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Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • But if a dude is buying 95 semi-automatic rifles in a short period of time you bet your ass I think that should be public knowledge.

    I disagree, I really don't see why it's any business of the PUBLIC (nor is there anything you could do about it.) But hold on...

    No one should be able to secretly purchase enough firearms to arm a small malitia.

    That's the thing, it's NOT "secret". The FBI and the BATFE both know they are just choosing not to do anything about it. I mean they literally KNOW, and not in some vague / abstract manner that is time delayed. They know in near real time that one purchaser has submitted a 4473 with multiple firearms on it and they also know if a single purchaser submits multiple form 4473s.

    So when Craig Adlong was showing up to the Gun Store and buying 15,16,17 Rifles at a time multiple times a week both the BATFE and the FBI KNEW and chose not to do anything. They could have delayed or denied any of the transfers (sales) and / or sent out a Field Agent to figure out what was going on. They didn't.

    This is the foundation of my "The public doesn't need to know" argument when it comes to individuals. Assuming the Gun Store is complying with Federal Law then this isn't happening in secret. At least two different Federal Law Enforcement Agencies know about it.

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • Nothing to do with the Mexican govt.

    I'm interested to know how the Mexican Government, who also had / has the trace data, is bound by the Tiahart Amendment.

    I know it's going to be an unpopular opinion but I really see no problem with the Tiahart Amendment shielding Firearms Manufacturers and Gun Stores. The Manufacturers are already regulated and monitored directly by the Federal Government and Gun Stores can only make sales in compliance with Federal Law. They should not be culpable in either Criminal or Civil court for that reason. The truth is that most of the organization who want that data aren't working in Good Faith and only want it so they can launch lawsuits meant to force Manufacturers and Sellers out of business.

    It gets even worse at the individual level. There is absolutely zero cause for firearm transaction records to an individual to be publicly available. It's not only a gross violation of privacy but it's also a security concern.

    What you SHOULD be mad about is why the BATFE, who clearly and provably does have this data, isn't doing something with it. They already know literally everything in this article and yet they don't seem to be doing much about it. Why?

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • This shit is why 2A Advocates were so pissed off about Operation Fast & Furious and wouldn't shut up about it for years. The BATFE forced the gun shops involved to sell the weapons even when they didn't want to!

    Seriously, the whole thing was a shitshow from start to finish and when the manure caught fire everyone involved from the Field Agents through AG Eric Holder lied their assess off about it.

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • Republicans passed a law to keep this information private.

    They passed a law requiring the Mexican Government to keep it private? Fascinating...tell me more!

  • Spotify is going to break every Car Thing gadget it ever sold
  • If it is what I think it is then they are intentionally being vague about what the app does so they don't draw attention from the service that it works with. If you put that in context with the article then the answer to your question is clear.

  • Israel Responds to Move to Recognize Palestinian State by Withholding Funds
  • Arguably more important

    I don't think that's arguable at all. The impact of the hundreds of millions of dollars that AIPAC has spent is by far and away the largest problem. In fact its quite likely that it's their money that's keeping the "Zionist Christians" on the boil and in office to begin with. Take away that delicious AIPAC money and the support of "Zionist Christians" will quickly dwindle.

  • New York's high court upholds requiring insurance to cover medically necessary abortions
  • After reading the entire decision, all 26 pages, the head scratcher here is why the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is doing this. Their challenge is, basically, that the Religious Exemption is too narrow but when you read the definition it would almost certainly apply to them

    “An entity for which each of the following is true: (1) The inculcation of religious values is the purpose of the entity[;] (2) The entity primarily employs persons who share the religious tenets of the entity[;] (3) The entity serves primarily persons who share the religious tenets of the entity[;] (4) The entity is a nonprofit organization as described in section 6033 (a) (2) (A) i or iii, of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended”

    What's even weirder to me is that not only would it seem that the Diocese already qualifies for the exception that it seems to want but it has never claimed it!

    That's right, on pages 5/6 of the decision the Court writes "Plaintiffs, who have neither tried to invoke the “religious employer” accommodation nor expressly stated that they do not qualify for it, commenced a second action against DFS challenging the amended regulation."

    So what is the Diocese spending all this time and money litigating for exactly?

  • Mint is up and running!
  • Welcome to the Club!

  • Sisters in Christ group pays property taxes on Senate candidate Steve Garvey’s home. Why?
  • It's "Christofascism" when a group pays the taxes on a property they own? I mean isn't that what we WANT religious organizations to be doing?

  • Tucker Carlson launches show on Russian state TV
  • Yes you could say that...if you were on /.

  • Tucker Carlson launches show on Russian state TV
  • That's at least the 3rd time this week I've seen a news outlet push a misleading headline in its haste break a story.

  • Trump defense rests at New York hush money trial, ex-president doesn’t testify
  • You really gonna complain because the guy shut his fat face for once?

  • Moose kills Alaska man attempting to take photos of her newborn calves
  • Also a Wyoming resident and people are just downright dumb when it comes to wildlife. Frankly anything that is taller than your knees can kill you if it really wants to. Stay the hell away from it!

  • EXCLUSIVE: ICC seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes over October 7 attack and Gaza war | CNN
  • US law doesn’t say that it WILL it says that it CAN. As an American I’d be wayyyy beyond pissed off if we did I to rescue fucking Bibi.

  • Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, restaurants will stay open
  • like say Wyoming that has nothing interesting going on whatsoever and mostly comprised of small population towns.

    Billion Dollar Solar Projects, FAANG DCs popping up like mushrooms, world leading rare earth mineral discoveries, billion dollar wind farms, world first carbon sequestration projects, world class fly fishing, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park. Yup, you've got us figured out all right. There's nothing going on here at all. 😆😆😆

  • Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, restaurants will stay open
  • I really don't care where you live but I am beginning to feel bad for your neighbors.

  • Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, restaurants will stay open
  • The phrase "flyover state" is a pejorative used by coastal dwellers. It's a put down and every person I've ever interacted with who uses it is a bigot or an enormous douche-canoe; often both.

    Chain restaurants like these are the main game in town due to low wages and much lower population density.

    I'd contest that, the smaller the city or town the less likely they are to have these kinds of chain restaurants. A place with a population of 60,000 may only have a handful of chain restaurants and anywhere with less than 30,000 may not have any at all. In my experience the smaller the population the higher the number of mom and pop restaurants.

  • Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, restaurants will stay open
  • Yes, and? You supposedly work in tech and should damn well know that place of residence has absolutely nothing to do with a persons value.

    Yet there you are...showing your bigoted ass to the entire world.

  • Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, restaurants will stay open
  • I agree with you in regards to the restaurants but am aggrieved by the use of the phrase "flyover states". It's incredibly rude and dismissive.

  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, known for brutal crackdowns against political opposition, dies at 63
  • They've already blamed the United States as a contributor. Apparently they are flying around in 20 year old helicopters that they can't buy parts for due to US sanctions.

  • New York Proposes Crackdown On Major Gun Company (It's Glock)

    New York may become the first state to bar gun companies from selling pistols that can easily be converted into machine guns.

    Is Proton a good choice for what I want to do?

    I read the sidebar and didn't see anything about asking questions so apologies in advance if this post breaks a rule.

    I'm in the U.S. and wanting to knowif Proton Family is a good choice for my use case.

    Two decades ago I got tired of changing email addresses whenever my ISP changed so I registered my surname as a .net vanity domain and started running my own email server at home. When Google started offering Google for Organizations for free if you had less than 10 users I folded up my personal email server and shifted everything over. We use it for e-mail and basic family calendaring.

    Last month when going through bills my wife and I were once again frustrated by coordination required to sign into various accounts. "Hey what's the password for $CreditCard?" or "What's the MFA you just got for $BankAccount?" or "What's the password for Disney"?"

    That got me started looking for a family password manager so we could easily share and keep this stuff up to date.

    At the same time we realized that were paying for YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, two YouTube Music, and an Amazon Music subscription. Whoops.

    Well, no problem. We'll just "family share" the YTTV and YTP subscriptions so everyone has everything and we save some money.

    Nope. G-Suite doesn't allow family sharing. So we're all going to have to create seperate addresses to make this work. Oh, and I'll have to shift the YTTV subscription from my vanity domain to a regular @gmail as well. Which breaks the entire idea behind the vanity domain in the first place.

    While I researching a Family Password Manager of course I found Proton Pass. While I was looking at the pricing for it I realized that they also have a "Family" setup for email which looks interesting.

    So now I'm considering porting my vanity domain and all it's email out of G-Suite and over to Proton Family. At nearly $300 a year it's not exactly inexpensive, since I'd basically be paying it until I die, and it will be a fair bit of work to switch everything over so I don't want to do it unless it's going to work.

    So would Proton Family be a good choice? Are there any significant technical challenges to migrating a custom domain and email out of G-Suite and into Proton?

    Edit: This post was rambly and unclear. The TL;DR is that I’m increasingly annoyed with G-Suite and since I’m looking at Proton Pass anyway I'm wondering about Proton Suite (which includes Email, Calendar, and Pass).

    Automation Question - What am I missing?

    Always surprises me when I go to do something in HA and realize that I can't figure out how.

    This time its lights, specifically making sure that they don't get left on.

    Until now I've simply been creating an automation for each light switch so that if it changes state from Off to On and when it's 30 minutes after sunrise it's starts a 15 minute wait and then changes the state of the switch to off.

    This approach mostly works but it's less than ideal.

    First I'm having to create an automation for each device. How do I do it by Area, or list / group of devices, instead?

    Second if a device is turned on too early there's no state change for the automation to catch and it never fires. I could fix this by creating another automation that checks for it but then I'll have even more of them to manage.

    Third this doesn't work very well if you want different things to happen on the weekends as opposed to during the weekday. For instance on a Saturday I may WANT that closet light to stay on longer because I'm putting away clothes.

    It'd be really nice if I could program HA like this 'On a weekday if you see any device on this list turn on 30 minutes after Sunrise I want you to turn whichever one(s) it was off again 15 minutes later.'.

    I'm must be missing something here because surely HA can do this, right?

    Anyone else having lots of problems after the recent update(s)?

    Both FireFox on PC and Connect on Android keep signing me out, throwing general "error" messages, and refusing to load the next page.

    Liftoff on iOS can't even find in order to add it as an instance!

    I'm not seeing any discussion of these kinds of problems elsewhere but they've been consistent since the .19 upgrade and they've persisted after the .19.1 update.

    Have a ratGDO v2.5i and no case for it?

    Shortly after the ratGDO v2.5 was released I ordered one and a couple of days later I ordered a case from Etsy to go with it.

    Two days later the Etsy seller messages me asking if have the v2.5 or v2.5i because the cases are different. WTF? There's already a new version?! I tell the seller to make it the v2.5i because that's probably what I'll get.

    So last week I received a very nice red case from the Etsy Seller HighTower3D out of the North Carolina. Seriously, this thing is nice. The build quality is high, it has magnets in the bottom for mounting, comes with allen screws (and the allen wrench you need) and a couple of little zip ties.

    So this week my ratGDO shows up's v2.52i! A quick check of the website shows that there's now a v2.53 and that makes four revisions in the last month!

    You can't make this stuff up so all I can do is laugh...and give away the v2.5i case that I spent $26 on and doesn't fit the ratGDO version I ended up with.

    I have no use for this case so I'm giving it away to someone who can; make sure you have a v2.5i though because this call will NOT fit any other version.

    If you are in the United States and can use this case then leave a reply below. 😊

    Correct way to control Sidewalk Heating Mats

    I ordered some sidewalk heating mats from HeatTrak and I want to automate them with HA so that they come on when it makes sense to do so based on the data from my Tempest Weather Station.

    According to HeatTrack my mats will have a combined resistive load of 5A which is well within the spec of the Zooz ZEN05 or ZEN14, both rated for 15A resistive loads, but when I asked them about it they did not recommend using either of them with heated mats. They couldn't, or wouldn't, explain why and it doesn't make sense to me why this wouldn't work.

    My next thought was to simply swap the outlet to something smart but this is an outdoor outlet so it needs to be GFCI and there's essentially no Z-Wave GFCI outlets made.

    Do I really need to use something like an Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus 40-Amp contactor for this or am I missing something here?

    How do I add a cool down to an automation?

    I have an automation that turns my driveway lights on when motion is detected. It normally works fairly well but it was windy last night and that caused the automation to trip endlessly as my trees and bushes were whipping around. Lights would come on, shut off 10 minutes later, then turn right back on again. It basically did this all night until I disabled the automation.

    I'll do some fine tuning of the motion sensors which will help and I'm considering adding a condition to the automation where it won't trip if the wind speed is above a certain level but how can I add some kind of cool down timer to the automation to prevent it from endlessly engaging?

    I need some help choosing how to setup lights and camera for my driveway.

    First the layout. My garage is setup similar to this one, although mine is attached, has three light fixtures, and my driveway is 4 cars wide.

    The wife wants me to replace the three basic on / off fixtures that we have (they're getting rusty) and keep them all matching. If I'm going to do this I want to add a camera to the setup.

    Functionally I'd like the lights to have or work like they have dual bright capability where they come on full bright at sunset then after a couple of hours they dim down unless they detect motion. If they detect motion then they come back to full bright for a period of time then dim back down again. They do this for a set period of hours, say 4, then they turn off completely unless they detect motion.

    My current lights are already automated for on / off (but not dimming or motion) through the use of HA and a z-wave switch.

    Where I'm getting stuck is that I can see at least three ways to do this but none of them are perfect.

    1. Replace my dumb carriage fixtures with new dumb fixtures then change the switch to a dimming version plus add a motion sensor and camera out front. Then setup HA for the functionality I want. The upside of doing it this way is that it's very easy to get matching fixtures. The downside is that the motion sensor and camera will not be well integrated visually.

    2. Replace my dumb fixtures with ones that have dual bright built in. It's easy to do, and I could even keep the HA Automation I have setup now, but again the camera setup is not going to integrate well visually. I'm also concerned that three motion sensors controlling three lights will cause trouble for the camera (or each other) because they will react to different things and turn themselves on and off independently.

    3. Replace my dumb fixtures with smarter ones. In the center position I'd use one that has an integrated motion sensor and camera. This Reolink seems like it would work pretty well. However RL doesn't make any fixtures that match it, which means my center fixture would look different than the other two.

    I may just have to deal with mismatched fixtures but does anyone have any suggestions? Am I missing an option?

    Why shouldn't I use Reolink Cameras?

    The next step in my HA journey is adding cameras; indoor, outdoor, and doorbell so I've been exploring my options. I had originally intended to do a Frigate setup, I even have a Coral module and PC to do it with, but then I discovered Reolink.

    Without having any experience with them they look nearly ideal. They seem to have tight integration with HA 2023.3 or later and their pricing and functionality look good.

    They seem like a no brainer but I've noticed that they're often NOT the first recommendation in the HA Community. Why is that and why shouldn't I use them?

    Where in the file system does the UDMP-SE store it's ipsec tunnel configuration?

    UDMP is running UniFi OS 3.1.16 and I need a specific VPN configuration that StrongSwan supports but isn't possible to do in the GUI. Three years ago the files I need were located in /run/strongswan/ipsec.d/tunnels/ but they are no longer there. Does anyone know where they live now -or- how to edit a VPN config outside of the GUI?

    State to back carbon storage, nuclear microreactor projects with $19M

    The state’s top energy office has recommended two energy projects for a combined $19 million in support from a Wyoming taxpayer-funded program established to provide matching dollars for federal energy and carbon capture grants.

    Some $9.1 million would go to the Sweetwater Carbon Storage Hub in southwest Wyoming, and $10 million would support a “nuclear microreactor” effort to assess the manufacture and deployment of small-scale nuclear reactors in the state and beyond, according to the Wyoming Energy Authority, which manages the Energy Matching Funds program on behalf of the governor.

    The awards, pending Gov. Mark Gordon’s final approval, would be the first appropriations from the state program. The Legislature created the fund last year with a $100 million allotment and added another $50 million to it earlier this year. The idea is to give Wyoming-based clean- and low-carbon energy projects a competitive edge by providing matching funds needed to land federal dollars available via the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act.

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