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Switching to OCaml bois
  • Of course, but OOP is typically about putting methods on classes, inheritance of behaviour etc.

    JS Objects aren't typically used that way, they tend to be used as pure data containers. At least, that's how we mostly use them.

    Occasionally, we'll use objects to simplify passing multiple arguments including arrow functions, but I'd say that doesn't really count unless the arrow function mutates the object it's a part of.

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • I'd been using Geometric Weather for many years, and I noticed a few weeks ago that it was misbehaving, not fetching data sometimes. I didn't realise it had not had an update for almost 3 years!

    I had switched to Google's weather app, but maybe I'll switch to this instead. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • The extension shinigami eyes is back.
  • I'll get back to you on that, but just to be clear transphobia on a medical level is more about gaslighting trans people and / or denying them the treatment they need.

    The doctor in question could also campaign against allowing trans rights, spread misinformation or personally deny them a referral to get the treatment they need.

    Wait times for trans-specific procedures can be astronomical compared to other procedures in the same country. Think years in wait time.

    I don't think most trans people complain about doctors mentioning what genitals or conditions they may have in 1-1 conversations.

    All of that said, I am not trans myself, so I'm not the right person to ask. It's best to ask trans people themselves about their experiences in the healthcare industry, but they have unique challenges.

  • The extension shinigami eyes is back.
  • I thought it was fairly clear, but I'll elaborate.

    If a trans person is discriminated against by their doctor, then having a mechanism to warn other trans people away from that doctor so they don't waste their time or go through unpleasant experiences would be useful.

    Same can be said of therapists etc.

    To be honest we should probably have a way of publicly rating medical professionals in general, regardless of whether you are trans or not, but trans people probably need it more than the average person.