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Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Getting Official Modding Support
  • For cross-platform support, direct level editing and changes to core game elements (like story, cinematics, dialogues, quests, and local gameplay adjustments) can’t be facilitated due to technical constraints and platform-specific guidelines.

    Damn that doesn’t sound promising but they don’t specify if adding new areas will be supported.

  • As Helldivers 2's creative director steps down as CEO, he agrees guns are too weak, armor is too boring, and planets are too repetitive
  • This is so strange. This guy helped make one of the best games in a decade and steps down because they can’t keep up with creating interesting content months after launch? I don’t think any studio can put out interesting content at the pace gamers can consume it.

  • Is it possible to de-duplicate lemmy posts from other instances?

    It’s annoying seeing the same headlines numerous times linking to same stuff because it’s cross posted to 3+ instances.

    Is there a setting to reduce that or app that handles that well?


    What tools do you use for play testing?

    Any good tools out there that make it easy to Playtest with people? Would like to have screen, player on camera, and mic recorded while they play test ideally.


    I spent $10k on food last year. What’s good way to track grocery spending?

    So I’m just one dude and 10k a year just on food seems incredibly high. I don’t go out that often, ~$1600 was at restaurants. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong while shopping at grocery stores and want to track grocery purchases better. The store I typically go to doesn’t have online receipts to use.

    I’m wondering what kind of apps are available for tracking grocery expenditures that Lemmings would recommend? It would be nice to be able to go back and check prices/sizes of things too, so what is being shrinkflated/skimpflated


    How do you remove an account from the app?

    Deleted an account from the instance but it still shows in app.