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App development
  • I like the work Hard for yourself statement. As a 43 year old woman possibly dealing with a serious health issue (waiting on results) I wish I had worked harder for myself on prioritising my health over my work. Far too easy to put off dr appointments/dentist appointments/smears etc by rationalising that you can't miss that meeting.

  • Being an adult is so fun
  • Beef Wellington gang chiming in. Took me like 2 hours to get the tiny mushrooms right and flambé my green peppercorns for my sauce. But deffo a special occasion dish not a midweek meal.

  • Cables can suck a dick

    Took way longer than it should have but happy it's finished, how it turned out, and in time for autumn! One skein, relatively easy intro to cables I guess, hard part was just remembering numbers.