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"Actually, sweatie, mass unrest is caused by the CIA, not discontent with Dear Leader!"
  • Just gonna hop in and repost an old comment of mine. The context is that someone said the word Authoritarian was created during the cold war to slander "communist" countries.

    The first use of authoritarian is in 1852, in the writings of AJ Davis apparently. Here's the quote:

    1856 A. J. Davis Penetralia 129 Does any one believe that the Book is essential to Salvation? Yes; there are many externalists and authoritarians who think so.

    Authoritarian was also increasing in usage well before the cold war, beginning around 1910 or so. An example from Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker (an anarchist political philosopher), written in 1933:

    Nietzsche also had a profound conception of this truth, although his inner disharmony and his constant oscillation between outlived authoritarian concepts and truly libertarian ideas all his life prevented him from drawing the natural deductions from it.

    That's a thoroughly modern use of the word authoritarian, written almost 15 years before the start of the cold war. Authoritarian is used to describe those who support hierarchial systems of government. That's the short and sweet of it, perhaps not a perfect dictionary definition but it illustrates the distinctive bit. Auth-left ideologies get equivocated with fascism because there's an undeniable ideological throughline between the two, no matter how much they hate each other.

    "The working class [...] cannot be left wandering all over Russia. They must be thrown here and there, appointed, commanded, just like soldiers [...] Compulsion of labour will reach the highest degree of intensity during the transition from capitalism to socialism [...] Deserters from labour ought to be formed into punitive battalions or put into concentration camps.'

    Trotsky wrote that. It may not be 1:1 but the similarities between his ideas and those.of fascists are pretty obvious.

    All of this, written before the cold war. Tell me again how authoritarian is a made up word that serves only to slander "communists"?

  • Information retention after reading non-fiction
  • Idk if it's an ADHD thing or just a normal people thing but I think I don't remember much about the books until I'm discussing/writing about the subject. It jogs my memory and all of a sudden I can recall significant portions of the texts. Perhaps not verbatim, but the overall vibe is there. Doubly so if it's something you're actually interested in. Don't beat yourself up too much OP, you probably remember more than you realize!

  • Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • This isn't a problem with "my" definition of cure. I'm using the commonly understood definition. If someone is successfully managing their type 1 diabetes with insulin and a healthy diet we don't say they're cured. They still have diabetes. If they stopped taking their meds and ate a ton of carb heavy foods they'd wind up in the hospital in a matter of days.

    Same goes with mental illness. If you stop taking your meds, going to therapy, etc. your mental state will decline again. They're still mentally ill, they're just managing it.

    Perhaps some people have acute moments of distress to the point where it's clinically significant and treatment helps them weather that moment. Eventually they may return to their baseline of not needing drugs or therapy. But given the context of this thread (a woman killing herself after a decade of unsuccessful treatment) I figured it was fair to assume chronic mental illness. Something to the tune of major depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, etc.

    The word cure isn't a fluid term to me or most people. It's something that connotes permentant relief of a person's signs and symptoms of a given illness. Something that often isn't the case for mental illness

  • Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • Name a single curable mental illness.

    I'll help you out: there aren't any. Some can be managed and worked around in day to day life. Some people may achieve a reasonable quality of life, but their illness will never totally disappear

  • Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • Did you read the article? She's been in intensive care for her mental health for a decade. This wasn't some spur of the moment decision. Its taken 10 years to get to this point. To state that mental illnesses are curable and non-progressive is pure ignorance and you would do yourself well to learn how poor the prognosis is for people with severe mental illness. There isn't a cure. You never feel whole or normal. Medication is a shot in the dark most of the time. Therapy doesn't help everybody. Some people are truly and completely untreatable, and she is one of those people

  • Get rid of them.
  • I mean, you could interpret remix in a few ways. Editing this specific image? Perhaps it hasn't been done but that doesn't mean it can't be. If we're considering the core message of the post to be the meme, then I would say it has been remixed. This isn't the first post I've seen conveying this sentiment in similar (but distinct) wording. Theres a reasonable basis for this interpretation in my opinion.

    Just because you and I lack the imagination and possess enough empathy to not edit this meme doesn't mean there aren't other people out there who can/have

  • Get rid of them.
  • Meme - In popular language, a meme may refer to an Internet meme, typically an image, that is remixed, copied, and circulated in a shared cultural experience online.

    This post is a meme. It is an image that is circulated in a shared cultural experience (this post and it's many reposts)

  • Healthy alternative rule
  • There's a growing body of evidence that pot smoke can cause/exacerbate emphysema. It's been nigh on impossible to study the actual health risks associated with marijuana smoke due to it's legal status in most countries. Now that legalization is taking root, don't be surprised if we find out over the next 10-20 years that smoking pot is just as bad, if not worse than tobacco.

    The differences in the way people smoke pot over tobacco (unfiltered, inhaling deeply and holding it in vs filtered, short, quick breaths) is known to deposit more tar in the lower respiratory tract. So even if there are fewer bad things in pot smoke per given volume, a lot more smoke is sticking to your lungs, increasing exposure and causing damage.

    If you (or anyone else for that matter) are set on inhaling anything other than air, it's best to vape from a harm reduction standpoint. There's several orders of magnitude less nasty shit in vapor than smoke, no matter the substance

  • Funny, those guys don't usually agree on that much
  • I think what you're describing is less of an anarchism problem and more of a "people in general" problem. I'm an anarchist and I'd like to think I conduct myself pretty well for the most part, even in political discussions. I won't say I haven't been an ass online or in person before but that's not due to my ideology. I'm just an ass sometimes. Same as everyone else. I will concede that we can be a bit insular at times and that's certainly a weak spot for many anarchists

  • NYPD gropes and unbuttons the shirt of a handcuffed woman at Pro Palestine student protest
  • Didn't realize stripping someonein in broad daylight was proper procedure for police. In EMS, excepting life threatening situations where clothes need to be removed in order to save someone's life, we have the decency to strip patients in the privacy of the ambulance. And even then it's only done when absolutely necessary. What about this situation called for that woman to be stripped in the street?

  • Pro-union and anarchist propaganda

    Hey y'all, for mayday I'm wanting to spread some leaflets, zines, etc around the hospitals in my area. Does anyone have any recommendations for pieces geared towards the medical field?

    anarchy101 BarrelAgedBoredom
    Video: Anark | The principles of anarchism and how they lead to human liberation

    Pretty interesting video that does a good job summarizing and explaining the rationale behind anarchism. Thought it'd be a good piece for those interested in learning more. Couldn't find any community guidelines for this page so if videos aren't allowed, please let me know!

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! BarrelAgedBoredom
    Am I overthinking? Mint Cinnamon/Edge/MATE/xfce/ for a T480?

    The propaganda worked. I bought a Thinkpad, the thigh highs are on the way, penguin stickers are already here. Now it's time to actually put Linux on my machine.

    I'm a bit lost on which version of mint to put on the T480. It's an i7 8650u, 16gb RAM, 256gb SSD (will eventually be upgrading the RAM, SSD, and display). My question is, is the t480 "old" by Linux standards? From what I've gathered cinnamon is the standard version. Edge is for new (?) hardware that may not be fully compatible with cinnamon. MATE is for old/lower power hardware that can't handle the demand of cinnamon and xfce is for even older/slower hardware.

    I've been running in circles all morning trying to find experiences of people with a T480 who are running mint and which version they're using. Old is apparently 3+ years according to various articles trying to convince me to upgrade and I haven't found much on what is considered old hardware for Linux. As someone who hasn't bought a computer in nearly a decade, a quad core processor with 16 gigs of ram is ridiculously powerful. My last computer was a $90 shitbox that I got on clearance from Walmart in 2016 to do online lessons in EMT school. So my perspective/experience is utterly useless.

    Can a T480 run Mint Cinnamon 21.3, or am I better off using MATE/xfce? It's going to live a pretty easy life. I'll mostly be using it to browse, stream music, do (online) homework, write papers, and put books on my e-reader.

    Connect A Song BarrelAgedBoredom
    Misfits - Skulls

    Connection from hustle bones: skulls is bones


    I've finally fallen in love with reading again over the last year. Problem is I've only been reading non-fiction. it makes my brain hurt. I'd like to have some stuff I can turn to when attempting to read gender trouble gives me another headache. I don't have any particular preference for genre. I used to read fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian stuff but I'm more than happy to explore other genres as well!

    A short list of things I've read for reference:

    • The saxon stories, Bernard Cornwell
    • LOTR, the hobbit
    • 1984
    • The road, Cormac McCarthy
    • The plague dogs, Richard Adams
    Hoisin sauce is asian sweet baby rays

    Had this epiphany last night when we went to an asian fusion place. The similarities are uncanny

    Reading suggestions for deeper theory and praxis

    Hey all, I started my dive into anarchism a little over a year ago and I've read a lot of the anarchy/socialism 101 type books but I'm starting to find a lot of it repetitive. I'm looking for suggestions to deepen my understanding of anarchism and libertarian socialism. Especially praxis and tactics, a lot of theory that I've come across doesn't really get into the weeds about applying it, and as someone in an area with no leftist orgs to speak of (outside of a small DSA chapter), I don't have anyone local to go to in order to learn from.

    I want to start putting all of this knowledge to use in my area but I'm not 100% sure where to start or how to avoid some of the pitfalls of organizing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    What's Lemmy drinking this weekend?

    I've got a bottle of dolin rouge that's been open for about a week so I'll be playing around with that. I think I'll start the night off with a vieux carre

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