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Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows
  • I'm still using Winamp 2.91. I'm just too used to it to change. Now, if someone added Flac support to the same interface, I'd be happy. And if someone ported it to Linux and Android, I'd pay big bucks for it.

  • Indiana judge rules tacos, burritos are sandwiches
  • This tuling was passed due to a contract obligation to open a sandwich store. These cases are ueually related to regulations. Kind of like when an Irish court ruled that Subway subs are cakes, so higher VAT and sugar tax would apply to them. (In all fairness, the sugar content in the Subway "bread" is several times higher than the max allowed for bread.)

  • Microsoft extolling the benefits of cloud storage in their Office save dialog
  • I've had exactly the same experience. Let me addd one more: when OneDrive decides to back up open files, they ate regularly deleted both from local and cloud. Those are the files I tend to use the most, and I grew so frustrated that I ended recreating my Documents folder steucture in my Downloads folder, which doesn't get synced. (IT is useless; when I complained abou that, they told me that One Drive was a third-party application, and they didn't support those. )

  • I guess he moved.
  • I live in Ireland, and An Post really delivers. Hell, we still have entire neighbourhoods where houses have names instead of numbers (officially, they have also numbers, but they are not displayed). But have anything shipped via UPS, and you'll be lucky to have it delivered to a random address in your town...

  • Euro bottles are so much better now
  • I'm always pouring the water into a cup or glass, and the attached cap tands to fall down into the path of the stream, lest I use my other hand to hold it. The plastic connestors don't bother me.

  • Euro bottles are so much better now
  • I can't complain about them. I just rip them off. There may be a law (EU regulation) for bottle manufacturers to tether the caps, but there's no law againt ripping the caps off.

  • Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • I used to use Ubuntu up to 12.04. By the time the support ended, the new versions had the Unity desktop, I didn't like it, so for a while I switched to Crunchbang (may it rest in peace), and now I'm using Mint Cinnamon. Some of my developers are using Ubuntu with Unity. Everyone is free to pick what suits them; I'm not one to judge them.

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • Aux port is precisely what I'd look for when getting a new car. Even though by the time I do, perhaps my last Sansa Clip mp3 player will be dead and I'd get a new model with Bluetooth.

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • Yeah, I hear you. I'll settle for an aux port when I get a new car...

  • How to opt out of the privacy nightmare that comes with new Hondas
  • As long as it can play tapes, I'm okay. Still using a tape adapter to connect my mp3 player :)

  • What kind of institutional gaslighting is this?
  • Irish Times is known for their clickbait articles. Not too long ago, an article that was written just to generate outrage (fake tan is cultural appropriation), was found to be generated by AI, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was also the case. My advice is to ignore anything Irish Times is writing. (I've been living in Ireland for well over a decade, and I learned to regard IT as the low end of the already poor media landscape here.)

  • Kristi Noem says the story demonstrates her willingness to "do what needs to be done."
  • This was my first thought. My family has always had dogs, from lap dogs to guard dogs on the farm, ready to attack brown bears, and they've never lashed out against us at that age. The story just illustrates how hopelessly incompetent she is in training her own dog. Imagine anyone so incompetent taking ovet the country if Trump is elected and croaks in the office. She makes Truml look like a "stable genius". Actually, now that I think of it, that may be the plan...

  • If you play ANY mobile-style, free-to-PAY game, you are helping to destroy gaming. That includes any exceptions you think exist.
  • I helped to destroy gaming by having kids. According to my game launcher, the last time I played a PC game I paid for was 3 years ago, and the game was published in 2011. So, having helped to destroy gaming already, I don't give a flying fuck what people think of me for playing Crossmath on my phone while taking a dump, during the only opportunity when I'm not being disturbed.

  • hmmm
  • I picked the wrong day to open my eyes...

  • What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?
  • I paint and draw, purely as a hobby. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap some people have. Brushes they use only once in a lifetime, for one specific element. Special colours they also get to use only once. Pencils they don't even open. Get a basic set, familiarise yourself with it, stretch it to the full extent of its capabilities (that's mastery), and then upgrade to a higher quality version of what you have. No single-use novelty tools and materials.

  • That was a close one...
  • Reminds me of my wife, before our first kid was born: "I don't care what he's gonna be, straight, gay, trans, but so help him God if he's going to be a vegetarian!"

  • My opinion on Bone conduction earphones
  • A bit late to the game, but for what it's worth, my experience with the Shockz. I run about 6-7 hours per week, and listen exclusively to audiobooks. As a result, I can't comment on the sound quality, but I do have some other observations.


    • Waterproof. I've been running for more than a decade before I got the Shockz, and no earphones lasted more than 6 months in the local rain. No such issue with these headphones.
    • Not falling off. By their design, they would not fall off, unlike any and all earbuds I ever tried. I may have weird ears in this regard, but I had to learn to run with a hat or headband to keep earbuds in place.
    • Spatial awareness. Excellent at keeping me aware of my surroundings.
    • Good battery life. A single charge lasts me through the week, and a quick partial emergency charge can carry me over the next 2-hour run. In addition, the "battery low" status actually works well. With any other brand of earbuds, from Mpow to Anker, once I got the "battery low" warning, I had about 20 minutes of charge left. So, going for a long run at "battery medium" was always a gamble. With the Shockz, I never ran out of charge when I started at "battery medium", even on my long runs.


    • Not too comfortable. I have a big head, and even so the band behind my head is standing off enough that I can't wear my hat over it. So, in winter it's earbuds, held in place and waterproofed by my hat.
    • A bit too quiet. Everything, including the persistent wind here, is interfering with the sound. So, for audiobooks, I have to process them in mp3gain to around 95 dB, and then play them at max. This, however, may be more related to my mp3 player; I didn't do an analysis of it yet.
    • The controls are weird. My sense of touch is not too good, so pressing the controls while the Shockz are on my head is a futile exercise. I just can't feel the buttons properly, so I have to take off the headphones and see which button I'm pushing.

    I didn't test them with music or calls yet (for the latter, I'd have to pair them to my phone), so can't comment on those features.

  • Am I the only one whose "shorts" feed is all basically softcore porn?
  • On my subscription page, it shows shorts from my subscribed channels. On my main page, it's girls in bikinis playing on a guitar, violin or drums. I wantch a lot of independent musicians doing instrumental covers, but I don't recall seeing any of them wearing skimpy clothing.

    I guess it's sort of like facebook, to increase engagement. I stopped visiting there about a year ago, but I didn't close my account. I now get one friend recommendation daily, and it's always sexy looking girls I've never heard of. These sites register me as male, so they always combine my interests with sexy females, to entice me to spend more time there.

  • Whats your favorite nostalgic cartoon?
  • There may be dozens of us who still remember Captain Future. I used to get in trouble in school for doodling his space ship in my workbooks.

  • The Rock is timeless
  • Zendaya would need a lot of padding to pull off a convincing Starfire.

  • Waiting in a queue to see a Web site

    Waiting for 30 minutes to access the Web site of the Road Safety Authority, the Irish equivalent of the DMV. Too bad they don't have physical offices where I could queue personally...

    Tak sme si to zase posrali...

    Bude kopec analýz, ale to je na neskôr. Teraz už len čakám na poludnie, aby som si mohol dať pohárik na ukľudnenie.


    Gotta love his pronunciation of "Fico"...

    There are a few more inconsistencies, such as confusing the Christian Democratic Union (in coalition with OLANO) with KDH, a party that runs independently and is polling 6-7%. Still, a good primer on what is at stake in Slovakia this month.


    Given the small amount of tourists this summer, Bojnice is still undiscovered by most. Featuring a wonderful castle, impressive zoo, loads of other tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants, this is a wonderful weekend getaway for tourists who want to do a road trip around the country.

    0 The Calvary at Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

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    Banska Štiavnica is a UNESCO World Heritage site, partially because of the Calvary. These photos are from my personal archive. Come think of it, I should begin updating the photos. Since I took them, the rest of the Calvary, including the Upper Church, have been restored. Last year, they started working on the footpaths to the top, which should be the last stage of the project.

    Welcome to Slovakia

    Welcome to the Slovakia community at Feel free to discuss anything related to Slovakia or of any interest to Slovaks. Just be mindful of the following:

    • Janosik was Slovak
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    • Kofola is superior to Coke or Pepsi
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