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Older patient gamers: what is your preferred gaming platform?
  • I use a sbc device with emulators now a days. It's the perfect "pick up and put down" situation for me. I'd really recommend looking into it especially for quality of life things like save states and being able to pick up where you left off exactly.

    As for deciding what platforms to play, my biggest advice is looking at how many buttons a controller has. I don't see people talk about this a lot, but when I'm looking to play a simple game, my first thought is "how many buttons do I feel like using?"

    With this thought in my mind I've been gravitating towards things like GBA, SNES, N64, and when I want something a little more complex, Ps1 or Dreamcast.

  • Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?
  • Custom Robo for N64. Cute little 3d shooter where you have a robot made of 5 customizable parts that you can mix and match to build the strongest robot and be the greatest "robo commander". I think people say the idea was a "sci-fi collectible game loosely similar to pokemon".

    I know it's late but posting for content.

  • How do I learn about DIY modern electronics?

    Not really sure where to ask this, as even the Google answers are very confusing for me.

    I'm interested in DIY consumer(?) electronics. For e.g I saw a video of someone buying a used tablet screen, a display board, and made himself a little portable monitor. Or I have a retro handheld, and some people open theirs up, and replace the speaker in it. They buy the actual little tiny speaker from China and put it in themselves.

    This stuff is cool as hell how do I learn how to do this?? I know I can look up project guides and recreate them, but I'd eventually like to be able to do my own things (like if I want to make some kind of soldering change?) And I assume that requires more in depth knowledge.

    I should also add I have absolutely 0 prior knowledge about electronics.


    TGIF. What are you smoking on to wind down from the week?

    Got some tasty Gorilla Glue. Gets me right every time 😎


    Is it possible to make my data worthless?

    Inspired by a question I saw a while back, is it possible to make my data/online presence useless/undesirable to companies to purchase?



    They can all fuck right off. Here's the article if anyone's interested:


    Thinking about buying a giant bong

    Hey fellow connoisseurs,

    I'm in a bit of a bind and need some opinions. I'm looking to buy this 2 footer beaker from a local shop. It's an amazing price already and even comes with a perc catcher.

    I'm not too worried about the quality of the product (I trust them), but I was wondering if there's any benefits to such a HUGE bong besides liking it. Is it better than a regular/smaller bong, or one that's more specialized like a recycler?

    Thanks for your help!