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Unofficial Reddit API
  • Pretty sure that on average, I write more lines of Python per day than are in this repo at the moment, and I'm not constantly under threat of a cease and decist from arriving at my doorstep.

  • Yeah
  • The first time I saw this meme, the main counterargument I saw was that he wasn't actually convicted so it would be biased for media to call him a rapist. I'm glad the legal system was able to put that excuse to rest.

  • Political unity
  • We need a new name for Russian state sponsored spam other than "troll", which should be restored to the original status as a perpetually online nerd who enjoys starting arguments.

  • Do you have this guy at work? I do
  • I have a coworker who thinks I'm this guy cuz it's apparently absurd for us to add the 5 most popular dependencies on the planet to our environment and I'm sentencing us to the doom of dependency hell.

  • Sub Sampling
  • Instead of actually explaining it, here's how I like to remember it: If you are measuring something that produces a perfect sine wave, and you can't take measurements faster than 30 Hz, then you can't definitively prove that the sine wave repeats faster than that. No matter how many data points you collect, the actual frequency could always be double what your measurements suggest.

  • Why won't my want give me an upgraded staff?

    I have a +3 want of lightning and an unupgraded staff, and according to the wiki, I should end up with a +2 staff, but it says I'll only get a level 1 staff. Why? I tried this on a different run, and it actually gave me an unupgraded staff, it's not just the prompt being wrong. I'm playing the latest version of Shattered Pixel Dungeon.

    BudgetAudiophile Artyom

    Can this just be repaired with superglue, or should I talk to a specialist

    This happened to the tweeter of one of my Theil speakers. I don't have an audio technician nearby, so I was hoping to do this repair myself.


    DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - On Thursday, the Satanic Temple of Iowa announced that their display at the Iowa Capitol had been significantly damaged.

    The controversial display, which Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called “objectionable,” featured a ram’s head covered with mirrors on a mannequin before being damaged.

    Organizers say it’s a symbol of their right to religious freedom.

    The Satanic Temple of Iowa posted the following message on their Facebook page:

    “This morning, we were informed by authorities that the Baphomet statue in our holiday display was destroyed beyond repair. We are proud to continue our holiday display for the next few days that we have been allotted.

    We ask that for safety, visitors travel together and use the 7 Tenets as a reminder for empathy, in the knowledge that justice is being pursued the correct way, through legal means.

    KCCI has reported that 35-year-old Michael Cassidy of Lauderdale, Mississippi, was charged with Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree. He has since been released.

    Solve et Coagula! Happy Holidays! Hail Satan!”