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"Nobody uses Mastodon"
  • More and more games are shipping with mega sus kernel level anti cheat which can (and does according to their EULA) take screenshots and files from your PC to make sure you "aren't cheating".

    Valorant, for example, is made by riot, owned by tencent, owned by the Chinese government, and has a nasty kernel anti cheat in it.

    So this means that with essentially no effort or changes the Chinese gov can just take this file and related screenshots of everything you do wrapped in a bow

    And they 100% will do this.

  • Linux Mint looks to fork more GNOME Apps because of libAdwaita
  • Gnome can't use the argument that "theming our apps is incompatible" and then at the same time not allow other DEs to manage window controls and the like to be compatible. Shit attitude and shit arguments.

  • Linux Mint looks to fork more GNOME Apps because of libAdwaita
  • Libadwaita is only compatible with gnome and only works with gnome. Other DE's can try to make it work in their DE, but the experience for them is hostile.

    To put it mildly, gnome devs are being dicks about it as much as they can be, because they consider themselves the only "real" desktop environment to Linux.

    If you want your apps to be cross platform, you can just use gtk3/gtk4 instead, or any other ui library. Even QT.

    I use gnome ATM because I think paperwm is the best desktop experience on any OS, but the gnome DE devs are just assholes and they break my heart.

  • Vanguard takes screenshots of your PC every time you play a game
  • Just last year I was at a security conf and they said the biggest threat to security right now is anticheat software, especially that owned by state actors. The venn diagram for people with anti cheat installed and people with admin priveliges and SSH keys for work installed is almost a circle.

  • Australia rule
  • Yeah!

    Except for... You know... Taipan's... Fierce snakes... Stone fish... Blue ringed octopuses... Box jellyfish... Irukanji jellyfish... Gimpi gimpi trees... Bats carrying lyssa virus... White tail spiders... Mosquito's carrying Ross river virus and/or dengue fever... Etc etc etc....

  • Top clowns all agree their balloon animals are slightly sentient
  • As someone who learned about Ai in uni and now works in Ai, this shit is straight up bullshit and its infuriating.

    The most obvious thing about this being all bullshit is that the LLM's don't have their own idle emergent "thought" - they are purely reactive, so not sentient. Case closed for fucks sake.

  • It looks like we'll soon be welcoming a lot of new Linux users here
  • Go slow, pick an easy distro like pop OS and take it easy.

    If its for gaming, even is great as it has a lot of gaming optimisations.

    Remember, Linux with a GUI is not more complicated than windows with a GUI, you have just spent your whole life learning the windows one.

  • Can we please customise more element colours?

    We can change toolbar colour only, would love if I could also change the background colour and the card background colour. Thanks!