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Is this season just not hitting for anyone else?

The first one, "Space Babies" was alright, but felt too childish. "The Devils Chord" didn't hit for me because they just didn't have the budget for really being able to explore a higher level being of such power.

But Boom? Boom can be defeated by one simple question. "Where's the Sonic?"

It's never addressed, the Doctor never asks Ruby to go get it from the TARDIS if he doesn't have it on him. And it's never even explained that if she could go and get it, it wouldn't effect the landmine.

It's basic questions like this, that need to be answered in an episode like this. It would have taken a total of 4 sentences to cancel out the Sonic. But they never even mention it.

That's just bad writing right there.

Plus the Doctor's dialogue felt like it belonged more to Matt's Doctor than Ncuti's and DEAR GOD, Moffat cannot write children to save his life.

I'm hoping the season gets better because they're 1.5 for three with me right now.

Maine Cybertruck Owner Sad Everyone Hates His Truck
  • Because the law drops the hammer on them BIG time.

    Hell, activists use to spike old wood trees marked for clear cutting back in the day. This would cause the saw blades foresters would use to explode in their face,, in fact George Alexander, a millworker, was severely injured when a saw blade shattered after contact with a tree spike and cut his jaw in half.

  • Which do you prefer? A triple monitor setup? Or one single 32:9 ultrawide monitor?

    I have a triple monitor setup right now, but am thinking of trying a single ultrawide monitor. What is your preference?

    Those poor jeans had it rough
  • To this day I do not know why tailors insist, when hemming pants, that the cuff must touch the ground. I always insist on it being a minimum of 2-3cm off the ground because of this very reason.

  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • After several days you see a man who offers you water and directions. Do you choose to turn away and continue into the desert or do you accept the man’s offer to help provide water and directions to safety?

    That actually is what happens when you get lost for a long time. It's called "Rescuer Syndrome"

  • micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility Alpha71
    Burning LiPO Batteries • IMPORTANT LESSONS LEARNED • Do LiPO Bags Actually Work?
    I have a choice to make.
  • The problem with that philosophy is this is such a new field, that there really isn't any "reputable" companies out there. They're all brand new. They're all making their names. I'm sure in a few years it will be different but right now that's the current state.

  • I have a choice to make.
  • I will admit for me the big part is in lifting it. I live in a three story walk up. I'm only on the second floor so it's not too bad. And we do have bike storage where I live but it's permanently locked from 8pm to 8 am. There is a 1st floor "mud room" I could keep it in, but that is half a floor up also.

  • micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility Alpha71
    I have a choice to make.

    Well I've saved my pennies and I now finally have enough to get an Ebike. after HOURS of watching youtube videos, reviews, etc. I think I've narrowed my choice to these two options.

    1. KEQJSK Electric Bike 1000W Motor. The things I like about it. It looks like a traditional bike. and it will fit on a bus' front bike rack. But it only comes with a 48v 15AH battery. But with the savings I would make up on this I could easily buy two extra batteries. And it's the lightest of the two. My other choice is

    2. Wallke H6 Pro. Now I'm a heavy guy. and this bike is designed for the heavier rider. Plus it comes with a 40v 40AH battery pack. And you can upgrade with an extra internal 20AH battery so you would end up with 60AH total. at HALF the cost of the other 60AH models, the Aniioke A8 Pro Max, and the Eahora Juliet. Plus I like the fact that it folds into a somewhat compact size.

    The downside to this model is you can't take it on buses, although I can take it on our local subway. But with the range this models provides I wouldn't need to take transit as much. Another downside is the weight. This thing is HEAVY. it comes in at 90lbs minus the battery.

    So those are my current choices. Which would you choose?

    I just want to play my game...

    Apparently the Ubisoft servers are down so I cannot play SINGLE PLAYER Breakpoint.

    I don't even want to play the game online. I just enjoy running around in single player. Why they haven't dropped an offline patch yet?

    Why AI is going to be a shitshow.

    I was just watching a tiktok with a black girl going over how race is a social construct. This felt wrong to me so I decided to back check her facts.

    (she was right, BTW)

    Now I've been using Microsoft's Copilot which is baked into Bing right now. It's fairly robust and sure it has it's quirks but by and large it cuts out the middle man of having to find facts on your own and gives a breakdown of whatever your looking for followed by a list of sources it got it's information from.

    So I asked it a simple straightforward question:

    "I need a breakdown on the theory behind human race classifications"

    And it started to do so. quite well in fact. it started listing historical context behind the question and was just bringing up Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, who was a German physician, naturalist, physiologist, and anthropologist. He is considered to be a main founder of zoology and anthropology as comparative, scientific disciplines. He has been called the "founder of racial classifications."

    But right in the middle of the breakdown on him all the previous information disappeared and said, I'm sorry I can't provide you with this information at this time.

    I pointed out that it was doing so and quite well.

    It said that no it did not provide any information on said subject and we should perhaps look at another subject.

    Now nothing i did could have fallen under some sort of racist context. i was looking for historical scientific information. But Bing in it's infinite wisdom felt the subject was too touchy and will not even broach the subject.

    When other's, be it corporations or people start to decide which information a person can and cannot access, is a damn slippery slope we better level out before AI starts to roll out en masse.

    PS. Google had no trouble giving me the information when i requested it. i just had to look up his name on my own.


    What do you guys think?

    The possible future and nightmare of ebiking. Hound

    Announcing the ultimate wilderness companion - The HOUND. Built after extensive consultation with serious campers and hunters, the HOUND is the ultimate beast in the woods. With a super stable ground up design geared towards storage and hauling capabilities, belt drive to reduce impact of elements, ...


    Ladies and gentleman I give you the Watt Wagons Hound. this may look alot like an Aniioki or Eahora. But what makes this different is the fact that the battery can be hooked up directly to a public car charging station. Charge time is rumored to be 2-3 hours. Which is a big difference of the 6-9 hours of the other mentioned brands.

    This is good because it means increased range for people who are serious about it. But it could be bad because think of the current line-ups you can have at charging station right now. I've heard of some wait times of up to an hour or more for people with cars. Now imagine throwing ebikes into the mix. I can see fights breaking out for sure.

    I think the future of ebikes is amazing. but we all have to put thought into the infrastructure right now to prevent headaches in the future.

    Why does BIOS suck?

    This is a bit of a mea culpa from me.

    In 2022 I started the build of my dream PC. i9 13900k, 2 TB M.2 drive, 32 GB of 5200 DDR5 ram.

    ...and a 6600XT.

    Now at the time it was all I could afford. I just wanted something that would run most games decently. nothing earth shattering but could do the heavy lifting i needed it to. I planned to upgrade later down the road.

    For most games it was (and still is) perfectly fine. It ran most of my 100+ game library with no complaints from me.

    But there was one game. Arma 3.

    Now anyone who knows Arma 3 will readily admit it is a horribly optimized mess. This games drinks ram and chews up GPU's like they're candy.

    And my 6600XT was crushed underneath it's massive weight.

    Now the problem for me is at the time I was fanatical about the game. It was pretty much the only game I played constantly. I still play it to this day, just not as much.

    I would get stutters, massive frame drops and tons of crashes all centered around not enough GPU ram. (the 6600Xt only has 8) I HATED this card and would loudly complain on every forum every time someone would mention it. I sneered at AMD and desperately wanted to go Nvidia.

    problem was i still couldn't afford to upgrade.

    But I finally had it last month and so I saved up and bought...

    An Intel ARC A770.

    But it worked. frame rates went up, crashes pretty much disappeared and and all was good in the world.

    At this point I know you (probably) are screaming "Well what the fuck does this has to do with BIOS!?

    well let me explain. You see I also wanted a much better m.2 drive so I bought a WD Black SN850X.

    but while I was installing the NVME drive I noticed that my PCIe slot was set to gen3 X8. Not gen4 X16.

    This solved everything. I went back to my 6600XT as I was having driver issues with the ARC card. and now when I play Arma 3 it runs much smoother. It still crashes because honestly the game needs a minimum of 16 GB of memory on a video card to run (sort of) fairly smoothly, but frames went up, stutters pretty much disappeared and the 1% lows were much more less noticeable.

    All because I missed a BIOS setting.

    So WHY? why is BIOS still so troublesome? why can't it detect cards and automatically set the proper settings by itself?


    Anyways, that's all I have to say about that.

    Can anyone explain ebike pricing?

    I live in Vancouver Canada so our prices are different from those in America and elsewhere.

    I am probably going to buy this. It the Ancheer sunshine and in canada I can get it and two half decent bike locks for less than 1000 CAD with taxes and everything all in.

    Now the bike I am currently lusting after is the Eahora Romeo Pro which has a 1600w motor and a HUGE 48 to 52V 60aH Battery. This would cost me right now just under 3600 CAD. You get alot of bike for that price.

    But then you get listing like this one which is local to me. Your basically paying for the frame. and while they do have cheaper alternatives. The reason I chose that listing is it it roughly the same price as the romeo pro. and it has a basic 250w motor with a 600w peak and only a 10.2 ah battery. I understand this is a brick and mortar store which has larger costs involved in selling their stock. But at what point are you just throwing your money away?

    Now I understand that the Romeo pro is NOT for everyone. and something like the Lundi shown above would work perfectly fine for most people but you can find similar spec'd bikes on amazon for much cheaper.

    It seems to me the sweet spot for us Canadians anyways is 2k or under. You get fairly quality parts at that price point. Which is why I don't understand people selling ebikes locally for an average of around 4k CAD. Although I do understand that Vancouver is a city where the local population has a larger degree of disposable income than most places.

    I dunno. what are your thoughts on the subject?

    Some help in selecting or building an E-bike.

    My situation is a little bit different from most people. I caught COVID in 2020 and it messed me up good. Got both my heart AND my lungs. I'm now on disability and no longer have my drivers license. (I let it lapse since I can't afford a car any more.)

    An E-bike would be my main method of transportation. So for me Range is king. it is the be all and end all for me personally. Plus, where I live (Vancouver) the law is an ebike can only go at a max speed of 24 kmh. Which is fine for me since I'm not in a hurry. Plus at my age (52) I'm pretty sure any accident at a higher speed would kill me.😂

    So here's my dilemma. I want to build a bike that can do 150 Km's on throttle only. now I could go out and buy something like the Eahora Romeo Pro, but where I live it would come out to 4k CAD with taxes and delivery all in.

    Or I could build an ebike from scratch. I'm sure it would be cheaper. but it would take longer. I was thinking of getting a cheap amazon 48v 500w bike and build off of that. I was thinking of going with a Bafang BBSHD, two 48v 30ah batteries and a geared hub like the Shimao Alfine 8-speed internal geared bicycle Hub.

    One of the other problems is my local transit is very bike friendly so to increase range I could use to local transit system to get close to where I want to go and then use the bike as end of destination travel. But the bike can only weigh as much as 50lbs. any heavier and they won't allow it on the front bus rack.

    So I am torn. do any of you have any recommendations or suggestions?

    Why are there no commercially available helmets with HUD's?

    Although there are some in development. But would you be interested in something like this?

    Having troubles getting windows to work on new NVME.

    OK, so my first NVME was a cheap Kingston 2 TB drive. Not very good. So I just bought a new WD Black SN850X. tried doing a fresh install of windows. didn't work. said 'fuck it' and cloned my Kingston to the WD.

    Now when I try booting off of the WD my BIOS detects it, but when i try to select it to boot from it doesn't show up. only my old Kingston shows up.

    Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z790 UD AC.

    tried switching drive letters. didn't work.

    At wits end. Any suggestions?

    Edit: sort of figured it out.

    Pro tip, make sure your USB drive is formatted to the same file system as your nvme is.

    First attempt was with a fat32 usb. This is what caused the problem.

    Used a different USB formatted to ntsf. Seemes to be working now. Hopefully i will be anle to install windows now

    ARMA Alpha71
    Arma 3 runs wonderfully on an Intel ARC A770!

    I had a 6600XT before this and i just wasn't happy with performance of the card. I had memory crashes constantly. I was worried that Arma 3 may not run properly because it is an older game. But my worries were unfounded.

    The moment I started it up and hopped in game, the performance was buttery smooth. ZERO skipping and tearing. and with all the graphics cranked to the max I still got pretty good performance. if I wanted smooth framerate however i did have to crank the ani aliasing down from 16 to 8. But other than that, everything was set to ultra nightmare performance. And it ate it up.

    The card I bought was the ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB. I got it for 399 CDN. (294.86 US Dollar) And its a solid over built card. Even when playing Cyberpunk 2077 the card rarely went above 60 degrees.

    So from me it's a solid recommendation.

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