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paradise Planet
  • Nice! Got a glyph address? :)

  • Pico-8 Games by Johan Peitz

    There are so many Pico-8 creators out there. It's amazing the quality of most of them. Pico-8 has carved out a niche in the gaming community by making it possible to create 'simple', but engaging fun games. In fact, there are individuals who have dedicated themselves to making Pico-8 games as a profession. Johan Peitz is such an individual. He has created several amazing Pico-8 games and tools, and even sells them on Steam!

    This is an incomplete list of his Pico-8 creations:

    • Orb of Aeternum
    • Shadow King
    • Golf Monday
    • Cosmic Collapse
    • Hellgineers
    • Outbreak
    • Ascent
    • picoCAD
    • picoSYNTH

    Check out his stuff on Lexaloffle, Patron, and!

    What have I missed and which is your favorite? I'm a big fan of Shadow King, but I'm very poor at it :(

    Pico-View 2024 Quarter 1
  • This issue is top quality! There are several articles that I'll be going over for some time. The 'Drawing Inverted Shapes' which is about highlighting your character or another area on the screen is fantastic. It really makes the cart look professional / more engaging. I know the editor of the zine was going through burnout doing these every month. Hopefully stretching it out to quarterly will work for them because I truly appreciate the work and dedication that goes into drafting the issues.

    A link to the the zine.

    Here's the Content Listing:

    • Cover Art by Retronator
    • Game Dev Extras - NerdyTeachers
    • Free Music Jam - Packbat & Bikibird
    • New Community Stars - NerdyTeachers
    • PICO-8 Update 0.2.6
    • Drawing Inverted Shapes - Nerdy Teachers
    • Waveform Instruments - luchak
    • Wave Designer - luchak
    • Level Edit and Load - Jack Raymond (Gravitoid)
    • Rapid Reviews - New Release Recommendations
    • Featured Game Review: Oblivion Eve - Achie
    • Oblivion Eve’s Map Transition Animations - SmartAlloc
    • PICO-8 Custom Editors - Werxzy
    • Orb of Aeternum: New Strategy Game Review - Nerdy Teachers
    • A Brief History of War Gaming - KumaKhan22
    • 3k Shmup Day - Achie, Lokistriker, Werxzy
    • Picotron 0.1 - Nerdy Teachers
    • Pixel Art Gallery - Retronator
  • anyone interested in moderating this community please let me know
  • LOL, thanks! And now with Picotron out maybe there'll be even more interest.

  • anyone interested in moderating this community please let me know
  • I'd like to help! I'm hoping to add posts to this group and hopefully make it a Pico-8 place people find useful. I'd be happy to be a moderator.

  • What quality PLA filament brand have you standardized on?
  • Upvote for Overture, my favorite.

  • What quality PLA filament brand have you standardized on?
  • I'm a huge fan of Overture 3D matte PLA. It's inexpensive, and just prints really well with few problems.

  • Using Spreadsheet

    Am I the only one using a spreadsheet to play this game? I don't think I could play without one. First column is the base name, then planet, system, and the resource I'm mining there. Also other info like good trading systems.

    Son of a...
  • I decided there was a reason it's called a community expedition. And that's because somebody else figures out where the damn things are and then the rest of the community goes there to get the reward. That's what I wound up doing for like four of them.

  • Loosing Standing, Are My Starter Freighter Crew Pirates At Heart?
  • The same thing is happening to me! I'm like -50 with the Vy'keen! Just standing in the station and my reputation just started dropping.

  • What's the most annoying Costco behavior you experience regularly?
  • I'll put an item or two in the cart right off the bat, and people are less likely to take it. Eventually I'll put the items back.

  • Escondido CaptManiac
    A Guide to Escondido San Diego Neighborhood Guide: Escondido

    Historic museums, must-visit restaurants, wineries for tastings, and plenty of family-friendly activities to explore in the North County city of Escondido.

    San Diego Neighborhood Guide: Escondido

    Escondido deserves some love! The community is vibrant with so many things. I especially like the California Center for the Arts. Last year we saw the San Diego Symphony Orchestra play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony there. Unforgettable

    Chilled Coffee Drama
  • Dripping coffee onto a metallic ball and getting a C&D notice via social media. Pretty entertaining.

  • Where Do You Sit in the Movie Theater?

    It seems everyone has a different sitting preference at the movies. I want the ultimate experience: the screen completely filling my vision, like I'm in the movie. Usually the third or fourth row. My wife complains we're too close. Then I see people way in the back and it must be like watching TV the screen is so small. I don't understand that at all. So, Lemmy, where do you sit with your popcorn and why?

    Bonus question: best movie food / candy, and how do you sneak it in?

    "I love and hate Season 1"
  • Yeah, I'm not going to play hardcore because at some point I don't want to destroy my computer and monitors when I smash them.

  • Diablo 4 Won't Receive Another Patch Like Controversial Season 1 Update "Ever Again"
  • I have to believe they'll put out a patch soon to make it fun again. Despite what everyone else seems to think I think overall it's a good fun game (or at least it was before 1.1.0).

  • [@diablo]( Hope everyone is enjoying queuing for the new season!
  • I got in immediately at the start. Played for about four hours with very few problems. Enjoyed my time.

  • My amateur coffee corner
  • I like it. I would very much enjoy going there every morning to make my pot of coffee. Looks clean, efficient, and visually appealing.

  • How many people here never used Reddit?
  • I only used to use it several hours a day. But not once since the blackout.

  • Besides Teddit, which is being severely limited by the API debacle and has instances shutting down, what Reddit front-ends still work?
  • The developer of Relay for Reddit is working on optimizing the API usage of the app. I'm not using it (still boycotting Reddit), but I see there are android updates every few days.

  • Really loving how blue this guy is getting
  • Nice! Those are some serious spines.

  • finished House of Suns. now what?
  • Either Reynold's Eversion or Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time.

  • So What Now? What's Going On In Reddit?
  • Wow, how did you find a three week old post? :)

  • [D4] Waypoints Found

    I'm level 62 and I've still not found two waypoints. I did notice for at least a couple of waypoints that they're found through side quests. Anyone have any suggestions for which side quests to do and how / where to find them? How many waypoints has everyone else found?

    Fireworks Explosion in Driveway

    This is why we have fireworks laws.


    I played through the entire campaign as a sorcerer. Love the sorcerer. Didn't touch the other characters. Now I'm trying the others out. The barbarian isn't wowing me. But the necromancer is so much fun. I especially like the exploding corpses skill and the domino effect when the monsters keep advancing into already dead ones. I didn't think I would like necromancers, but they may be my next playthrough or the Season 1 character.

    What's your favorite characters?

    /c/Diablo Needs a Banner

    I stole this from another Diablo lemmy community, but we need a banner. Thoughts?

    So What Now? What's Going On In Reddit?

    Now that the two day shutting down of many thousands of subreddits is over, what is happening now? How many are remaining closed? Are others just going back to normal? What is the prospects of any significant change happening now?

    I've set my pihole to reject and I'm committed to using Lemmy, but I do miss the old Reddit.

    More Crazy Cactus Photo

    A planter I started two years ago with just some small $1 plants. I love that the cactus is just growing like crazy.

    Crazy Cactus Bloom Time

    Cactus have the absolute best flowers. Especially the ones from your own patio. Fight me!

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