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Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • The far right in Israel has a lot to answer for. There is no doubt that the actions of Israel in Palestine created Hamas. I think it's too far of a jump to say this is intentionally creating a justification for genocide. It's also important to acknowledge that the government in both countries doesn't represent all of their people. There are genocidal assholes on both sides as well as those who want to coexist. I would prefer that Israel didn't exist at all because any religious or ethnically exclusive country is troubling to me, but the Nazis didn't leave us much choice.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • I listed the four reasons above by which arms can be withheld. Violations of human rights and obstructing aid are not on that list, like it or not. I find it highly more likely that if there was any wrongdoing, it was Israel concealing the truth from US investigators, not bad faith of the US government. Biden was literally one of the drafters of United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. I don't see him standing by and letting that happen if he can help it.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • I own up to his real position. I won't own up to fake positions he never held. He sent offensive weapons to Israel after it was apparent this has gone far beyond simple defense from terrorists. If I had my choice I would have only sent humanitarian aid and defensive weapons like resupplies for the iron dome. I also suppose acknowledging Palestine while at the same time recognizing that Hamas is a dangerous group which leads the country and needs to be overthrown. The only way Israel will ever get Hamas out of Palestine is by supporting the Palestinian people who want to fight for control of their own country.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • Not that I am aware. The only one that might have happened is torture but that depends on whether the legal definition includes thing like waterboarding, sleep deprivation, or other things we like to call "enhanced interrogation".

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • Congress approved sending the weapons. It's literally illegal for Biden not to send them. They wouldn't even allow him not to send one type of bomb that would be especially catastrophic to civilians.

  • Additional classified records found in Trump’s bedroom after Mar-a-Lago search
  • You put Cannon into a cannon and then you put the Cannon cannon into a rocket. You fire the rocket into space and then the cannon fires Cannon into the sun. That way you can recover the rocket since it, unlike Cannon, has value.

  • I swear credit card companies make log-ins fail on purpose.

    I pay all my bills online so I'm used to navigating logins and payment apps. I never have nearly as much trouble paying credit card bills.

    My password wasn't working, so I tried recovery. The recovery asked for my email, birthdate, zip code, and last 4 digits of my SSN. All things I know well, but they say it's wrong. Now I'm locked out of my account for the 2nd time in two days....

    I almost think it's a conspiracy to enable charging people more late fees.

    Luna finally sat still long enough for me to get a good pocture of her.

    Luna is a 3 year old standard poodle. We have had her for 3 weeks and I already can't imagine life without her.

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