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Farmers in Africa say their soil is dying and chemical fertilizers are in part to blame
  • Methinks it’s a capitalist issue, not a farming issue.

    Farmers can’t bank seeds and have to buy new every year or face legal consequences.

    Probably also planting based on value of crop vs cost of growing not nutritional red of the community.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Perhaps I was in school before the idea of different learning styles was a thing. I always asked why, or how, things works. I need to understand the why to understand the how…or the how for the why... if that makes sense.

    No, the work sheet doesn’t help, nor the make up work sheet. “That’s just how it is” does not explain anything. I’m bad at math because, beyond basic arithmetic, it’s all gobbledygook to me. Now I get self conscious, freeze up and can’t add simple numbers if put on the spot. So I make self deprecating comments about myself because I have no self esteem. Not that I’m proud of my failure.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • I’ve got a menthol minty butt soap. For the small price of washing myself I get a refreshing, lingering blast of arctic freshness on those hot ‘n humid downstairs jungle days. It may still get swampy, but for a few extra moments- it’s glorious.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • Read the comment with instructions man. Wipe with toilet paper first, as normal. Then wash with soap and water. Then dry with a towel. If you’re smearing poop all over everything you’ve got other issues to work out.

    To answer your question, it is cleaner than just using toilet paper because you are wash with soap and water after you use the toilet paper. If you manage to get poop all over the towel when you’re done washing, then TP alone was never going to suffice.

  • What did people do before smartphones to pass the time when you were bored?
  • For toilet time there was riveting reading material such as: Shampoo ingredients. Hand soap ingredients. Bodywash ingredients. The latter two assuming it wasn’t bar soap.

    Maybe someone was around to bring you a magazine… or tell you to hurry up and finish and get it yourself.

    Clearly I don’t read even now, as my comment is a more or less the same as others here, and a day late.

  • Apple supplier Foxconn rejects married women from India iPhone jobs
  • Ah, my bad- so it is. To be honest all I’ve ever heard about the Foxconn iPhone factories in china is them using Chinese semi slave labor run by Chinese people.

    I guess taiwan number one China is still a bit shady at times...

  • Apple supplier Foxconn rejects married women from India iPhone jobs
  • Wait… I thought Apple left China because of slave(ish) labor reasons. But are still using Foxconn which is a Chinese company?

    Ah found this: “Like many of its competitors, Apple has relied on China for assembling its products for years. But political and economic factors have forced the company, as well as the broader tech sector, to rethink that approach by seeking partners from across the region.” (Link

    You can take the production out of China, but not China out of production…all for ‘optics’.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • No, poor people already pay for the rich. The rich can afford an accountant to find as many loopholes and deductions as possible. The really rich don’t have an “income” and live of capital gains which is already under taxed.

    This is just a hope people remember the “no income tax” part and forget about the “raise import tariffs” part when they’re at the ballot.

  • Pros / cons of riding a bike?
  • Where there is no will, there is no way.

    If it’s a Costco monthly trip, no. On your carbon road bike, no. Full suspension downhill bike, no. Holding a 2liter bottle of Shasta Cola and three rolls of TP? Rethink some things.

    If you know it’s going to be a utility bike, yea. Easily done. If it’s a zippy get about thing, consider a little trailer for the hauling trips- buy used, even the old ones roll fine.

    I’ve been going for about a year, with two panniers and a front rack, for weekly groceries for a family of 3. Milk, eggs, toilet paper, no problem. Back when Mission Workshop just split off from Timbuk2 I got their expand-o Marry Poppins backpack (the rambler)which is awesome- though I wouldn’t buy it at the current price (eye watering)…it does fit A LOT, like 12kg bags of dog food and still has room. It can carry the weirdest things.

    The worst part is getting the panniers up the flight of stairs to our apartment…which would be the same struggle regardless of transportation.

  • One man's trash is a another man's new propagation station...


    Lights and Darks




    Mount Lassic Wilderness