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Tea Time
How Data-Fueled Neurotargeting Could Kill Democracy
  • The marketplace of ideas is a flawed concept and always has been. Economists with years of specialized training and decades of experience can't agree on the best course of actions, how is it reasonable to expect Joe the plumber to make an informed choice by watching an hour long debate?

  • The richest Dutch pay 28% tax while the rest pay 40% or more
  • Everyone's saying rich aren't paying their fair share. No one is saying the Dutch are getting taken to the cleaners with taxes. Why not simply lower the tax rate of all non rich people to, like, 0.

  • ‘Millionaires tax’ has already generated $1.8 billion this year for Massachusetts, blowing past projections
  • You're an expert in economics. Explain why it takes time for capital flight to occur and what's the expected population decay expected in Massachusetts given the current policies. Make note of supply and demand curves. Use less than five sentences.

  • Education
  • I like this, I felt like I learned your view better. Unfortunately I'm an individual not a collective. I own my own body and therefore I own the fruits of the labors I endure. I dont think this theoretical democratic "they" should have any say over my body or the products I generate with my efforts.

  • Education
  • Teach them about statism and tell them you own the bucket and all the candy they gathered and all the candy all their friends gathered. Give them a welfare of a few pieces of candy you gathered. Then tell them to go gather more candy otherwise they're grounded.

  • Software for Physical Gamebooks

    Does anyone have recommendations for software for physical gamebooks? Most of the IF software (understandably) is focused online on computer based games, but I'm looking for something that will help organize links, has the ability to shuffle passages while maintaining links, and can export to text. Does such a program exist?