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See Isaiah 45:7 for more information.
  • I, for one, will be voting Trump to hasten the apocalypse. Anything is better than this shit.

    Edit: Belated /s

    By "this shit" I mean everything stupid since 2016 that feels like it can't possibly be real life and by "the apocalypse" I meant the actual literal coming of hell on Earth where Trump reveals himself as Damien (to no one's surprise) and Satan appears with him condemning all these fake Christians-in-name-only

  • What's going on in the other timelines today?
  • As a result of the COVID pandemic, people, businesses, and governments have all accepted the value of work from home models. Traffic congestion is still at an all time low and office space is being converted into affordable housing.

    Four day work week has been implemented and has resulted in a boost in production. Surveys show improvements in mental health. People have more time to think critically about their leaders and make educated choices in their lifestyle.

  • When fashion peaked
  • I'm sure the "proof of wealth" kinda went like:

    Ah, so you can afford pants and shirt?

    Well how about a fancier shirt?

    Yes? Well how about a jaunty hat.

    Yes? What about fancy shoe buckles?

    Yes? How about stockings?

    Yes? Well now I've got a wig beneath my jaunty hat.

    That too? How about makeup and perfume then!

    Maybe an unnecessary cane. A gold chain sticking out so you know I have a nice watch hidden away. My fanciest kerchief sticking out of my pocket. See how white?

    Today, we just post our expensive possessions on social media so you don't have to wear your proof.

  • Winning stuff from bottle caps.
  • When I worked at a chain grocery store, a manager would routinely close a register to balance the till, but also remove the coupons which were supposed to be compared to the computer system for accuracy, but mostly just got shoved into an envelope to send in to a regional place to sort by manufacturer and claim the $$$.

  • Biden Confuses Kamala Harris for Trump, Zelenskiy for Putin at NATO Summit
  • I know my bar has dropped a lot, but he spoke for an hour and fielded questions. He was pretty damn coherent, and knew what the fuck he was talking about defending his foreign policy decisions, etc. it kinda sucks all of that is boiled down to he said the wrong name.

    I want him to step aside for another candidate. His "bad debate night" was scary as fuck. But this article is ridiculous.

    he spoke confidently on a range of complex issues from the tax code and trade policy to Russia and the Israel-Hamas war.


  • Senate Republicans block Democratic bill codifying Roe v. Wade abortion protections
  • Rural people are a minority. If we went 100% "just do what the majority wants" that doesn't ever work out for minorities. All minorities need protection, so there is sound intent in the design. It SHOULD work out that minority has a voice. But in practice it's pretty crappy. It needs reworked. Starting with gerrymandering.

  • Colorado dropped Medicaid enrollees as red states have, alarming advocates for the poor
  • I wish every article were written this way. Here's argument one. Here's the real data. Here's argument 2. Here's the real data. Here's are some comparisons to other states, how they did it, and what happened.

    Keep point/counter point going until you get the defensive "I don't care what Montana did. This is Colorado." Ugh.