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L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • Unfortunately, I think you're right. What is the solution to outrageous rent that doesn't involve the government providing more rent subsidies that simply funnel public money into the hands of property owners? That solution encourages property owners to raise rent because the government will increase subsidies to cover the difference.

  • Donald Trump's "foamy saliva" in campaign video raises questions
  • It would be a great opportunity for someone to sell a "Bite Me Trump" shirt. Supporters would wear it for its litteral meaning and opponent would wear it for the sarcastic meaning.

    Also, pirates who like teethy BJs would wear it so people know what they're into.

  • WWII Could Have Gone A Different Way
  • I'm surprised it could even be conducted a 'world war" when 9.5% of the planet's landmass not only didn't participate but didn't even have a standing army to participate even if they wanted to.

  • Judge Orders Alec Baldwin to Face Trial for ‘Rust’ Shooting
  • Why do they even use real weapons for those kinds of shots? I fell like a high quality fake would be indistinguishable on screen but not even give the opportunity for something like this to happen except for the actor being given the absolute wrong prop.

  • Outrage after ex-Trump aide claims he gave unhoused people fake money
  • It kind of does. If he is buying these and giving them out he's an ass but no one is going to her arrested for giving them away. The only problem would be if someone tried to spend it and got belligerent when the store wouldn't take it.

    You could photocopy that as many times as you want and it is still Iitterally play money.

  • Murphy being Murphy
  • Although its probably a bad idea it's probably mostly socially acceptable to hug an eagle for being a good dad.

    I don't think it's either a good idea or socially acceptable to hang an eagle under any circumstances.

  • IRS Audit of Trump Could Cost Former President More Than $100 Million
  • "Cost" implies that it is money he didn't already owe. "IRS Audit of Trump Finds Former President Underpaid his Taxes by $100m" is a lot more accurate and frames the result correctly. He cheated the IRS and they want their money.

  • Donald Trump says he'll revoke Joe Biden's protections for trans people 'on day one'
  • What the hell makes him think he'll be president again? If he loses the election he won't be president. If he wins the election Biden can just refuse to leave office. It's legal because everything a president does is legal. There is litterally a case before the SC where Trump is making that argument.

  • Security
  • As a Linux beginner who has a couple of false starts into it being my daily driver I'll say that there are two stumbling blocks left for me. Permissions "issues" is the bigger problem and some programs not being as fleshed out is the other.