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I love genuine questions and people putting in the effort to love and understand each other better. If you come at me just wanting to argue I'm going to troll you back. FAFO.

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A.D.H.D. Startup Executives Accused of $100 Million Fraud in Adderall Scheme | Patients using Done or similar telehealth platforms may experience disruptions in care, health officials warned.
  • You really shouldn't be trusting a degree mill NP or even a PA, MD, or DO who's never actually worked in psychiatry for any significant length of time give you psychoactive drugs. This is how you find out you have the bipolar gene this whole time and end up psychotically log rolling down my unit hall covered in mayo and vomit because the guy in your bathroom mirror said if you don't he'll put it in your butt while you're sleeping. Also these medications have some very real and dangerous side effects, even the non-narcotics! Lamictal can just cause your entire skin to fall off you if they increase it too quickly and clozaril can just make your body forget how to make white blood cells for a bit, except unlike the lamictal doing it at initiation, clozaril can just randomly fuck you at any time. I understand that not enough of these professionals are available due to inadequate med school seats but this is not the best solution to that problem.

  • ChatGPT is bullshit - Ethics and Information Technology
  • Tbh half the reason teachers are struggling to tell is that bullshitting your way through things is a time-honored element of human thought and word. I myself bullshitted my way through most of my schooling until my professional degree. Really the AI is just imitating us better than we realized.

  • Are a.i.(s) newbee's programming bff(s) ?
  • I've used it for art and writing before but I find while it does make a product that's like 75% done you still have to do a lot of editing and if you don't fundamentally understand what you're trying to do you won't be able to edit it correctly. AI is for making you faster at what you already do, not for shoring up the fact that you never learned something to begin with.

  • Fatty liver disease is just self-induced Foie Gras
  • Endometriosis is uterine tissue forming outside of the uterus and can be associated with a number of side effects (some of which can be dangerous) including mood swings. We've officially come full circle on diagnosing hysteria.

  • What movie character you happen to have a crush on, even though the character clearly shows dozens of red flags?
  • Zuko from AtLA, but part of that was also a deep experiential empathy for his character growth arc. Also sometimes having undefined gender issues at the same time makes it really hard to tell whether a feeling like that is attraction or envy.

  • For the dudes here... What "girl" song you secretly love?
  • One of my favorites in highschool and made EDM my favorite genre (well, that and playing speed over Beethoven in DDR). My faves now are apashe and avicii. If anyone knows any EDM that incorporates classical elements (especially strings and/or piano) I am ALL ears.

  • Transgender Athletes Could Be At A Physical Disadvantage, New Research Shows
  • a) no shit there's numerous health related reasons women often don't like taking hormonal birth control, and testosterone isn't exactly a magic health potion either.

    b) I really feel like this is how I specifically learned how to escape quicksand from multiple popular/kids media sources as a child but have never actually practically run into it in adulthood.

  • Girl who died in ‘troubled teen’ facility was dead for up to 10 hours before staff realized
  • Yeah but in practice you catch the face by accident a lot anyway. You also have to realize that these people are uncomfortable and scared for both real and delusional reasons, so they're not exactly heavy sleepers. I should also add that sleep is arguably the single biggest factor in recovery from most acute episodes of any psychiatric disorder. When I've had inpatient stays they even disrupted my sleep occasionally and I can usually sleep through anything. Even opening the door wakes a lot of people up and a lot of people can't sleep with the door open, and also sometimes things get loud in the hall, even at night.

    It's another example of people who have never actually spent any real time in that environment either working or receiving care trying to make rules that don't make any sense and without regard for what the people those rules actually affect are telling them. As someone who's done both several times over in several different places, that kind of thing hits me doubly so.

    People also have a tendency to make decisions based on what makes them personally feel better instead of allowing the disabled and institutionalized the dignity of privacy and making at least some of their own decisions. In this case they want me spying on them more but there are lots of ways this manifests. People especially get super uncomfortable thinking about disabled people having sex or even just a sexuality at all. People would also literally rather me tie their 98y/o grandma to the bed and let her scream until the drugs kick in than let her crack her head falling on the way to the bathroom and die and/or admit that they were blessed she made it that far to begin with.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Nursing/Psychiatry: here's what to pack for your friend in the psych hospital!

    • T-shirts, logos fine, avoid anything explicit/vulgar
    • stretchy pants, no drawstring or that can have the drawstring removed and don't need a belt
    • a sweater without a hood or zipper
    • socks
    • slide on shoes (no laces)
    • a puzzle book with more than one type of puzzle
    • a book in a genre they like
    • a coloring book
    • a notebook to write in
    • crayons
    • a stress ball
    • one of those silicone bubble popper toys
    • snacks/food that are still sealed or that have one of those doordasher stickers fast food places use sometimes.

    DON'T bring:

    • anything with long strings or cords
    • anything sharp or pointy or made of glass or ceramic
    • plastic bags
    • bedding/pillows
    • anything valuable or sentimental other than maybe a smartphone, and ID
  • Girl who died in ‘troubled teen’ facility was dead for up to 10 hours before staff realized
  • "As a result of Duenez’s death, Vive said it would re-train staff to observe three breaths for every client every 15 minutes and to “carry flashlights for checks at night” to ensure “head and neck are visualized” during those checks."

  • When did you know a career was either the perfect or the worst match for your personality?

    I'm trying to give someone advice on choosing a career that will suit them better than the one they're in and hate. I wanted to get together a list of good questions for them to ask themselves so they can use the answers to compare options like "do you prefer to work sitting or moving around," "do you want to not work weekends" etc.


    What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?

    Mine is fresh highschool graduates getting 2 weeks of training to go work acute, all-male forensic psychiatry. We're taking criminally insane men who are unsafe to put on a unit with criminally insane women.

    ...and they would send fresh high school graduates (often girls because hospitals in general tend to be female-dominated) in the yoga pants and club makeup they think are proffessional because they literally have 0 previous work experience to sit suicide watch for criminally insane rapists who said they were suicidal because they knew they would send some 18y/o who doesn't know any better to sit with them. It went about how you would expect the hundreds of times I watched it happen.

    My favorite float technician was the 60 year old guy who was super gassy and looked like an off-season Santa. Everybody hated that guy because they said he was super lazy but he would sit suicide watch all fucking shift without complaining and he almost never failed to dissapoint a sex pest who thought they were gonna get some eye candy (or worse).

    What's your example?

    Psychology Apytele

    I've had almost this exact conversation numerous times: an excellent example of why you avoid arguing with delusions in clinical practice.

    This is Nurse Apy with some quick practical tips on communicating with someone who has a serious mental illness! (SMI)

    (Obviously the video is not a real patient, but I can't show you a real patient and I stg this is actually pretty spot on.)

    Delusions have a tendency to strengthen themselves when confronted. Instead of new observations or information weakening the belief, they're usually incorporated into the delusional belief system. This means that when the person encounters that information or situation in the future, that information/situation will actually continually strengthen the belief. Don't confront delusions; instead, redirect!

    Try to redirect the conversation towards things that reconnect the person with the wider human community. Ppl with serious and ongoing delusions have a tendency to become progressively isolated from those around them. They want to talk about delusional topics, and most people only know how to confront them about something they can clearly see is untrue. This pushes the person further into their delusions to avoid conflict with those around them. This isolation also often leads to suicidal ideation, behavior, and completion, ppl w psychosis are some of the highest risks of suicide.

    Ways you can try to connect with the person are as varied as humans themselves. As the person who actually knows and interacts with a given person, you are likely the most knowledgeable about what the best topic to do that is in a given situation. Common examples include sports, popular media, and hobbies like sewing, woodworking, or gardening. Bonus points if it's related to a communal activity of some kind.

    As an aside, this is a big reason q-anon rose to popularity during the pandemic and has remained entrenched ever since. It provided community where people were missing it, and we have a very confrontational and argumentative culture that often serves to strengthen ingrained belief systems like this.

    TLDR: if you want to get your aunt off her q-anon roll, try to get her to go back to gardening club instead (preferably one that is not also q-anon-ers, a lot of people pushing it also understand these concepts).


    What vital task did you not realize someone was doing regularly until they suddenly stopped?

    Could be a partner, roommate, coworker, or somebody you volunteered with. They could have stopped for any reason from leaving, getting sick or hurt or even dying to just getting sick of doing that one thing and stopping.

    DIY Apytele

    Idea for heavy glass beads?

    I'm trying to clear out my crafting supplies before moving in a few months.

    Anyone know any cool patterns? I don't even know if they could all be in one jewelry piece; they're very heavy.


    What hobbies or volunteer work require creative problem solving from lots of different areas?

    I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. When I work on a project I use anything from woodworking and sewing to chemistry and physics to human physiology and psychology. I also like reading up then chatting about random science and history and art stuff. I like working with computers occasionally, and I'll just randomly throw some basic geometry or algebra into a project, but I was also an art student so I'm not half bad at making things visually appealing either.

    I have a job where I often get a chance to use my various areas of semi-expertise when I pick up a side project, but that's led me into getting waaay overinvolved in my work and neglecting my outside relationships. What hobbies or other non-professional things could I get involved in that would give me that same opportunity to flex my creativity when solving a problem?


    Anyone else find the decision to code Raava as femme and Vaatu as masc an interesting (although not necessarily bad) choice?

    I've been doing a lot of reading into various spiritual concepts and practices from around the world and typically light/order/yang is masculine and dark/chaos/yin is usually feminine. Is there another concept that's being referenced or is this just a minor but interesting artistic decision?

    I was a little disappointed that they played Raava as "good"; I've always preferred media like Babylon 5 where it turns out the vorlons are fucking with humanity too, but I can see why they might not put all that in a kids show.

    Link to the FanArt


    The Four Evangelists

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    Best advice columnists?

    Like in the same vein as Ask Amy or Dear Prudence. I'm trying to get away from Best of Redditor Updates but I'm not ready to quit my "oh no she didn't!" addiction just yet.


    Can we all agree to look up a local third party candidate and mention their name to someone you know who is also local?

    I like but am very open to other resources or suggestions for how to get good info. Honestly half the reason I'm posting this is to start a solid thread of resources.

    Whatever other affiliations or beliefs you have, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we're not getting them out by starting at a national level. We need to get people back into talking about politics that don't involve Trump or Biden and people suck and are also just very depressed right now so we need to make it easy.

    So today's social health challenge is to find a local candidate to start namedropping online or in person at least once or twice a week for the next six months. Encourage others to do the same. Get people talking about literally anyone third party. I don't even care if they're even actually a good candidate or whatever just stop letting them make the conversation about Trump and Biden!


    Most unique looking celebrities?

    I'm working on a side project studying variations in human facial features. It's been helpful to study celebrity faces because it's easy to find numerous reference photos. I've actually got a fairly good range of weird looking white men, turns out Hollywood is pretty flush with those, but it's been harder to find unique looking women or darker skinned people of any gender! Idk if I just don't know as many actors in those demographics, or if it's just harder to break into Hollywood as a weird looking person without also being white and male, but it's probably some combination of the two.

    What're y'alls suggestions?


    If you had to give one piece of advice that is pretty much universally applicable, what would it be?

    I wouldn't dare defile Douglas Adam's memory by not mentioning that you should keep a towel with you at all times, but my second contender is a surprisingly short three-parter:

    1. never lie.
    2. never tell the whole truth.
    3. never pass up a chance to use a real bathroom.

    Would suction cups work in space?

    You know like the kind that go on a window or bathroom mirror or on the wall or in the shower. They need the atmosphere pushing down on them to work, right?


    Science Diagrams and infographics that look like shitposts. Science Diagrams and Infographics that Look Like Shitposts -

    A shameless clone of one of my favorite facebook groups. Pretty damn NSFW b/c most of biology is really really gross (cool, but gross). Please share sources if you have them. They can really enhance the experience. …don’t be a dick?

    Shameless clone of one of my favorite Facebook groups for real science diagrams and infographics that just look fucking silly.


    SLPT: You can make like 30-50% of your social circle think you're psychic (or just weirdly smart) by asking them to think of a number 1-10 and asking if it's 7.

    Helps if they 're not huge nerds who spend all their time talking about the true definition of randomness and/or already have a number they consider the sexiest have reduced STEM knowledge overall, somewhat irrespective of other intelligences.