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The Acolyte Review Boosting
  • it's dishonest to dilute honest and fair criticisms of a show.

    Both the ones getting paid for review boosting and also the ones who are, for some particular reason, blindly following the new Star Wars bad except Andor trend.

    At least the first group is explicitly getting paid. I can't make any case for the second group - they could try growing a piece of criticism on their own, but it's likely that they are youngsters trying to fit in. They don't get paid either, so why do they even waste their time?

  • Do you use VS Code?
  • This post reads like going to a Linux forum and asking for issues with the GTX660, which absolutely does not work on Linux: your concerns are legitimate and it's reasonable not to buy all the good comments on VS Code based on your personal experience. However, it works on my machine. And it also works for many others.

    You also mention to have been doing fine with "just vim". I'd argue that you should face VS Code with the same humility you faced vim. If you're up to the task, take your time to learn its quirks just like you did with Vim's. Otherwise, you're better off ending your career with the toolsuite you know for now.

  • Big publishers ‘eject too soon’ from live service titles, says Warframe boss. “It comes out, doesn’t work and they throw it away”
  • you can buy prime frames and weapons, but can't buy the mods or arcanes directly from the game to outfit them.

    How is this not the opposite of a pay to win mechanic? Either you play the game to find the mod or find someone to buy the mod from.

    An even cooler thing is operator progress, whereby no amount of paying can take you through.

  • Big publishers ‘eject too soon’ from live service titles, says Warframe boss. “It comes out, doesn’t work and they throw it away”
  • There's an interesting interview by NoClip which shows the early development phases of Warframe. They were stumbling their way around many new mechanics that come with a live service game.

    They don't mention the daily revive system, but it's clear that in the game's progressive transformation from "tactical shooter" to "horde shooter", that system had to go. I don't remember if there were many complains about the system back then, though.

  • Big publishers ‘eject too soon’ from live service titles, says Warframe boss. “It comes out, doesn’t work and they throw it away”
  • you miss your chance for many months (unless you pay of course).

    Which is absolutely different from the actual predatory FOMO mechanics that are in place in many other MMOs. You seem to be overlooking the fact that, again, all those items are coming back eventually to the game.

    If anything, you could have made a case for vaulting well before relics were introduced into the game and I'd have completely agreed. This is not the case for many years now.

    You also mention "faction caps", which have absolutely nothing to do with FOMO, as their rewards don't rotate, again, except for relic packs.

    FrEe battle pass [...]. Yes, now the game dictates even more what you have to do (and where), instead of letting you do what you want to do.

    You are pointing out generalities that are defeated by a cursory play through. For starters, Nora Night does not stop your progress whatsoever nor does it add any impressive improvements to your play through. Furthermore, some of the tasks are done automatically (bullet jumping, killing enemies, completing missions). Finally, most of the rewards are alternative (cosmetic) helmets, and again other cosmetic goodies.

    You could have made a point of the arcane Warframe helmets, which modified some stats of your Warframe and were taken back in favor of streamlining the Arcane system. I could have maybe agreed that that's a form of FOMO, if you really wanted to min-max your strategy.

    Finally, the "cherry on top", as you'd put it, is the fact that you talk of yourself as having been "fairly high rank". Everyone and their mother knows that mastery rank provides little to no insights as to your skills, just the fact that you spent time leveling weapons.

    For all these reasons, especially your failure to acknowledge the fact that there were FOMO mechanics that are no more for many years, allow me again to dismiss your alleged game experience. It clearly is not showing in the way you write any of your arguments.

  • Privacy in academia?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been checking this forum but I have not managed to find duplicates (I'm using Summit for Lemmy). If that's the case I'll remove this post.

    I'm about to start a PhD. I've been told I will be required to partake in publications and other shenanigans. I am not against it, but I'm very concerned about having my full name flying around the internet, as I've always been hesitant of sharing any of that information (real name, pictures, etc).

    Ultimately, I only care for potential employers to know that it's actually me the one who has written this or that, which I would happily disclose in private.

    What's the usual stance in this situation?


    KRunner vs Application Launcher (use cases?)

    Lately, I found out that Application Launcher also features all the functionality I use from KRunner.

    In my particular experience, Application Launcher is snappier at first launch and also returns results rather quickly. For me, this begs an obvious question.

    What's the use case for using KRunner over the Application Launcher?

    So far I've noticed that pressing Enter on the Calculator results makes the entry be copied on KRunner, but this does not happen for the Application Launcher. I'm certain there must be something else to it, otherwise people would not be using it (even I found myself using it from time to time, but could not understand why).


    Day/Night Switcher has arrived to Plasma 6! Day/Night Switcher

    Available in both Plasma 6 (and >= 5.22).Your binary khameleon! A simple button that allows you to switch between two chosen Plasma Color Schemes. Not only day/night, but any scheme you want!Dead...

    Day/Night Switcher

    You can find and download the project from the KDE Store and from

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to tell you that Day/Night Switcher has been finally ported to Plasma 6. I couldn't have done this with the interest by the community on the project's continuation. Anyway, let us all enjoy it.

    I am only posting this in the hopes that old users who moved to Plasma 6 may catch up on the news.

    See you around, kids!