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Video appears to show gang-rape of Afghan woman in a Taliban jail
  • Iraq was an absolute shit show and nowhere near as competently planned as the German Occupation.

    Yeah, drawing up an entire rebuilding plan, funding years and years of developement in that country is definitely the same as throwing ones hands in the air and yelling "THE FREE MARKET WILL FIX ALL OF THIS" while disregarding any local democratic initiative. Torturing the civilian population, releasing the entire army on day one, thereby creating 400.000 armed and disappointed men.

    Iraq did not fail because the Americans or the West couldnt. It just had no interest at that time.

    Btw, the democratic tradition in Germany was barely 14 years old and was hated by more than 30% of its pre war population. We had just come out of commiting the worst genocide in history and most of us cheered for it.

    I cant mention it enough: Under the american occupation, afghan women and minorities enjoyed more protection and participation than they ever had in the last 100 years. And as soon as the military presence went away, women were kicked out of public life and the Taliban started ethnically cleasing the Hezaras.

  • Video appears to show gang-rape of Afghan woman in a Taliban jail
  • LuL, absolutely not more moderate. Saudi arabian morality police hasnt beaten someone to death in the last years, as far as i am aware. I did not knkw the Taliban called their force by the same name.

    edit: You guys understand the difference between morality police and normal police right?

  • Shout out to the chuds trying to get us banned for supposedly being a transphobic community
  • Do you not see the amount of heterosexual relations around you? if you talk abiut your wife, its okay. If id talk about my husband, itd be politics somehow.

    "gonna let you coach your kids into getting surgery" holy fuck they are banning THERAPY for transkids. not just surgery. And in other states, transpeople arent even recognized.

    Do you wanna know my real problems? I am not even american and your fucking culture war has suffiently poisoned the discourse in Germany, so now even our right wing chuckle fucks whip up support by calling all queer people pedophiles. There are now people in my parliament that have called for the death penalty for queer people. And they are poised to get 30%.

    Do you also cry when you see black people? Women? any other minority?

  • Video appears to show gang-rape of Afghan woman in a Taliban jail
  • Years of competent and cooperative occupation? 5? Thats how long it took in Germany. Probably a bad example, but it is possible. And the occupational force reaaaaally has to work to combat the reasons for this. Under the US Occupation women had a lot more rights and presence in society. The PMCs and scumbags that led this regime however did nothing else to attract loyalty from the afghan soldiers.

    Years of extractive Nationbuilding? fuck if i know.

  • Project 2025 Architect Signals Bloodshed If Left Opposes Trump-Led 'Revolution'
  • Yeah, lemme just get our 30 functipning helicopters and ask the tankers if they can come up with more than 100 leopards. Maybe we'll find some. Aaaand can you borrow us some guns? Our G-36 gets all inaccurate and jammy when hot.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Once again, i am willing to resort tp violence. but not for party elites. I am still getting the impression that you deem the great Terror to have been necessary. It wasnt. It didnt stomp out the "bourgeoisie". It murdered old comrades fpr not bowing deep enough. It was the establishment of a cult of personality, in which noone was to critize the dear Leader. Which is eerily similar to Maos switch from "Please critize me and the party, for this is the only way of improving" to "Everyone who ever wrote something bad about the Party, the State or me is a despicable wrecker and needs to be dispatched" within one year.

    I believe, that Millions of Non-Russian and Non-Georgians within the Sovietunion would have lived a better life, if the despotism within the Soviet Power Clique had been curbed. Stalins "30%" bad is more than just the Great Terror. Its the deportations and the ethnic cleansing of the new ruling class.

    The Fall of the Soviet Union was a tragedy to the imperial russian core and its subsequent plundering remains one of the greatest failures of the 20th century, i grant you that.

  • Casual reminder
  • They agreed with Hitler? They were the only faction voting against him during the Gleichschaltungkrise.

    "Left is when you agree tp torture and murder communists". So we both agree that the Stalinist Sovietunion and the KPD, which allied themselves with them arent left?

    No, both SPD and KPD were way to the left of all pther political parties and had they banded together, like they did during the Kappputsch, my homecountry wouldnt have been destroyed and 60 Million People would probably still be alive. After every other institution failed Germany, these two failed them in conjunction by not even trying to organize a joined force.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • "war has collateral damage" mate, Stalins Purges killed 700.000 at least and cost many more people their lives during WW2. Hitler ciuld have been stopped much earloer if Stalin hadnt replaced almost every capable commander with some yes man.

    And their purges werent even class war. It was war to uphold the power of a small clique and to satisfy their paranoia.

    Just like any other imperialism, the USSR worked out for the imperial core, while the periferal states were fucked over.

    I dont want to fucking replace the boot with another one. I want the boot gone.

  • Casual reminder
  • During Hitlers Ascent to Power, the communist still considered the SPD to be the bigger threat and refused to march with them. And the SPD of the 1930 were by no means "liberals". They were further to the left than any democrat has ever been.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • By your metric Stalin should have been shot for undermining soviet defensive capabilities by purging almost every capable military leader? What did Tukhachevsky, Bukharin, Blyukher or Yegorov do to get executed? What were their sabotages? Their names got dropped by tortured officers and in turn they got shot. Setting the red army back years in experience.

    And lets not forget the ethnic targetting: Between 1936 and 1938 nearly all ethnic Baltic People were cleansed put of the upper echelon.