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Massive explosion rocks SpaceX Texas facility, Starship engine in flames
  • Cry harder. Without SpaceX the US space industry would be worse than Russia right now. SpaceX launches hundreds of rockets per year and saves NASA millions in launch costs, and can actually launch people into space, unlike Boeing

  • Neuralink Can Implant Second Person With a Brain Chip, FDA Says
  • The FDA is only approving this for clinical use, so yes, there is something wrong with them. Healthy people won't be installing chips into their brain. Probably not in our lifetimes at least as the tech is not safe enough

  • Hamas armed wing says responsible for Israel-Gaza border crossing attack
  • You are a brainwashed fuck if you think that's the primary goal of the IDF. They want to kill Hamas and don't care about casualties, but saying they want to kill everyone is just blatant lies like they are some sort of monsters or something.

  • Senate overwhelmingly passes aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan with big bipartisan vote
  • I have no idea what the fuck you just said. But if you're OK with Ukrainians getting killed just so Israel gets less toys to play with- which they don't really need and won't make any difference - then you're the fucking asshole.

    Also, negotiating is not cynical, that's just life. Do you throw tamper tantrums every time you don't get your way? Either way, asshole

  • France: Man suspected of abducting, raping Jewish woman 'to avenge Palestine' - I24NEWS

    The abductor sent messages to victim's mother saying he was going to 'prostitute' her daughter; this allowed police to pin his location and end the victim's ordeal

    France: Man suspected of abducting, raping Jewish woman 'to avenge Palestine' - I24NEWS
    U.S. likely to enact a law soon that could ban TikTok nationwide, President Joe Biden vowed to sign it into law
  • What exactly is fascist about it? Being able to ban companies from hostile nations seems like a legitimate tool that frankly is concerning that we didn't have before. Russia and China are using massive propaganda farms and the US has been paying the price of that for too long. We are moving into a hostile multi-polar world and I wouldn't be surprised if the Internet isn't segregated sooner or later if hostilities start

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