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Attention! Butt missiles. That is all.
  • Especially now that pilots no longer smoke while flying.

  • I can't believe it tastes different
  • That's why I also replaced the flour with gravel, you see?

  • TIL: How The Founder Of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, Planned on Eradicating Palestinians as early as 1890
  • back to their own attested land since the age of pharaohs where they were living 5.000 years ago

    Sorry, but that part makes no sense at all.

  • Like magic
  • Joke's on you, I can't read English anyway.

  • The game was rule from the start
  • After getting pegged for 200 hours, you should really take a break (actually probably before that).

  • It could soon be illegal to publicly wear a mask for health reasons in North Carolina
  • Conditions may apply.

    For more information, please reread.

  • W for Water
  • Quaffing... with water.

  • Just an ordinary girl!
  • Bad porn too.

  • Do you like olives?
  • Olives are the foundation upon which civilisation was built.

  • Don't try me because I looked at the Playtex girdles and feared nothing.
  • I started with a 1200, quickly updated to 2400 bps modem. 56k was an absurd fantasy at the time. I didn't download anything much though (obviously).

  • The history of LibreOffice
  • As long as you know it, it makes everything simple.

  • Open source LaTeX book first release
  • Sure, the docx file is online if you want to help.

  • Don't
    Cultural differences in EU : German/French vs Greece weathercast.
  • Une météo très particulière ce soir...

  • Russia finds vast oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory
  • Aren't Russian speakers opressed in the British antartic territories?

  • But it's true that they're aligned, you can actually trace a straight line from one to the other. That can't be a coincidence!

  • Is there a way to fix scrollbars in Plasma 6

    Plasma 6 changed the way scrollbars work for some reason. Now when you click somewhere with mouse1 the elevator jums there and the window content scrolls accordingly.

    Previously, it would scroll by one window's worth in the appropriate direction. If you wanted to jump to a given location, you just used mouse2 (typically the scroll wheel button nowadays). It has worked that way everywhere for literally decades.

    After reading the very weird explanation for the change, I can only conclude that the devs don't even know how to use their interface.

    Hence my question, is there a setting somewhere to switch back to the traditional behaviour?

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