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Hail Satan.

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Using Mbin as a backup to my main Kbin account due to tech issues on May either switch to this one permanently or abandon it, depending on how Kbin's development goes. All my active fedi accounts are linked.

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Utah's bathroom snitch line hasn't found one legitimate complaint out of 12,000
  • So not only was it hateful, but it was wasteful, too. Good job, Utah.

  • Happy Kia Summer Sale!!
  • Found the Truck Month celebrator.

  • It just somehow makes sense
  • He's out of line, but he's right.

  • Prosecutors say Alec Baldwin was ‘engaged in horseplay’ with gun before fatal shooting
  • Real, sure. But functional, no. Sometimes, for authenticity's sake or just for cost reasons, it may make sense to use a real firearm for a scene. However, it should always be modified so that it cannot be loaded or fired. There are plenty of ways to do this without affecting the appearance of the gun, and skipping that is just pure negligence.

  • [Second Wind] Hi-Rez CEO Claims Valve Is Overpowered | Cold Take
  • "Your games aren't as good, so your opinion is invalid" is definitely a take.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • Yeah, I would genuinely use one for the virtual screen capabilities to do my normal Salesforce-and-Slack job, if not for the price.

  • Supermassive black hole roars to life as astronomers watch in real time
  • Technically, nothing we ever see is in real-time.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • The CD-i Zelda games had a really fun charm to them. Someone made a really fun homage to them, called Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore, and it's a sweet love letter of a game, complete with crudely hand-drawn cut scenes with confusing perspectives. The developer is "Seedy Eye", or... y'know... CD-i. ;)

  • Slander, extortion and doxxing - beneath the surface of TF2’s bot crisis
  • That's precisely the problem; they continue to support the game, in the state that it's in. Honestly, an appropriate move would be for them to officially discontinue support for the game altogether (even if that means not having a new IP to replace it with). This means turning off their official servers, and removing the ability to buy/sell inventory items on the Steam Marketplace.

    Right now, Valve allows people to sell items for real money (which they take a cut from) in a game that is overrun by bots. They need to either fix the bot problem, or stop taking people's money.

  • Stray – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • This was a free game on PSN a while back, and I went ahead and tried it knowing nothing about it other than there was a cute cat in the trailer. Didn't realize it was going to be one of the best games I'd played in years.

    I'm glad to see that more people will get to play it now, too! It was such an unexpected delight of a game.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • I don't think they'd have announced the weaker version of the game first. The first preview of the game would have been from the best possible version they have to show off, so this trailer is probably exactly that. I think it's unlikely that this will be a dual-release game.

    Which makes me worry for the success of the game. Having what should be a cornerstone game for the Switch being released on year 8 of the console's life span is not a good look. I want this to be good; I've been wanting this game ever since I finished Metroid Prime 3 back in 2007, I just hope it's not too late to still find success.

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?
  • Lemmy's still small enough that if you're even remotely active, you start to recognize just about everybody. I like that, and I kinda miss that about the smaller communities/forums of the old internet.

  • What does the world think of India?
  • I find Bollywood movies to be quite enjoyable if you go into it with the expectation that it's basically live-action anime.

  • Why does Firefox get more errors than Chrome?
  • Why should he take the blame for something he likely has no influence over? That's like blaming the Sandwich Artist because you don't like Subway's bread; he just makes the sandwiches, he doesn't design the recipe.

  • Why does Firefox get more errors than Chrome?
  • Yeah I'm sure he, alone, is responsible for his company's practices, and isn't just a dude trying to make a paycheck.

  • Why does Firefox get more errors than Chrome?
  • Bruh, he just explained what his company's workflow is like. He wasn't espousing the opinions that everybody is accusing him of, just saying how his job requires him to work.

    This community can be hyper-reactionary sometimes.

  • Been here for a year, haven't regretted it ever
  • I just checked my original account, and it looks like it was a year just a week ago.

    Damn, it's already been a year.

  • Helldivers II enlists The Viper Commandos Warbond on June 13

    Don't poke the Viper in the jungle unless you're ready for the venom.

    Helldivers II enlists The Viper Commandos Warbond on June 13

    > > > Don't poke the Viper in the jungle unless you're ready for the venom. > >


    Chrystabell & David Lynch - Sublime Eternal Love

    > > > From the upcoming album “Cellophane Memories”by Chrystabell and David Lynch out on Sacred Bones Records on August 2, 2024. > >