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I did shave them.
  • I have scars / bumps on my legs that I am self conscious about. I wanted to wear a dress to a party in mid summer. Two months of extreme effort to moisturize and not scratch and I thought they looked pretty darn good ... For me at least. My niece asked why I had polka dots on my legs within two minutes of greeting me. Kids just be spittin' truth. So I cover my legs.

  • Problem solved
  • I fucking hate dandelions, I hate herbicides a shit ton more though. I planted clover and other ground over to compete with the dandelions and to feed the bees. My husband and I go out picking dandelions any day it's not raining and we see yellow in the yard. It's kinda fun to see who can get the longest thickest root 😉

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • I'm lazy AF, so I just give it a gooood rinse in hot water after every use. I will say it is one more step than the soda stream but there is the added benefit that you never will need to play against the clock when dumping syrups it after you've carbonated. I always ended up with a sticky mess after failing to seal in time with the soda stream.

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • I can't agree more! I have tried both soda stream and drinkmate and would recommend the drinkmate. It's just better, you can fizz juice and non-water drinks. Soda stream is also a consumer boycott target if you don't want to support the genocide in Palestine. 😬

  • what lemmy app do you recommend and why?
  • Wow okay the app is buggy AF, I thought my first comment replied to you but after submitting it showed me responding to me. So I'm high and just assume I made a booboo, no problem delete and re-reply correctly. Except it did the same thing after submitting, I refreshed and both are correctly responding to you. Wtf I'm not buying this app it makes me look like an idiot 😆

  • My favorite vending machine

    I'm new to art, I started painting and illustrating a couple months ago. To practice I paint the dingiest scenes from the current video game I'm playing: Yakuza Kiwami. I've been painting along to those real time YouTube videos of people doing loose illustrations and watercolors. If anyone has recommendations for learning more about illustrations, watercolor or any other artsy thing please let me know.

    Also... If you can read Japanese please just don't. I have old highschool knowledge of the language from 15 years ago, my hiragana is probably mostly recognizable but my Kanji is literally me copying the character to the best of my ability but I don't know what any of them mean. I think I wrote the alphabet around the vending machine...


    My cat biting his cube

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    Sound on for cute biting noises


    One of my favorite projects, a paper pieced pillow of my kitty.

    It's weird but since quitting Reddit I feel like I lost all the connections in my life. I'm glad to be here with y'all, and I look forward to sharing more! I've been in a rut and seeing your beauties has inspired me to dust off the ole sewing machine and finish up my newest kitty's portrait.