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Home prices around the US are being cut at a faster pace as inventory piles up
  • This might be true for a few select areas, but it is not true overall.

    It is supply and demand. Plus, I'm not moving out of my house for today's interest rates.

    But I hope things look up. It just doesn't seem to go that way anymore, tho.

  • As someone who is aging. Late thirties. How can I keep my finger on the pulse of current trends, particularly in music?
  • Unfortunately, I'm the total opposite. I choose the music over lyrics, but I know where you're coming from. Most people value lyrics.

    This is going to be weird because I'm about to recommend someone that isn't metal at all, but the lyrics I find are amazing. Meg Myers. She is a straight killer with her lyrics.

    The Morning After is a strong suggestion. The cool thing, it's not one of her more popular songs, so if you like it, you'll find a lot more from her.