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How's your week been?
  • My week was emotional but good! I finally came out to my brother as trans. I was so scared for his reaction.

    I prepared a letter, I read it out loud to him half crying and I noticed he had watery eyes too. When I finished reading he hugged me 🥰 and said he just want me to be happy and I felt soooo relieved. Afterwards I received a very thoughtful and supportive message from his gf, who I told him could tell too later. This helps me so much with accepting myself for who I am.

    I also baked a cheese cake and some french pastries for an Easter brunch at my mom’s. The brunch was great!

  • I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️ !!
  • I see it a bit differently. I think your role in life is whatever you define it to be. Whatever makes you happy.

    Would you say any infertile woman is not a woman? Did they fail life because of it? Would you say people that don’t want children are neither men nor women? Is there a difference between being female and male? Sure! But not being able to bear a child doesn’t disqualify you as a woman. Gender is just a construct society made up.

    It’s good to question your identity, so you can be who you truly are.

    Edit: No reply.. I was hoping for a good discussion, but I guess that’s out of the question as you did reply with insensitive and superficial comments to others 🤷‍♀️ You can do better

  • Dysphoria got you down? Comment on this post for moral support from your trans siblings!
  • That’s so cool to be in a place where it’s accepted! Btw sorry for assuming your gender! I’m proud of you that you’re allowing you to discover yourself ❤️ It can be hard to let yourself feel the way you are if you have suppressed your inner self for so long because of the environment you grew up in. It takes time and that’s totally fine! ☺️

  • Dysphoria got you down? Comment on this post for moral support from your trans siblings!
  • Congrats on cracking the egg! Freshly shaved legs are just a vibe 😍. I totally feel you on the dysphoria 😭 It helps me label it: okay yeah this is major dysphoria, it sucks, let’s move on brain. It’s still freaking hard though.

    But ughhhhhhhhh

    Wait, are you me? Girl, know you’re not alone and please be kind to yourself ❤️

  • How did you deal with being in the "in-between" stage of your transition?
  • Zea couldn’t have said it better haha

    For me it helps a lot to talk about it. About all of it really! About what bothers me, what gives me joy and anything in between.

    I recently joined a group therapy while I wait for a specialist to talk to. I hesitated going to the group sessions, because it was scary to be so vulnerable to complete strangers, but I’m so glad I did it! It helps to see others struggle with similar stuff and hear how they deal with it. And everyone is so helpful and supportive! I love it 🥰

  • How was your week? [04]
  • I had dinner with a couple of old close friends. I wasn’t ready to tell them about me yet. The whole dinner just felt weird not being able to talk about it.

    I didn’t know how to act: myself or pretend and I felt a bit sick going back and forward between them. It was good to see my friends but the whole thing was just exhausting.

  • Workout help?
  • Oh yes I read something similar on the 60-80% thingy. I started measuring my biceps circumference to make seeing results a bit more tangible.

    Let me know what worked for you, I’m interested too !

  • Workout help?
  • Hi! Not really and answer, but I’m in a similar situation muscle wise. I decided to visit a dietician to reduce muscles altogether in a healthy fashion and she recommended taking no more than 20 grams of protein every 2 hours or so. If you take more it will go to muscle build-up.

    Still, it’s also important to get enough protein throughout the day, because you need it for just about anything (hair ✨ for one).

    Spreading your intake throughout the day helps with not building more muscle mass (and potentially reduce it). She also told me E helps a lot, but I can’t speak from experience Hope it helps!

  • An Unexpected Dress

    [CW?: supportive family member]

    Hii girls! Omg I just had an amazing experience with my mom and I needed to share. My mom and I have been chatting about online shopping and my mom had just bought some dress and a maxi skirt. She showed me both and I said they both look cute and how she had such a good taste.

    Then she explained the dress didn’t really fit her well and then I noticed she hesitated to ask me something. And I was like mommm what’s up and she asks me if I wanted to try the dress. I said yes!! Omg and girls the dress looked so unexpectedly great on me I almost cried. I needed a hug and told my mom this made me so happy. She was like: ooohh but then it’s so clear to me now. It’s so clear. 🥰 She told my I could have the dress 😊 Then she pulled out other dresses for me to try.

    I told her it was so great to have our first “mother daughter”-moment and we both had tears in our eyes of happiness. That’s allll! Sending you all my love ❤️

    How has your week been 03
  • Hiya! This week I wrote the letter for my brother, which I’ve been dreading to write, with in it everything I want to tell him. He means a great deal to me, but he makes casual transphobic and homophobic comments. And some are super disrespectful.

    I shared the letter with my mom (who knows, and is incredibly supportive 🥰) and she started crying and that made me cry just like when I wrote the letter 😭 She said it was great and contained everything. She’s so sweet, I love her so much!

    Now I still have to pick a moment to read the letter to him and I’m scared. I’m scared for his reaction.

    In other news, I started saying to myself that “I’m a woman” instead of constantly questioning it and it may seem dumb but it feels so good and fills me with confidence! 😊 I also started trying out my new name and it feels so right! I can’t stop giggling from happiness when I read it