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How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • Will it get done if it costs too much to get someone to do it? Do I think I can do it?

    If I added up all of the home, auto and technical maintenance I have done in the last month as farmed out to a professional I would be broke ALL THE TIME or the things would not have gotten done.

    SO many things can be looked up and even found as full instructional videos now.

    I generally look at it as if there is special knowledge, skills or tools needed also if I could make things worse.. If not I will try and do it myself.

  • Tesla’s Share of U.S. Electric Car Market Falls Below 50%
  • As expected.. COMBINED other manufactures are starting to make meaningful amounts of EVs. Individually it is funny how few they sell however.

    Tesla still sells nearly 10x the number of EVs (BEVs) to the next most popular brand (globally).

    Correction Tesla and BYD are embarrassing the "REST" of the the manufactures. Globally.

    BYD numbers are often mix EV as a combination of PHEV and BEV, their BEV sales have substantially grown.

    ○ Tesla market share 20% ○ BYD Auto 15% ○ Geely Holdings 8% ○ Others 57%

  • Why are comments like "use Firefox" okay on Lemmy while "go vegan" is getting downvoted?
  • Your examples would have more similarity with suggesting a vegetarian diet as an alternative to a mix or most meat diet. That would be a functional alternative, like suggesting a different OS or Browser.

    Veganism more like a political statement that if you eat meat your are a bad person for harming animals. All vegans may be vegetarians but not all vegetarians are vegan.

    I will admit there are many OS and Browser purists that might be more like vegans telling you, you are bad for choosing the one you currently use. There are FOSS purists that only tell you to use FOSS because it is NOT commercial not because the software is better for what you need.

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • I went from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 13 . I had replaced the battery on the iPhone 7 already, it still was getting updates but physically the charge port started wearing out and the NFC stopped working .

    Was a good run, phone was super reliable needed no tweaking to work.

    I have also been using iPhones since the iPhone 3G. Long before it existed on Android it was very easy to movie everything from your old phone to the new one, first via iTunes desktop then later via iCloud.

    Family sharing for apps and family backups pooled in iCloud is also very convenient.

  • Elon Musk Openly Advocates for Overthrowing the Government of Bolivia, The Country with the Largest Lithium Reserves in the World
  • Electrolysis is at least 25% less as efficient than just storing the electricity in battery’s as it produces both oxygen and hydrogen and then you need to spend some more of the power compressing it…. Even before you get to transporting it. Otherwise we would just have electrolytes plants all over already.

  • Cash transactions are way down. These advocates say the feds need to do something
  • The ONLY place I have used cash in the last year at least has been having a coin for my shopping cart and the local dump only takes cash.

    I get 2-3% back on every transaction my credit card and pay it off every month for zero fees.

  • Games where an emulated console version outclasses the PC port?
  • Sometimes the controls are just better on the Emulators at least on older PC ports as they would do dumb stuff like require a mouse / keyboard for menus etc.

    On the steam deck in particular when getting steam versions of games with lower steam deck compatibility ratings it often comes down to odd menu issues or controller support.

  • Optimizing a WiFi Network
  • I get 550Mbps on 5 ghz (80Mhz wide) with my iPhone 13 and I get 800-850Mbps on an iPad pro on 6Ghz (160Mhz wide). When in the same room as the AP. When not in the same room speeds are a bit all over the map.

    This is via the app on a 1Gbit fibre connection.

    I am using new U7 Pro Wall APs.

  • Elon Musk Openly Advocates for Overthrowing the Government of Bolivia, The Country with the Largest Lithium Reserves in the World
  • There is no clean, cheap, efficient source of hydrogen. You still need to transport it around burning more fuel to transport it all around.

    There are already multiple ways to get clean electricity for BEVs and the supply chain is cleaner.. Plant, grid, car.

    Also coal is already a TINY TINY % of US power production, , going to natural gas sourced hydrogen would be a step backward.

    When source to consumption is considered BEV is the cleanest option so far.

  • Could any of the main characters of Prodigy have been affected by the Borg assimilation in Picard S3?
  • I suspect that since the borg needed such detailed info on picards body and they altered starfleet transporters that it only would work on "known" species in the federation databases.

    Ultimately the assimilated just needed to out number and overwhelm the older old un effected backed up by complete computer ship control of all federation vessels. The plan never needed total assimilation.

    SO my answer is that they would probably be immune.

  • Why do the vast majority of romantic comedies depict people who are wealthy?
  • More concerning is that so many romantic movies contain an element of cheating.. IE the main characters meet while one or both are seeing someone else and often don't break it off with the other person. In the comedies they are often sneaking around and not getting caught is played for laughs.

  • Make Text filters community specific / field specific

    There are several common words and terms I would like to stop seeing posts about but only in specific communities. Having the words or terms blocked in other communities or global matches too many things.

    It would also be nice for the filter to be Title, URL or body specific.


    Remote Play Together (limits)

    I was recently trying to get some of the 4 player local games I have to work remotely.. Some have native multiplayer but with limitations (castle crashers only lets two local and two remote players play) bople battle only allows one local player in remote multi player mode.

    However for both the above I was able to get remote play together working which basically let me map the remote player to a controller and play the game in local mode.

    This however only worked on these games, I THINK they are linux native.. Games that didn't work / provide no controller mapping for remote play together Streets of rage 4, TMNT Redders revenge did not work. These games show support for remote play together in the steam library but I suspect the limitation is on the steam deck?

    Anyone else have experience with Remote Play Together on the steam deck? It is nice as the remote party doesn't need a copy of the game and as noted gets around some of the multi player limits of some games.

    Any suggestions? Alternatives? Tweaks?

    7 Moneris resolves temporary processing issue after 'network outage'

    Major Canadian payment processing firm Moneris, responsible for widely-used debit and credit machines, resolved its issue with processing transactions after experiencing a network outage on Friday afternoon.

    Moneris resolves temporary processing issue after 'network outage'

    Wouldn't be the holiday shopping season without some payment processing outages.


    Profile Overview placement of score and link icons / overflow

    Due to variable subject length and these items being part of the same line as the subject they get pushed around a lot which makes them hard to see find when scrolling through history.

    Would be nice if these links / scores where at the front of the subject OR the "next line" to be consistent.

    0's Main Community AlternateRoute

    (URGENT) Lemmy has an XSS vulnerability in the sidebar

    cross-posted from:

    > is a victim of an XSS attack right now and the hacker simply injected a JavaScript redirection into the sidebar. > > It appears the Lemmy backend does not escape HTML in the main sidebar. Not sure if this is also true for community sidebars. > > !


    When you opening discussions from your profile

    When opening a discussion/comment from your profile / history you only see the replies to your comment.

    Is there any way to expand all the replies to the topic? I don’t see any way do to that?

    3's Main Community AlternateRoute

    I wonder if trending is broken in lemmy / this instance?

    askacanadian has no posts yet is "trending"


    Search and filtering?

    Is there a way to search posts within a community?

    I see there is a NSFW filter but is there or is it planned to have a text / post filter? I would really love of not see the constant posts about what is going on at Reddit or Twitter anymore. I left, I am done with that.

    1's Main Community AlternateRoute

    How does or any instance plan to support it self?

    Just curious as this is all fun and open till it scales to expensive. What is the plan to sustain / fund it self?

    Constant donation nagging like Wikipedia?