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Gen Z nerd who is interested in programming, maths, linguistics and music. I like playing video games like Valorant and Brawlhalla. Interested in stories of any form, whether that be books, movies, anime, cartoons, series in general, graphic novels etc.

Ally – BLM – Tax the rich!

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  • And died

  • Teste
  • Teste

  • How do I get over this regret about missing an interesting video opportunity?
  • Genuinely, can we stop downvoting OP's comments and post? No matter how little you can relate to this, it's not justified to downvote someone not understanding why others find this weird. My god, this is No Stupid Questions, the last place where we should punish someone for confessing something that is important for them!

    Be humane. Treat other people's struggles with respect.

  • How do I get over this regret about missing an interesting video opportunity?
  • Nothing. It's just an odd question because most people don't see or understand how someone could be interested in this. They assume it's something sexual or otherwise kinky. I think it's just an obscure preference and people are once again forgetting that this is No Stupid Questions...

  • poni
  • That would be "Wenn Schweine fliegen (kΓΆnnen)". It's a literal translation.

  • Canvas 2024: Mini Lumity
  • Cute :D

  • Life, huh
  • Alcohol makes you look older?

  • Heh
  • This is the best performance of this.

  • Anastasia Kirillova - Cyberpunk rule
  • Sure buddy. So all the hours put into digital art is just the computer doing all the work. It's a tool that assists you. That is different from AI art, which is a tool that you need to assist.

  • πŸ…±οΈule

    Photogenic [MoringMark]
  • Ah, yeah. Sync doesn't do that.

  • Photogenic [MoringMark]
  • How do you see the cake day of people?

  • Anastasia Kirillova - Cyberpunk rule
  • Look at the link. You can see it's human-made as there is an untextured 3D model GIF of it. /hu

  • Anastasia Kirillova - Cyberpunk rule
  • this is awesome! Is there such a thing as a wallpaper community on Lemmy?

  • Could anyone explain the linguistics around the word "shit"?
  • Huh, I always thought "ain't shit" comes from "this is so bad, it ain't even shit". Was probably just my personal take to explain it.

  • Hairdo
  • DON'T SCREENSHOT! The internet has enough bitcrunch already. Just download the picture. /lh

  • Back to Narnia rule ☝
  • Instance? Why?

  • Back to Narnia rule ☝

  • Pr(ule)ide flag
  • The yellow stripe clashing with the diamond looks very janky to me :/

  • Steve [MoringMark]
  • Well, she already saw a bunch of weird stuff such as Lilith's ears and... Hooty. So one more anomaly isn't that much of a difference probably. Also, if you're taken away by someone's beauty, you easily blend out less important stuff.

  • Why does Sync not display some comments?

    I've posted something today and somehow Sync gives me notifications in my inbox for replies to that post, but when I open the post, it can't find any. I can interact with them just fine in the inbox and in the browser. But in Sync on the post, the number of replies is shown to be 4, while the comment section states that no replies have been found.

    This happened before and also in other posts with some replies, but I just shrugged it off as common federation issues. But the people replying can be found when I open the post in my browser under the instance, so it's not due to my instance not finding them.

    What's happening here? This seems like a Sync problem. Should I move to another mobile frontend?


    Please get in line!

    The ghouls must be British...


    NBarrots rule!!


    Are you also able to stutter in sign languages?

    I must admit I have no deep knowledge of stuttering, but I always thought it was a psychological thing. So if you teach someone a sign language, will they continue stuttering? On the same note, are there native sign language speakers who stutter?


    YouTube Rabbit Rule


    How do I work with Magical Fire Rooms? (Shattered PD)

    I have a question. I recently started playing Shattered PD again, after having a significant pause from the game. Since then, a couple things have been added, including this room. My problem is, I absolutely don't know how to handle the magical fire. It can't be extinguished with liquid from a potion, you can't fly over it and you can't use a spell of Telekinetic Grab to fetch the items on the other side. What is the trick here? Is there something I've overseen?