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I'm confused
  • You really can't understand how people are "being killed for being right"? Like if someone said the monarchy in Europe is bad and kings shouldn't exist, and then the king does have them killed, that wouldn't raise sympathy for the cause of the guy being killed, that kings shouldn't exist?

    This is exactly how resistance spreads. People got killed for their beliefs. Other people saw that and thought "if they're getting killed they are a threat to those in power, and thus likely right". You don't think "oh well this guy got killed for his beliefs, that must mean that his opinions are wrong"

    Obviously this is not what's really happening with Trump, but it's going to be spun like that by his propaganda team, and people are going to believe it.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • If the amount of money massively outweighs your bills, then I would say yes. Also if your "bills" are extreme luxury, then even without that. We really need to stop with this massive wealth inequality. Our economy works on transactions. If the profit margin on any transaction (including labor) is exorbitantly high, then something is going wrong. An investment banker is not more valuable than a teacher. A CEO is not more valuable than a janitor.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • Exactly. The question is how much is really necessary to operate that service. We as a species really need to stop thinking about constant growth and more and more wealth, and that includes growth and wealth that is "reasonable" compared to other extremely greedy people. Right now it looks like Steam is growing to infinity and making more and more money. They're the same like everyone else trying to make more and more money. Of course they're more ethical and they return value for that money, but they're still part of the same system of infinite growth that is not sustainable.

    This infinite growth is happening because they extract more value than they require. If they extracted as much value as they require to sustain their business, they wouldn't grow. But of course constant growth is what everyone expects and thus no one sees a problem with it.

    I see it as stealing.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • Who said anything about costs/bills? I'm talking about excessive wealth extraction. If a group of people gets massively wealthy by taking lots of money from other people, one should wonder if they really need all that money.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • It's still stealing if the profit is this extremely high. Of course a successful business includes providing a useful product. But if you make so much more money per employee than any other company, that means the amount you're charging is disproportional. They could change Steam fees to 5% and still be extremely profitable. They choose not to because of greed.

    This is not me condemning them by the way, I think their greed and what they do with the money available to them is still mostly better than what other people do, but it's still greed.

    I define all excessive profit as stealing. In an ideal world everyone would be earning roughly the same. (Or no earning being necessary at all, but I don't want to go into every detail)

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • Do you really think that Trump wouldn't be replaced by a more evil and intelligent republican, and then win because of Trump being a martyr?

    The republicans have Trump as a runner because he's the only one who has any chance or winning. As soon as he's politically-motivated murdered, that changes completely. It'd be even scarier to have an actual smart fascist at the helm.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • You're delusional if you think a killed Trump would have been good. He'd get replaced by a more evil and intelligent republican which would then definitely win the election.

  • What do you think of Richard Stallman?
  • I think he may have been right.

  • Crownfall Act III and Collector's Cache | Official Blog Post Crownfall Act III and Collector's Cache

    June has come and, as it tends to do, now left us, probably forever. You'd be forgiven for forgetting all about crowns and them falling dramatically from the heads of fantasy birds and just enjoying your summer — slowing down, taking it easy, having a picnic at the beach or just napping for a while ...

    Crownfall Act III and Collector's Cache
    Qualcomm spends millions on marketing as it is found better battery life, not AI features, is driving Copilot+ PC sales
  • Looks like you had plenty of time to complete it since you've managed to hit the "Send reply" button and the request thus sent to the Lemmy server actually completed, allowing us to now view your intentionally unfinished comment. I think this is

  • 70%
  • No, then change simply starts automatically as the party appeals to the remaining voters. There's not some special dynamic happening there, it's just that simple: politicians want power, they're going to do whatever gives them the most power.

  • 70%
  • Trump has never hidden how shitty he is. Whoever supports him must be fine with it. I don't think "gullible" works as an excuse.

  • When is it "enough" money?
  • You're absolutely right. I live in a country of socialized healthcare so it's easy to forget how important it is.

  • We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • No, conversion doesn't work, we should just shoot them all, obviously /s

  • Introverts use more concrete language than extraverts | BPS
  • It's almost like language is inconsistent and evolving

  • Everything going on has got me down, I need a break. What's something good that's happened in your life recently?
  • Found a woman that is exactly as weird and different as I am, which I thought was impossible, I was already fine with staying romantically alone my whole life :)

  • PC gamers are finally embracing the controller, as usage triples [increase to 15% from 5% over the last six years]
  • Yeah I'm pretty sure people are just starting to use controllers for the controllers' usecases. A lot of people (including me) played stuff like space simulators with mouse+keyboard, which are obviously not the right tool for the job.

  • [Serious] What's your hot take?
  • Which is easily possible, just eat no fiber. Astronauts do it to create no waste.

    Don't know what it has to do with my comment though, yours should be a standalone reply to this topic?

  • When is it "enough" money?
  • I think "enough" is when you don't have to worry about water, food and shelter.

    I have roughly enough to pay for these things, a little more, can get internet and a few euros each month for random luxury stuff.

    I earned more before, but I reduced the hours in my job severely so I get to this money state. I like the reduced hours more than having more money.

    So yeah for me, idk what everyone's talking about, there's definitely an "enough". Of course, more is also "nice" but "enough" is when you survive with a little bit over.

    Of course, like others say, for most people there is not an "enough", they keep wanting more. It depends on the individuals. I have a bunch of friends who are friends because they think like me. But I can't be friends with most of the population because they can't get enough.

    Famous people are mostly famous exactly because they can't get enough. No one works that much, tries to acquire status that much, if they are satisfied eventually. Because when you would be satisfied, you stop chasing more fame, not getting to a level that we would call "famous".

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • From Europe, never had a slimy coating on my eggs.

  • Where's all the intelligent discussion at?
  • Also, if you want to discuss the nuances of some niche philosophical topic, I'm absolutely sure you can do that here. You just have to start the discussion and not wait for something to come your way.

  • Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2024 | Official Blog Post Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2024

    The regional battles on the Road to The International have concluded, and we now know all sixteen teams destined to clash in Copenhagen this September. But there's also another competition to remember — in which the auteurs of the Dota scene grab their pens, friends, and camera lenses and treat the ...

    Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2024

    Introducing the Steam Game Recording Beta | Official Blog Post Introducing the Steam Game Recording Beta

    There are millions of Dota players around the world, and every day their adventures offer up experiences ranging from universal (a savvy swipe of an Aegis) to one-in-a-billion (a RAMPAGE by Chen) — including thrilling moments, silly moments, and everything in between. And since the only thing as fun...

    Introducing the Steam Game Recording Beta

    The International 2024 - Direct Invites and The Road to TI | Official Blog Post The International 2024 - Direct Invites and The Road to TI

    Between a massive 7.36 update and Act II of Crownfall, there were a lot of big announcements vying for your attention last week, so we decided to give everybody a few days to process everything before we posted any more big Dota news. But now a new week is upon us, and we're happy to turn our focus ...

    The International 2024 - Direct Invites and The Road to TI

    So what are your underrated stars of the patch so far?

    Which hero with which facet is stronger than people think? What item build is deceptively strong? Which strategy wins you games?


    New gameplay update coming tomorrow (2024-05-23) - Help put together the preview :)

    Everyone has their own part of the patch notes! Post a screenshot of the encounter unlocked by the candlemakers' shop!

    This is what you can see when you put a few together (need more still)



    Dota Labs and Crownfall Collector's Cache Voting | Official Blog Post Dota Labs and Crownfall Collector's Cache Voting

    Dota Labs Updates We announced Dota Labs a couple months ago, and since then we've continued to iterate quietly on the features in it as we get feedback and data. "Quietly" is fine, but sometimes it can be useful to be a bit louder so today we're turning up the volume a little: We're happy to announ...

    Dota Labs and Crownfall Collector's Cache Voting

    Welcome to Crownfall | Official Blog Post Welcome to Crownfall

    For over a decade now, Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit have been ambiguously entwined. Eagle-eyed players noticed that they come from the same town, seem to have related backstories, and might even be dating. Pretty mysterious stuff. Earlier, we dropped a comic that solved those mysteries, but int...

    Welcome to Crownfall

    Anyone have good ways to search through lemmy posts?

    Neither DuckDuckGo nor Google are particularly good at it, since you can't do something like How do you guye search or is this just an unsolved problem?


    Crosspost, but very relevant to dota

    It's just a joke, I don't actually think league players are any better or worse than dota ones.


    Gameplay Patch 7.35d And Matchmaking Features | Official Blog Post Gameplay Patch 7.35d And Matchmaking Features

    We've just released Gameplay Patch 7.35d (Chen had it coming), and with it a new set of features. Matchmaking Hero Ban Rework Over the last year or so, we've taken a number of visible actions against users of third-party cheats. As we investigate each cheat, we're primarily focused on understanding ...

    Gameplay Patch 7.35d And Matchmaking Features

    Basic Dreamleague S22 Recap

    Dreamleague S22 was the last T1 tournament:

    It was played with a format of 2 large group stages and a small finals bracket with the top 4 teams.

    Team Falcons continued their domination from the previous tournament (BB Dacha). It seems like the pro scene is a bit shaken up after the last TI and its season, with teams like Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid not really at the top anymore. Apart from Team Falcons, the whole scene looks a bit more even right now. The Eastern European teams, namely BB Team and Team Spirit, also look strong right now, together with some of the Chinese teams, mainly Xtreme Gaming.

    As for meta, a selection of the top heroes right now:

    For the support role(s), Chen, Batrider, Lion, Mirana, Shadow Demon, Tiny, Enigma, Techies

    Popular offlaners include, Mars, Timbersaw, Centaur, Magnus, Dragon Knight.

    Mids are Puck, Pango, Dragon Knight, Storm Spirit, Timber, Templar Assassin.

    Carries include Naga, Sven, Morphling, Terrorblade, Faceless Void.

    Playstyle-wise, there was a lot of focus on individual outplays, particularly from the offlane role. Successful teams had lots of the "meta" heroes in their repertoire and were able to use them to snowball from the laning stage into the midgame, simply securing more farm by pushing the enemy off the map and into defensive positions through outplays in how the map was played, which heroes could be where and how fights went. As such there was a higher focus on teamfight heroes with big ultimates, like Mars, Enigma, Faceless Void, Pheonix, Undying, but also saves against that, like Shadow Demon, also Undying, Vengeful Spirit.


    War. What is it good for?