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Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • And ruin my uptime stats? Are you mad?!?!

    Among the many things I run are my own email servers so, yeah gotta be up all the time. And yes I have a UPS behind every electronic device in my house except the TV because if that dies I get to buy a new one.

    I've probably spent upwards of $2000 on UPSes and replacement batteries over the last 20 years, but if it saved even one of my servers from taking a hit it was worth it. Servers are expensive and my time is valuable to me.

  • Motivational tips?

    How did you keep the motivation to try to make a good movie through all those years in Hollywood, despite never succeeding?


    What do you use for key rebinding in games?

    I've just switched over from Windows to Linux for my daily driver in the last few weeks, and after the initial learning curves everything seems pretty solid. The only thing I really, really need for some games is the ability to rebind keys that the game itself doesn't allow. Examples would be Orcs Must Die 1 (no rebinding at all) or Dyson Sphere Program (my current issue) which has the E key hardcoded. I use ESDF for movement so I have to rebind pretty much every game.

    I had tons of AutoHotKey scripts in Windows but I haven't found anything comparable in Linux. What do you guys use? I've looked at AHK_X11 but every post I saw about it says it doesn't work. I tried Autokey but found it clunky and it didn't work properly in-game (micro-pauses between key repeats).

    Really just looking for something that can easily rebind a few keys just for a game session. I know I'm going to have to learn xdotool and python for mouse stuff, that's on my to-do list. :) But the vast majority of my games just need rebinding a few keys. Throw your wisdom at me. Thanks!


    The People Cheering for Humanity's End The People Cheering for Humanity’s End

    A disparate group of thinkers says we should welcome our demise.

    The People Cheering for Humanity’s End

    I found this essay about differing viewpoints on where Homo sapiens is headed to be very interesting.


    Tremor sensation when waking?

    I've been on Focalin for about 2 months now and I've noticed over the last couple weeks I frequently have a weird internal tremor/vibration sensation inside my entire body when I first wake up. It's a sensation sort of like shivering but very subtle, without any actual physical tremor or muscle movement as far as I can tell. It will continue for several minutes if I just lay in that half-awake state, but as soon as I get out of bed it's gone. I'm wondering if this is related to ADHD medication. It goes away the instant I roll out of bed or sit up, so I'm not super worried about it, just wondered if anyone else had encountered anything similar.


    Anyone else enjoying the resurgence of TF2?

    I have been playing my butt off the last couple days since they fixed matchmaking, and having the time of my life. The cheaters are minimal (only seen about 4 in two days that were blatant) and the matches are generally good and relatively close most of the time. This game is like crack to me again!

    Only thing that's a bit weird is that I get backfilled at over a 2-1 ratio to starting a new match. I noticed that it seemed off today so I started tracking stats, and just this evening I played 15 backfill matches and only 6 that started from the beginning. That can't be happening to everyone. Anyone know what might cause that?


    Do you gain tolerance to the meds over time?

    I just started generic Focalin 5 days ago, 5mg once a day. It makes me feel wired, like I've had too much caffeine. I can't tell yet if it's helping with my concentration, and it doesn't hurt my mental state as far as I can tell, but I'm wondering if this physical jittery feeling will fade over time. I can't imagine feeling wired like this every day.


    My evaluation was today

    I posted a couple weeks ago about an upcoming mental health evaluation that I was anxious about. That evaluation was today.

    For background, I am a middle aged white guy, previously untreated for any psychiatric condition except a < 2 month stint on SSRI's about two decades ago after a nasty breakup.

    I was seeking an evaluation for what I thought from my online research might be mild to moderate ADHD symptoms, which were starting to affect my job. I also have suffered from irrational anxiety for a couple years now, but it got really bad over the last year or so. I had tried going through my primary care doctor but, despite being a great GP, they were not helpful with this. I bounced off a few other attempts over several months before finally getting referred to a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. I saw them this morning.

    I utilized the advice I was given and let the psychiatrist know very early in the meeting what my concerns were around rehearsing/masking, and that I was extremely anxious, not about the 'interview', but about the outcome. Mostly how I was very worried that I would appear to 'have it together' to such an extent that they would send me home to live with my issues without any help.

    This was supposed to be a general mental health eval for about 50 minutes, but the doctor kept me there for about 85 minutes and I walked out with a fresh diagnosis of mild ADHD and three prescriptions. I've been prescribed daily low dose Focalin and a SNRI, along with an anti-anxiety sleep aid that I can take as needed. I had trouble finding a pharmacy that had Focalin in stock but eventually found one and I'm waiting for the prescription to get transferred by the doctor, so I likely won't start that until next week.

    I don't know what's next, I don't know how these meds will affect me or if they will help at all, but I'm hopeful. I've very nervous about the SNRI because I did NOT like how I felt on SSRIs 20 years ago, but I'm willing to try what the doctor recommended. It feels like a new chapter is about to start, for better or worse.

    Thanks to all that gave me advice in the other thread. I don't know why I felt like I had to write all this out, but thanks for reading this, too. For everyone out there struggling, please don't give up. It took me almost a year from when I knew I had a problem that needed some attention, until today when I finally saw someone who listened, agreed with my concerns, and took action. Keep trying.


    Lots of posts are missing for me

    I'm seeing a lot of local communities that have very few or zero posts showing up when I click on them. I noticed this after I posted yesterday and got a few answers to my post, but when I go to that community my post doesn't show up. The sidebar says the community has 80+ posts but I can only see about half a dozen and they are all 1-2 months old. I have checked some other communities that I've seen posts from in my feed in the past, and now they show completely blank, even when looking at Old. What's going on?

    I'm seeing this in two different browsers (Firefox and Edge). I tried clearing cookies in Firefox, no difference, and I had never used Edge here until I tested it out today, but it shows the same problem.


    Anxiety about upcoming mental health evaluation

    I've been experiencing an increase in severity of my psychological issues over the past few months that led me to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for a general mental health evaluation and potential ADHD testing after that depending on what they find. I'm anxious (one of my problems) about appearing so normal that I won't get help, because I've become really good at faking being ok for decades now. I doubt anyone that knows me personally knows that anything is wrong. Does anyone have experience with this in terms of being diagnosed? I'm just worried I'm going to spend all this money and time and they'll say I don't need any help and I'm right back where I started.


    Glad to see this community

    I’ve been using OPNsense for a little over a year now, after migrating from PFsense which I used for many years. I really love it, it’s incredibly powerful and yet easy to use once you wrap your head around things. And the interface is much cleaner than PFsense ever was.

    I have a fairly complex setup with several vlans and different outbound routing for different hosts, client vpn (outbound) and server vpn (inbound). I’m no network guru but I’m happy to help with any questions to the best of my ability. More people should be using this!


    Why is my browser trying to pull content from several other Lemmy instances?

    I run a pretty locked down Firefox browser and I noticed when browsing that the browser wants to pull stuff from a long list of other instances, which fails because they aren't trusted. Is this normal? I thought an instance would collect the things you are subscribed to and store them locally so that you didn't have to go talk to 20 different servers. Not true?

    Bitwarden - The unofficial Bitwarden community CarbonatedPastaSauce

    Can't use iOS Bitwarden app with my self hosted instance

    After spending all day setting up Bitwarden I ran into a roadblock getting the iOS app to work with it. I get an SSL error because my cert doesn't have the EKU value they want. I use OPNsense for my CA, and it doesn't have the ability to generate this value on a cert as far as I can tell. I really don't want to stand up another CA just to get this one app working. It's the only thing I've found a hard block on with using my internal CA in all my years of homelabbing.

    The hilarious thing is that Safari on the same device will connect to my Bitwarden website with no issue - it thinks the cert is fine. Way to go, Apple.

    This is mostly just a rant against Apple, but it would be nice if Bitwarden could bypass this by allowing you to trust your own cert inside the iOS app so you're not beholden to Apple's stupid requirements.