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  • I'd just like to point out the quote is from Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

    No it's literally how Douglas adams opens the first book of hitchhikers. Maybe its end restaurant at the end of the universe but it is also the literal start to the entire series.

  • Black samurai 😡
  • This hasn't been true for a while

    Lmao You can literally stand next to just a large group of people in every single game and "blend in"

    I don't care about "history." I have no issue with any of that shit. Ubisoft could say Cleopatra was black(lol) and i wouldn't care. It just breaks the in universe rules a bit. And that bugs me slightly.

  • Black samurai 😡
  • Idc that he's black my issue is that assassin's in ac "blend " into their environment they are "ghosts" a black man in japan is gonna stick out like a sore thumb. They still do everyone stares at you. How is this man supposed to keep a low profile when its physically impossible to not be noticed by everyone.

  • The Dark Souls experience
  • This is genuinely why i don't like souls likes. I can be good. I can learn a lot. But ultimately, it's this cycle almost every single boss. Almost win first time, then get murdered two or three time while you learn the pattern. Then when you think you've got it they throw out a modified version of a move that your used to avoiding but has something extra on it. And then the other half of the time I get killed by something that's not technically random bullshit but feels like bullshit. And i just hate that gameplay loop. Nothing wrong with the game i just dont enjoy its core loop lol

  • The fact that firefox updates when I open it instead of when I close it. Has to be the most annoying feature ever.

    I mean like why? Just open and update when I'm done that's what every other browser does. Stop making me wait to use the Internet firefox!

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