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Fortnite Players Band Together to Pick on In-Game Tesla Cybertrucks: 'Destroy on Sight' - IGN
  • Quoted in the article:

    “i propose a new fortnite rule: if you see someone in a cybertruck, you are now in a truce with everyone else in the lobby until they’re taken out. this repeats as many times as necessary until everyone that bought this stupid thing is gone. normal gameplay proceeds.“

  • Drunken driver who snapped photo going 141 mph before deadly collision imprisoned for 17 years
  • Anderson lied to police, saying a hitchhiker was driving at the time of the crash.

    Prosecutor Emma Dowling said a roadside breath test showed Anderson was nearly three times over the limit driving after drinking. An empty vodka bottle was found in his car.

    Witnesses later reported that he had been driving dangerously for 20 miles (32 kilometers) and his phone showed he had been sending text messages.

    At a police station, he told officers he had driven into the back of a car.

    “Sometimes mistakes happen," he said. "But I’m not a bad person.”

    Sometimes mistakes happen!!!??? My dude, you murdered two people out of sheer recklessness and negligence and then lied about it. You don’t get to excuse your behaviour by saying “oh, I’m not a bad person…”

    Take some fucking responsibility. Although, I guess if you were capable of taking responsibility for your actions you wouldn’t be on your phone while driving double the highway speed limit and drunk off your ass.

  • Why is it a common insult for someone to say they slept with your mom?
  • The other misogynistic element is the Madonna/Whore complex, in my opinion.

    Mothers are often classically viewed as the Madonna (it’s in the name), so they’re good and kind and virtuous.

    However, I’ve insinuated that I fucked your mom, and if your mom has fucked, that means she’s a Whore because a Good Womantm doesn’t have a sexuality. By claiming that I’ve fucked your mom, I’m claiming to have defiled the sacred Madonna and turned her into a profane Whore.

    In other words, saying “I fucked your mom” is basically saying “your mom’s a slut”, and in a worldview where women wanting to fuck is a sign of evil, that’s an insult.

  • Why English language is sometimes "lazy", sometimes not
  • Re: #6 prior to the invasions of the Angles/Saxons England was invaded by the Romans and a number of cities sprung up in the south populated by latin-speaking peoples. When Western Rome collapsed, the state capacity needed to maintain large urban centers went with it. The Roman inhabitants didn’t leave, though, but instead mixed with the local culture and the language dispersed into the general population of England.

    At the same time the only thing left of Western Rome’s larger institutions was the Church, whose organization was inherited from Roman civic structures and who were the ones preserving written knowledge, which would be written in Latin.

  • Teva launches generic version of Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug Victoza | Reuters
  • But how else can the poor widdwe phawmaceuticaw congwomewate affowd to lobby government and aggressively market our crap to overpaid private healthcare companies so we can keep overcharging the fuck out of drugs we can make for pennies do aww ouw impowtant weseawch that’s paid for by taxpayers with subsidies and grants.

  • Putin warns South Korea: Sending killer weapons to Ukraine would be a ‘big mistake’
  • I agree that seeing the current regional conflicts as the opening shots of WWIII is a bit hyperbolic, but I also think a much better comparison is the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 and the related July Crisis considering how the major powers are being lead through proxy conflicts into “a series of interrelated diplomatic and military escalations.”

  • 'Belltown Hellcat' refuses to cooperate with Seattle officers at inspection
  • Further legal issues loom for Hudson, who is dealing with separate charges of stalking and harassment in Seattle. These new accusations stem from a violation of a suspended sentencing agreement out of Renton in 2022, which involved an assault charge after a confrontation with his mother because she wouldn't make coffee.

    You weren’t kidding…