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I will not smoke/vape for a day for every upvote this post gets.
  • I quit smoking over ten years ago - smoked since I was 11. I still get super rare random cravings but when I give in, it's really, really gross. It literally only lasts for like a single drag and then ew. Good luck! This is the hard part, I promise. Once you're past your first month, it gets easier. First year, so much better. First five years, like it never happened.

  • What does it actually mean when they say "record profits?"

    Obviously people are being price gouged, but just saying "record profits" without really being able to explain it feels like I'm just repeating what I've heard people say and not speaking on an informed level. What does it actually mean? Like before or after production and transportation costs? Before or after taxes? Raw product yeild? Something else?

    What is your "last online N years ago" story?
  • Many, many years ago, yahoo chats had a thriving story RPG population. And I mean THRIVING. Epic stories were written between characters that people just made up. There were loose rules and mutual respect most of the time, just like any society, and it was honestly the most creative time of my life. I was always a loner in my real life because of some undiagnosed ASD and ADHD, so this was a blessing when it came to learning the social ropes and basic rules of any society.

    I couldn't tell you their name anymore, but we had the longest interaction between characters that I'd ever experienced. The story we wrote was legendary - at least to my 13-14 year old brain it was. There was a plot, a build up, a crescendo, a finale, and a prologue. I had it saved somewhere but couldn't tell you where. It took us the better part of almost two years.

    After we completed the story, it felt final, like there was nothing left to say. We'd had a whole life story together and that was it. Yahoo chat was shut down shortly after that, rightfully so due to predatory pedophiles ruining everything. I've forgotten the majority of the story and it's details, but the feeling it gave me I can still remember was the deepest story hangover I've ever had in my entire life, more than any other book I've ever read.

    I hope their still writing.

  • What is the most WRONG thing a teacher, professor, or school book told you?
  • When I was 14 in high school health class, we were told there was a difference between "semen" and "sperm." Wearing a condom stopped the "sperm" but not the "semen," which was where HIV lived. Then the teacher brought out chicken wire, baseballs, and a fire extinguisher to drive the point home.

    Yeah, evangelical times were crazy back then where I grew up.

  • 😢 Wow
  • I mean to be fair, we used to get those stupid hug emojis from our scheduler when she had to "apologetically" deny a day of PTO that was dead smack in the middle of a stretch of requested days off for a vacation. That emoji really just became a symbol of hatred in our department. 🤗🤮