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Toyota Mirai Class Action Lawsuit Says Cars Aren't Worth It
  • I bet the spifs on hybrids were banging that week!

    We love our EV, there is a bit of a learning curve in the first few months but once we figured it out we loved it.

  • Toyota Mirai Class Action Lawsuit Says Cars Aren't Worth It
  • I watched a video on this a few weeks ago, pumps are fading away and the whole fact that the pumps that are left can freeze to the side of your car is enough for me to pass.

  • oneteen onety one
  • And fix twelve while we're at it too!

  • No Man's Sky Worlds Part I Update Trailer
  • I have, but I think each time that I've had my fill and won't be playing it ever again.

  • No Man's Sky Worlds Part I Update Trailer
  • One day I'll stop reinstalling this game... It won't be this day.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Nice! My son keeps telling me I need that and a bunch of other stuff. I wasn't sure but after my first track day I feel like I need a better handling car than this Corvette. So we'll see.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Not something I've added to my car yet, this gives me more confidence. I just imagine ripping it off on a speed bump or something.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • That sucks. Hope the tow truck driver was great!

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Ouch, that sucks. Hopefully you were near a repair place or run ZPs.

    I considered not using ZPs and then got two flats picking up crap like that in a single week. Cured me of that consideration.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Lol I had no idea. The track I'm on doesn't have that. It's out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Interview with Counter-Strike creator Minh Le
  • Great interview, thank you for sharing! I loved this game when it first hit beta as a young adult and it was about all I played with exceptions for the first StarCraft and EverQuest.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • I have no idea what this means, yet I'm willing to make it my life motto without question lol

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Both those cars are fantastic machines! Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • Wow, you had a good day!! What do you drive and which track?

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • A few parking lots near us have that and parking there is a treat on hot summer days!

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • I'll get there, eventually!

  • Ford with glass roof, 1947.
  • That's what I mean by me being lazy.

  • Ford with glass roof, 1947.
  • Lazy me, best I can find is with typical automotive glass a sunburn starts in several hours versus about 15 minutes with no sunscreen.

    So for the most part no. But it's possible.

  • Ford with glass roof, 1947.
  • Lol you had me!

  • Ford with glass roof, 1947.
  • Get hot, enjoy extra cancer in the future maybe?

    My car has an acrylic roof and never had an issue other than it gets hot in there. I put ceramic tint on all the windows this year and a cover for the top, helps so much when it's 100+ outside with no clouds anywhere!

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track

    My first track day, I didn't really believe these tires would get sticky at the track. I was wrong. Quite sticky to the touch.

    I'll edit GoPro footage down to a single lap next week sometime and post it. My son and I had an amazing time and met some fantastic people.


    FIRST LOOK: Red Bull RB17 Hypercar – 1200hp, 15,000rpm, Fast As F1! - YouTube

    Gorgeous car, I'd love an opportunity to ride in one of these someday.


    Here We Go - Privacy?

    Howdy privacy experts,

    I'm trying to de-google myself, what are your thoughts on HERE We Go? I have OsmAnd which I love for hiking and so on but it doesn't offer traffic altered directions since it can't look at overlays for routing.

    I know HERE We Go is owned by car companies but it seems to be the best I can do, thoughts?


    10 Amazing Cars With 1 HUGE Weakness - YouTube

    If you own or have driven any of these cars do you agree? Disagree? Think bacon is proof some sort of higher being loves/hates us?


    Pallet Experiment

    I liked the way the other one turned out so I thought I'd do another and see if I could get away from the same colors as much. This one I like more.

    This time I did it on my PC instead of my phone so it's a bit more detailed.

    Here is what it looked like while I painted it: !


    Getting Breakfast Burritos

    I took this picture walking back to my car after picking up breakfast burritos from a local mom and pop place. They make amazing green chili!!


    Unexpected Palette

    I set my phone to gray scale and picked colors based on hue alone. I saw someone on YouTube do it and I like the results.


    Pierced my Vette

    First track day is next Friday, getting ready just in case.

    My son did most of the work and will be my engineer, pit crew, and copilot. If he was older he could drive too but we have to wait a few years for that.



    Fixing my Abandoned Project Car

    I get the thumbnail sucks, give it a go anyway. They're doing every step of rebuilding an engine block.

    And for those down voting, why? I'm trying to help wake this sub up and without comments I don't know why folks here don't like the content.


    Homemade Alton Brown Brownie

    My wife surprised me with this, she's amazing!


    Deep in Thought

    Done on my phone using Autodesk Sketchbook


    Sunset Boxer

    Painted on Samsung Galaxy S24 using Autodesk


    We Put an $8000 Body Kit on our $500 Ranger - YouTube

    Makes me want to build a trophy truck!


    Restomod Fiat X1/9 Quick Review // $30,000 Of Joy - YouTube


    Porsche's New 911 Engine Is Absolutely Brilliant - Formula 1 Tech! - YouTube


    New AMG GT vs M8 Comp vs Audi R8 vs 911 Turbo // DRAG & ROLL RACE - YouTube

    I don't know what it is that I find so charming about these two, but I can't get enough of their videos.


    Cadillac's Le Mans Car Races Ferrari 296, McLaren 750S, 911 Turbo S — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race - YouTube

    Sometimes these videos are just alright, and sometimes they're everything I could have wanted in a race like this. I feel like this is the second for me!


    Ferrari Red on an F8 (I think) is amazing!

    Ferrari does red better than anyone else in my opinion!




    Unconventional Hero

    I'm trying to get more detail in my drawing without it feeling like a sketch.