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"Smile more" applies to both.
  • Yes, but speaking as a white male, alomst everyone in the 1%, at least in the USA, looks like me. Obviously I know they're the enemy, but there's a lot of us and it's very easy for the 1% to convince us that marginalized groups are the problem (Blacks, trans people, immigrants;etc).

  • The Christian right is coming for divorce next
  • And with child marriage looking to make a comeback, you can bet your ass that arranged marriage will also return.

    Turns out the full Biblical definition of marriage is again, women and girls have no say in who they marry. Just wait. First they legalize child marriage, then they legalize arranged marriage. Got a debt to pay off? Just offer the guy you owe money to your daughter. Want to move up the social ladder at work? Have your daughter marry into a higher class. Don't worry about what she wants. Marriage isn't about "love", whatever that is. It's a tool for moving up in the world. /s

    But it's almost like they want European-style feudalism back. The CEOs and billionaires become the new nobility, and we all become serfs, and we are basically already there. But, I have a plan. I'll join my liege lord's army and hopefully I'll serve honorably enough that he shall award me a fief and small parcel of land. Then y'all can move in and become my serfs!

  • "Smile more" applies to both.
  • Not really. They're still sowing division among the peasantry, and it's still working. People want someone to blame for their troubles, and the 1% is all to happy to give you a target based on your demographics.

  • DeSantis ‘freedom fund’ Pac targets abortion and marijuana ballot initiatives
  • Same with "War on Drugs" or "War on Terror". I would like to congratulate both Drugs and Terror for their victories. I bet if they declared a War on Housing the homeless population in the US would plummet.

  • All three game console makers, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, have now abandoned X (formerly Twitter) integration
  • Elon Musk comes out onto a stage and announces that Tesla is entering the game console market when?

  • 'We thought it was impossible:' Water frost on Mars discovered near Red Planet's equator
  • We should send genetically modified cockroaches and algae. Then check back 500 years later. Surely there's no way it can go wrong

    JOHJ in the distance

  • Thousands gather at White House for pro-Palestinian protest
  • They live in a huge gated neighborhood a few miles outside of DC, I believe. Personally I'd stage a protest at the place they all send their kids to school, The Sidwell Friends School, I believe it's called.

  • Companies Targeted For Pride Support Last Year Go Quiet On Social Media In 2024
  • At first I was going to disagree, but then I thought about it and realized that if they truly gave a fuck, they wouldn't have let the crybullies win in an attempt to claw back their dollars.

  • Mandela effect?
  • Funny because I have literally heard Portuguese called "Drunken Spanish".

  • Mandela effect?
  • And perhaps at one point they ate clay, so they would have been more reddish in color, or perhaps the dirt they were consuming was more reddish in color.

  • Lets test the theory
  • Usury is still considered a sin, I believe. But then they figured out a way to make "charging interest on loans" ≠ "usury" so that lenders can now make money on their loans with impunity.

  • Scientists Find Plastic-Eating Fungus Feasting on Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Well, given what we know about most commercial plastics, which are all derived from oil/complex hydrocarbons, the consumed plastic could be broken down into condensed carbon? Or would it be carbon gases? I'm speculating based on just what I know about plastics, what they are and how they're made.

  • Claudia Sheinbaum, the first female president of Mexico
  • Mexico also banned slavery before the US did. That's why Texas split from Mexico, became its own country, then asked the US for help, which the US granted. As their way of saying thanks, Texas applied for Statehood. Then when we started thinking that maybe owning people was wrong, Texas was all "Now, wait a minute! The whole reason we started hanging out with you guys in the first place was because you said owning people was cool!"

  • Donors raise $233,000 to give US cart pusher, 90, chance at retirement
  • air force veteran

    Probably not an officer. Officers get a nice pension package when they retire, enough that they can afford private health insurance and not have to sit in lines at the VA for healthcare. I would absolutely loot officers pensions if I were President. And take all that money, and give it to enlisted.

  • D.C. ethics board recommends Rudy Giuliani be disbarred
  • He follows the usual paternalistic logic of Republicans. Don't let people get off light for petty crime, because then they'll abuse it and do worse stuff since they can get away with the small stuff. Whole "Spare the Rod" bullshit.

  • Newsmax Host Ominously Warns ‘You People in Your Cities’ Who Are ‘Pushing the Party That Owns 90% of the Guns’
  • Exactly. Some are so obsessed with owning guns that they buy more guns than they will ever shoot. And forget the possibility of ever lending them out to their friends, they're the party of "got mine, fuck you". Though, lately they've been more the party of "Got mine, but it's not enough, give me yours. Also fuck you."

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • They want their perceived enemies to make the first move. They might be calling for violence, but many of them are cowards and also love to play victim and win the sympathy Olympics.

  • Trump camp plans sit-down with outside groups after FEC relaxes coordination rules

    Typically, events such as these are organized by the Koch Family. They handle the nuts-and-bolts and technical end of things. Trump's campaign may have called this meeting, but I guarantee the Kochs will be providing the support.

    Don't expect any leaks. They take extreme measures to prevent leaks:

    1.) The guest list is kept a closely guarded secret, and has pictures to prevent impostors.

    2.) The location where the conference will take place, usually a swanky, secluded resort, is also kept secret, and accepting an invite means you are also sworn to secrecy, as the location will not be told to you until you accept the invitation.

    3.) The resort staff is screened and work assignments are changed to be far from the actual events and the rooms of the attendees.

    4.) They routinely sweep for bugs and listening devices, and use white noise emitters to throw off parabolics.

    5.) Any paper materials, either distributed by the event host or personal notes of the attendees, of the event are confiscated and destroyed.

    They basically follow all the same rules that might be in place at a convention for people with TS/SCI clearance and the convention hall is a massive SCIF. But full of people plotting to undermine our democracy.

    3 Extremists Call for ‘Civil War’ and ‘Secession’ Over Texas Border Ruling

    “The feds are staging a civil war, and Texas should stand their ground,” a GOP Congressman tweeted after the Supreme Court ruled for the Biden Administration.

    Extremists Call for ‘Civil War’ and ‘Secession’ Over Texas Border Ruling

    They do this all the time. Maybe Biden should call their bluff, execute his powers as Commander in Chief, and order the National Guard in Texas to turn on State Police.