for public networks, and stopping companies that are heavy on piracy to not send you DCMA warnings when you torrent. That's it. If you are actually doing criminal things (or are in a country where you're treated as a criminal) they can traffic shape and find out who you are quick. Even multihop VPN providers aren't much better.

  • 5-Eyes, 9-Eyes and 14 Eyes explained: how these alliances affect you
  • Funny eh? If you select show only mullvad-owned servers (pretty sure those are the only ones with encrypted RAM drives) then they're all 5eyes and a couple other 14eyes countries. No USA though. They also disconnect constantly and are slow.

  • [META maybe] Is the swear filter on gone ?
  • They're just words.

    Hurtful words, but words.


    Let's see what happens.

    Edit: N-word and F-word. That's it.

    Edit #2: I'm on .world, someone on .ml tell me what they see. I was under the impression that when you comment on a post for example, it goes through first. Is that not correct?

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  • Do satellites have different levels for direction they are traveling?
  • Not sure why I can't see your reply. I could have worded that better. I didn't think a satellite could stay above a fixed location on Earth, but now it makes sense - it just rotates at the same speed and orbit of Earth.

  • Where can we donate?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked often before, but it seems like the best app so far and I'd really like to encourage more features and bug fixes.

    +$50 if I can donate with BTC or XMR (kraken takes almost no fees and supports so many cúrrencies)

    It is not my intention to start a flame war. Please refrain. I just want to help out.


    LEMMY TOPICS - HELP, TIPS, AND TRICKS! Enhance your time here 🤙

    I'm still a Lemmy noob myself but I wanted to give a few tips/hints to make using Lemmy/kbin/fediverse easier.

    Note; I'm putting this together quickly and there may already be other, better guides and help pages, so please link them in the comments if you know of them!

    1. You don't need multiple accounts on different Lemmy instances

    (instances are servers, they are different Lemmy websites. and are 2 different Lemmy instances)! Federation means the servers talk to each other and show your messages to people on other instances.

    2. Remember, This is all BRAND NEW!

    We have teams of developers working on it constantly, fixing any bugs and making it easier to use. Stick around and you'll notice things start getting so much easier to do. Patience is the greatest virtue you can have here!

    3. USE AN APP!

    The Lemmy web interface isn't great, and it's more confusing than intuitive. Installing Connect for Reddit yesterday improved my Lemmy experience twice as much instantly

    Popular apps:

    Mlem - A Lemmy client for iOS

    Connect for Lemmy (Android) - opens in App Store

    Liftoff - A Lemmy for Windows , Linux and Android

    Jerboa - A native Android app made by Lemmy's developers (Jerboa IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jerboa was crashing on some instances (instances are like, because of an upgrade issue. If it crashes for you, try something else for a couple days until it's fixed)

    Lemoa - A Gtk client for Lemmy on Linux

    4. Find your communities!

    Took me a while to find this community. Thankfully there are Lemmy Community Browsers that let you search for communities across instances! There are 4-5 more browsers, including ones that say whether an entire subreddit had migrated here, so please feel free to post them in the comments!


    I was going to post a lot more but I'm short on time and need to run and some of my post was deleted. If you have any more to add, please do so in the comments and I'll edit this post!


    A few months ago someone (journalist?) claimed authorities cracked his 30+ char strong Veracrypt (or TrueCrypt?) passphrase. His computer was turned off when apprehended. I can not locate the story.

    Does anyone remember seeing this? I really want to know if there was an update to his case. I thought I saw it on HN but I can NOT for the life of me find it now anywhere. Normally I'm not one to buy into "XYZ scrubbed QWERTY from the internet", but I absolutely can not find this story ANYWHERE now and it seems like it should be easily found with keywords.

    If anyone interested has a Twitter account, would you mind searching there for Truecrypt and Veracrypt to see what comes up? That’s the one place I haven’t looked because I don’t have an account.


    Wichita communities on other Lemmy instances?

    I'm still feeling Lemmy out like most of us, but I thought I saw another more populated Wichita community on a different server but now I'm not seeing any at


    Ouija, will lemmy let me post now that I'm on an app?

    Please don't be undetermined!


    A few months ago, someone (journalist?) claimed the authorities were able to crack his strong 30+ char Veracrypt (or TrueCrypt?) password while his computer was turned off. I can not locate the story.

    Does anyone remember seeing this? I really want to know if there was an update to his case. I thought I saw it on HN but I can NOT for the life of me find it now anywhere. Normally I'm not one to buy into "XYZ scrubbed QWERTY from the internet" lines of thought, but I absolutely can not find this story ANYWHERE now.

    Edit: It was LUKS, not Vera/TrueCrypt. Thanks @[email protected]


    Reddit: Don't like us anymore? Pay us $50/year!

    I'm not sure if this is new, but when I clicked on the /r/pics protest post link from the frontpage here, I was redirected to this:

    I'm not sure if this is well-known or not that they're pushing it now, but it's the first time I've seen it, especially on old.reddit.