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We need a serious discussion about power inequality on the Enterprise.
  • I did some math. Volume of TNG bridge: 480,000 liters. 1 person breathes 8 liters per minute of air. That's not using up all the oxygen but it's how much you would use without any oxygen reduction at all.

    480,000 / 8 = 60,000 minutes of air before noticing the air is stale.

    60,000 minutes / 11 crew on the bridge (including Wesley) = over 3 days of no air before they'd even notice that oxygen was lower.

  • We need a serious discussion about power inequality on the Enterprise.
  • I always laugh at how life support represents a huge fraction of power. They can boost shields 20% from life support. Shields that protect them from gigantic weapons.

    Meanwhile Apollo 13 astronauts survived for 3 days with no power and a tiny oxygen tank.

  • The Line Between Memory and History - How long can collective memory really live?
  • "in a time when Americans are as or more divided and polarized than at any time since the 19th century, the appeal of feel-good patriotic stories about Americans fighting “the last good war” should be greater today than in 1998."

    Hot take:

    A small part of the reason WW2 media is no longer popular is that it features Americans fighting Nazis and now a significant percentage of Americans are Nazis.

  • Yard lookin' fine tho.
  • I still let it grow despite the weeds. But weeds is an understatement. As I said, it's thornbushes and they grow into impassible thicket. I have enough acres that I'm fine with it. But it's not something the average homeowner could allow to happen. It isn't child safe.

  • Yard lookin' fine tho.
  • Yes! The anti mow people don't understand that your yard doesn't turn into a wildflower meadow if you stop mowing.

    I spent hundreds of dollars on wildflower seeds and tiller rentals to get a wildflower meadow started.

    5 years later and it's just weeds. And not nice weeds- It's 1/2" long thornbush weeds- perfect for spreading tics onto the local deer population.

  • I just went down the wiki rabbit hole:

    Sky pilot was also the Animals? How did I not know that??

    Eric Burdon's wife left him for Jimi Hendrix.

    The guitarist for The Animals was Andy Summer who went on to The Police.

    The bassist was Chas Chandler who left to manage Jimi Hendrix and Slade.

    Eric Burdon was the Eggman in the Beatles I am the Walrus. There are two stories confirming it. One is from Malcolm McDowell with Eric being at Lennon's house for breakfast, and one story is racy. Although both stories could be true with the common thread being Lennon calling Burdon the Eggman.

  • How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time
  • While I agree that ROM + emulator is best for preservation, you absolutely can fix the space invader bug because you have the C code which would let you add in delays. Just like there are many versions of Space Invaders for different consoles an none of them use emulation but play like the original. I'm a fan of si78c, a memory accurate reimplementation of the 1978 arcade game written in C.

    Of course Space Invaders wasn't written in C so this new tool doesn't apply.

    But the article does talk about how the decompiler sometimes introduces bugs and how they were manually fixed before compiling.

    So you were right but the problem you brought up has already been addressed. (And will continue to need to be addressed as more cross compiling bugs are found in each game.)

    I interpreted the word "legacy" the OP used as the fandom for old games rather than perfect preservation.

  • How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time
  • I followed this guide:

    It was tricky both because the website that retrogamecorps linked sometimes didn't work and there are many variations of the SM64 ROM that all play identically but the website that reads your ROM only works with one particular version. I downloaded several before I found one that worked.

  • Deleted posts should create an auto reply to the creator.

    I replied to a post in a thread (about how my 15 year old burned DVDs were going bad and what I was doing to remedy it). The thread is still there but my post is gone. It wasn't an argument. It was a reply to someone asking for data backup options.

    Some auto generated explanation from Lemmy would be nice like : post deleted by owner. Or posted deleted by moderator.

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