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What fast food chain does the best burgers in your country?
  • In Canada we have Harvey's. It seems to be a love it or hate it kind of place, and I totally get that. After all, taste is subjective, and this is a fast food franchise we're talking about.

    But I find it telling that the people who hate it prefer to instead go to McDonald's or Wendy's. Like, can you tell me what a McDouble actually tastes like? Me neither.

    The format is kind of like a Subway too. You place your order, then when your food is ready you go up to the counter and get to pick out all your toppings. The menu itself doesn't have a whole lot of variety, but you really get to make your burger how you want it. It's also the only chain I know where you can get a real pickle.

  • Mom didn't go to school
  • Some people will tell you, "Well ackshually it was for states' rights," but those states wanted to use those rights to enforce slavery.

    It strikes me as like the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" argument. Like, wow, you're totally right about the semantics, but at the cost of missing the point entirely.

  • What's the cutest animal that you'd be terrified to get close to?
  • I got to meet a sloth at a an event sponsored by an animal preserve. They do seriously have murder claws.

    Sloth Facts: despite their wicked claws, the sloth's primary defence is to be unappetizing. They're so sedentary that algae grows on them, which makes them smell and taste bad to predators in addition to not being particularly nutritious.

    Every few days, a sloth might leave the tree to defecate. This is because while predators might not be particularly interested in eating them, if their droppings fall on a jaguar it might be pissed enough to climb a tree and settle accounts.

  • Quitters winners
  • Red Shirt confidently declares an absolute and is then upset to be contradicted. Maybe he has autism.

    I'm sure when people say "quitters never win" they aren't talking about quitting smoking, drinking, or other substances. But that's the exact kind of rhetoric that people will use to justify staying in a toxic relationship or job.

    We could all probably benefit from quitting more, because when when you quit the things that don't matter, it leaves room for the things that do.

    Anyway to sum up, if anybody has autism here, it's probably me.

  • Guess the Episode [Hard]
  • This one of those gifs you can hear

  • Duke Nukem's Co-Creator Reveals Old Pitch For 'Big Trouble In Little China' Game
  • I think the best format would be a side-scrolling beat 'em up like Double Dragon. Jack and Wang tag teaming their way through back alley Chinatown, enemies starting out as thugs but getting more supernatural as they descend into Lo Pan's nightmare.

    Beat 'em ups also lend themselves to retro stlyed games, and Big Trouble in Little China is already oozing 80's neon charm that I think they'd go very well together.

    Jack Burton is player two, I will fight people on this.

  • People grab the bars to turn right (direction of the town) resulting in one side being worn
  • Just a bunch of humans finding a way to carve a desire path into steel freakin' bars

  • Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Lucca, Italy
  • This place is just begging for some greenery.

  • If a tunnel boring machine were installed facing downward in a cemetery, you wouldn't need to expand the cemetery
  • That might make it difficult to visit the remains of a loved one, but I suppose you can just chuck your flowers in the pit and eventually they'll work their way down.

  • 21 July 1987
  • Sick burn from Calvin, but I bet this is why every other explanation that Dad gives has him messing with Calvin.

    My favourite was why old photos and movie were black and white.

  • Chad-gon Jin
  • I'm sure we're talking about how they were gambling on which slave to win at the end of the pod race.

    I think both parties were cheating. Qui-gon waves his hand at the dice which suggests to me that he was manipulating it with the force.

    But Watto proposed the bet with two possible outcomes and chose a six-sided dice to roll. He happened to have it on him, he seems sly when he's proposing the deal, suggests which colour will give his preferred outcome, and seems genuinely surprised and upset when he doesn't get what he wants.

    I think Watto was using a loaded chance cube. And to be fair, that might not actually be illegal on Tatooine, but I have a feeling neither is shooting someone who tried to cheat you.

  • A layman's suicide scale for starting a conversation. Created by Emmengard
  • If you are between a 6-8, and it's not already a habit for you, go brush your teeth.

    I know it probably sounds lame. Like, it's obviously not a replacement for therapy, and you might think that the advice will be ineffective, is dismissive to your situation, or whatever. But a tiny intentional act of self care can go a long way to making you feel better.

    If I hadn't heard that advice before, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here to share it. So go brush your teeth and know that I'm rooting for you.

  • The word "slyly" looks very aesthetically pleasing. What are other handsome words (any language)?
  • "Minimum" is quite nice, particularly in calligraphy where it's just a bunch of vertical lines

  • Have you drank enough water today?

    grudgingly sips

  • It's a passion of theirs
  • Joke's on the hippo, I hate me too 😎

  • It wouldn't be the same without him
  • You guys should maybe tell him that, huh?

  • What's on your "Everyday Carry" USB stick?
  • I also have a USB stick on my keys. Mostly I keep books I'm reading, favorite movies, stuff like that. Then when I'm hanging out with friends later and we're talking about what we're watching I have it all ready to share.

  • People have fun in different ways, I suppose.
  • I try to win as the DM.

    "Winning" in this case being that everyone had a good time.

  • Ferris Wheel

    This is a wooden model which I painted for funsies. The wheel actually spins!



    I made this dumb little game and I want to show it off.

    You're shown a colour and you have to try to guess the hexadecimal code for it. It's a game for designers, web developers, logic problem enthusiasts, and nerdy people who like hex codes.

    You can play it free in browser or download a DRM-free version to own forever. Have fun!


    Hex-A-Guess - Colour guessing game

    I've been working on this game in my free time, and I'd love to hear what you think. This is my first release in Godot, and I have to say I learned quite a lot about how the engine works even if it is very UI-centric.

    Hex-A-Guess is a colour guessing game for graphic designers, web developers, and nerds who like hexadecimal numbers. Can you guess one of sixteen million colours in only five attempts?

    You can play it free in browser, or download it DRM-free and own it forever at no cost.

    Free Games BougieBirdie


    I've been working on a little game in my free time, and I'd love to hear what you think.

    Hex-A-Guess is a colour guessing game for graphic designers, web developers, and nerds who like hexadecimal numbers. Can you guess one of sixteen million colours in only five attempts?

    You can play it free in browser, or download it DRM-free and own it forever at no cost.


    Better to do nothing at all than miss that appointment


    Glerb, Me, Digital


    wisdom rule


    Pass the mashed potatoes

    My wife showed me this chungus the other day and I knew what had to be done


    Gender Rule


    Earl, Me, Digital


    Frog Rule