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What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Some people don't get highs from beating other people.

    PVP sucks. There are always people willing to spend more money than I am on a game.

    Campaign style playing with others isn't AS bad, though.

  • Ghosted restaurants
  • Women worth dating tend to find coffee much more appealing as a first date than an expensive meal.

    Maybe you just have a hard time identifying the women worth dating? Many people do.

  • Ghosted restaurants
  • I don't tend to "test" the people I date.

    But I don't have an issue meeting either way, so long as it's communicated. I mean... meeting outside the door is still meeting at the restaurant.

  • Landscape by Patricia Scarano

    I found this in a consignment shop in Hermiston, OR. Probably my favorite painting ever. When I die, this is my heaven.


    Chemical cat at large in Japanese city Chemical cat at large in Japanese city, officials warn

    Officials in Fukuyama say the cat is believed to have tumbled into a tank of toxic liquid at a factory, and that residents should refrain from approaching or touching it.

    Chemical cat at large in Japanese city, officials warn

    This is how we get into the age of supervillains.


    What is the term for an abstract personification? (Examples below)

    Something like "the Firm wants to hire you," "London doesn't like you," or "the Company has noticed your achievements."