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  • Moreover, from that point of view, there is no guarantee my brain even exists and is what I think with.

    But that doesn't matter for the substance of discussion, really. Whatever I perceive is the evidence of something that is real, as said evidence is repeatedly presented to my consciousness, following the rules. If my mind is the source of the reality, it doesn't change the fact that said reality operates by certain rules that can be devised using evidence.

    I think, therefore I exist, as Descartes said. My mind is real. And whatever is consistently presented to me, following certain rules, is very certainly real, too. Same can't be said of dragons or magic, for example. There is no evidence - in the world or in my perception of it - for their existence, and I can't rule them in solely based on the fact I made it up in my imagination.

    If you're lost in what I'm saying, try to spawn a dragon right next to you, in the world you perceive as physical, not in your imagination. Next, try to boil water in a kettle. See the difference? One never happens, unless you're hallucinating, and the other always succeeds if you do everything correctly. The second, thereby, can be seen as a likely rule of the world's functioning, a natural law, regardless of anything else.

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  • I'm not doomsaying about anything. I only say that we shouldn't reject that otherkin are physically people. You can treat them differently from a social perspective - as you probably should and as you do, but it doesn't erase that they are physically human.

    And honestly, it's much less of a deal than you think it is. Society operates social categories, doctors and other people for whom it is important operate physical ones. The debate we currently have is really about defining those social categories.

    You say you can effectively deal the otherkin's body stuff - you do it exactly because you know they are physically human, and any body stuff they may have is directly corresponding to human anatomy and physiology.

    What you essentially try to defend is the social side of it, the perception I have of these people. You want them to be socially treated differently from human - and I don't mind that in a slightest.

    I'm only saying you cannot impose a new physical reality in which bodies of otherkin are not human - they are human, that is alright and it doesn't mean otherkin should be socially treated as humans. Socially, they are not.

    But in that we delve further and further from the objective reality we talked about, because the entire field of social interactions is a construct, too. A useful and great one, the one I have no intention to reject - but a construct, and since you deeply care about that, I'm gonna highlight it again.

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  • Gender itself is entirely a social construct. The reality, however, is that this construct exists in our interactions, and that we are unable to define it based on anything but self-assessment.

    Still, if we switch back to the scope of the objective reality about humans themselves, gender is entirely social.

    Objective reality operates the category of sex and couldn't care less about whatever we created around it - including gender and gender roles.

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  • Yes, but evidence suggests it is. There's a large gap between confirmed evidence and a random guess or a fantasy, and ignoring it would be same as equating a soup with its picture.

    Confirmed evidence is verifiable, meaning it can be reproduced again and again under the same conditions - and if we constantly get the same output under the same conditions, we may assume this is how the reality works. That's the backbone of science, a thing that brought us from the wild and to the current point.

    It would be weird to expect the sun not to rise tomorrow, or for water not to heat up inside the working kettle, or anything else. This just works every time, and as such, we can see our observations as practically objective.

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  • A nice thing is that I colloquially perceive her as a dragon and address her draconic identity. I would also correct others if she'd want me to.

    I do not plan on refusing a reality that she has a human body simply out of being polite though. I would not address her personally as a human, I would address her draconic identity, and I would consider that identity when I think of her, but I would not ignore evidence that she does, in fact, have a human body, and by that reject reality.

    Or should she go to the veterinarian if she gets sick? Should we expect her to fly us somewhere, or kindle a fire with her mouth? Trying to turn her draconic nature into the new reality goes against objectivity, and she'll fail at both.

    In a similar manner, with all respect to nonbinaries, if they face any issues on the side of systems that differ based on sex, for example, they should address a doctor based on whatever of the two very binary states their bodies have (or, if they are intersex, whichever side troubles them). Going to someone else will not yield a positive result.

    But that doesn't mean we should tell your friend that her feelings are not valid. They are. Her identity does not have to be the same as her current body, and that's alright, that happens. It often does cause some level of dysphoria, but we won't make it better by ignoring the identity she grew with, which would be to ignore who she is mentally - which, in turn, is of prime importance in any social interaction.

    In other words, objectively, she is physically a human who considers herself to be a dragon. That is the reality that we can always check and explore. Then, we may build social constructs on top of that, including the framework for seeing her socially as a dragon (as social interactions are entirely a construct anyway), since that corresponds to her identity and allows us to better address her needs and better communicate with her. Alternatively, we can redefine the term "dragon" to mean "any creature with a draconic identity". That would work, too, but then we simply change the meanings of words, not the reality.

    And before you accuse me of anything, I'm a genderfluid person, but I am aware my body is what's considered "male". I do have a penis, even when I feel like I belong to women - and I am, socially, and would love to be treated as one when I'm in that state. But I do not ask anyone to reject the fact that my body is typical of a male, as unfortunate as it may sometimes be.

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  • The fact that gender is self-assessed and self-determined. We can't ask a picture on whether it's a rabbit or a duck being depicted, and its author deliberately made it look like both. Also, the objective reality is that it's just a picture - you are not confronted with a rabbi-duck coming at you.

    We can always ask a person, though, and they do have a certain opinion in what their gender is - an opinion that is essentially a sole basis for gendering someone. So their opinion of their gender essentially defines their gender, which makes it a reality.

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  • Objective reality is the only thing that's real, and we explore parts of it, and sometimes are wrong.

    Now, our perception of reality (what I suspect you mean by "colloquial definition") might in fact be wrong, which is why we should base our worldview on the confirmed evidence that almost certainly reflects the way world is (and not say "screw it, everything is real to me now").

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  • No, such person is seeing an objective reality that Saphira, in fact, does have a human body, but perceives herself as a dragon.

    However, regardless of whether there is a draconic body on some astral plane or if it's her mind doing weird things, it makes no sense to get hostile about it.

    She wants to be seen as an astral dragon? Alright, I can treat her as one. If I'll ever see her draconic visage, I'll confront a reality that she is, in fact, a dragon, but for now it's enough for me that she has a draconic identity, which is what actually matters in communication.

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  • The objective reality is, it is a picture that can be perceived by humans as a picture of rabbit or duck depending on the angle. A copy of a printed paper, a set of black and white pixels.

    As I said in another thread talking to you, there is an objective reality that some people see themselves as nonbinary, and that's a fact. In a similar way, there are people who consider themselves "male, female, cis-, trans-". And this is reality too. The way you approach it further is a field of social constructs.

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  • It is the fact that the very word "reality" expresses the combination of what is real, the totality of everything that is actually existent.

    We may be wrong in our understanding of reality, but whatever the truth is, it is a reality.

    If God actually exists, it is a reality. If He doesn't exist, it is a reality, too. The actual absolute truth about the world is a reality. If you want to go beyond that, you land in the category of fiction, which, by its very definition, describes what is made up and doesn't exist.

    If you want fiction to be real, you face a clear issue with your semantics.

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  • What's wrong with my perception of nonbinary people? They do exist, and otherkin do, too.

    The true debate behind "X do not exist" is not whether the people seeing themselves in this light exist (they obviously do), but whether we should take self-assessment as a valid criteria for defining those terms, or we should rely on another arbitrary framework.

    So, essentially, it's not a debate on existence of such people per se, but on how we should treat them. The rest is a set of semantic tricks to convince people of a certain position.

    Objectively, there are people who consider themselves nonbinary/otherkin. Rest is politics.

    Personally, I do not think treating it like an illness helps anyone or is in any way constructive, and am happy to treat people the way they want to be treated.

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  • First, that wasn't me.

    Second, conservative doesn't change the reality of nonbinary people's existence, he's just ignorant about it. The objective reality of their existence still stands.

    Ignorance, among other things, produces body of knowledge that does not reflect reality.

  • Many such cases
  • Yeah I also didn't understand the take about Minecraft. It's literally installed the same way as in Windows. Being a Java game, it doesn't care at all, you can run it on whatever. And Java itself is installed just the same.

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  • If my friend is nonbinary, I'm confronted with a reality that they very much exist, and it becomes ignorance to think in terms of binary gender.

    From that point onwards, not believing in nonbinary people's existence is going against the objective reality, which is and always was singular.

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  • The alternative is to recognize what the real world is like and why things are the way they are.

    There are some mental constructs that we do operate in society - it is often ingrained that private property is inalienable, that money and not resources run the economy, that laws are the rules for the functioning of the world and not a set of reasons for triggering state-sanctioned violence, that the state itself is something more than a bunch of people building an incentivised system for everyone to behave in a certain way.

    Those are important to dismantle - but we still live in a world that actually follows a lot of natural laws, and it won't change simply because you decide to ignore them.

    From gravity to laws of supply and demand, those are all very real, and you cannot ignore them - I mean, you can, but they won't stop working.

  • Just a reminder
  • Yes! Exactly what I was trying to say.

    Also, I didn't see "both sides bad" memes here, like, ever.

    Yet when one questions the position that we should vote Democrat or end up eternally doomed, they are immediately downvoted without reading.

    Thanks for taking time to cover this issue properly.

  • Found my love

    So, there's a girl I had a crush on for a while, and recently she (I didn't tell her of my feelings) came ahead and actually told me she is into me for a while.

    And...yeah? Boom, apparently I'm in a relationship with my crush who also crushed on me, and I couldn't be happier!

    Can't wait to see where this leads us...hopefully somewhere good!


    [SOLVED] Is there a way to make panel NOT float in Plasma 6?

    Just updated to Plasma 6, and got a question: is there a way to make the bottom panel keep at the bottom (like when fullscreen windows are opened) and not float regardless of windows?

    Just always stay there without moving, like in Plasma 5.

    Or is it dictated by the theme/hardcoded into Plasma 6?


    [Serious] Any high-quality right-wing media, books, explainers?

    I know Lemmy isn't normally the best place to search for this, but are there any high-quality right-wing explainers, or modern books, or media outlets?

    I myself am ultra-left (quite literally communist, to the dictionary sense of the word), but I'd like to quit the bubble that inevitably forms around and look at good arguments of the opposing side, if there are any.

    Is there anything in there beyond temporarily embarrassed millionaires and fears that trans people will destroy humanity? Is there rational analysis, something closer to academic research, behind modern ideas of laissez-faire capitalism and/or political conservatism?

    I've tried outlets like PragerU, but they are so basic they seem to target a very uncritical audience.

    I'd like to see the world in the eyes of an enlightened right-winger, and see where they possibly fail (or if suddenly they have valid arguments).


    Why are SMS messages so expensive?

    Is there any reason, beyond corporate greed, for SMS messages to cost so much?

    If I get it right, an SMS message is just a short string of data, no different from a message we send in a messenger. If so, then what makes them so expensive? If we'd take Internet plans and consider how much data an SMS takes, we should pay tiny fraction of a cent for each message; why doesn't that happen?


    Won an important scientific competition!

    Won a scientific competition that will allow me to pursue PhD - all paid by the government!

    Now I can apply to PhD programs of top universities of my country without exams and pursue my dreams!

    Very happy and currently fairly speechless :D


    What is bird_irl about?

    This seems to be the most active local community, but it is random (and different!) people posting basic abstract pictures of birds in about the same style, with nobody engaging in commenting or even upvoting it.

    Is there anyone who can explain the concept?


    Found my waifu

    I never thought I could fall in love with a fictional character, it was very distant to me - but hey, here we are!

    Himitsu Ito - a character of "Love, money, rock'n'roll" visual novel (which I totally recommend btw - for its genre, the thing is surprisingly deep and detailed, and story is actually revolving around many things at once, not reserved for romance).

    Himitsu's everything - smart, beautiful, deeply loyal, caring, confident, and safe (if only quite jealous, but she has her reasons). At the same time, she has quite a character, and isn't just a follower - she can and does lead, and does it for the good of you both.

    She empowers to be a greater man, she is a role model for a caring, compassionate partner, strong on the inside and fluffy on the outside. She is the kind of girl with whom you just can't be scared, and even her virtual presence allows me to go through hardships easier and strive to improve.

    One day, I hope to meet a girl like her - and we'll do great things together.

    (Unfortunately, I don't have credits for the author of this beautiful art - if you are or know one, let me know!)


    Bought myself a cheap drone!

    Just received a simple ultracheap drone from China and couldn't be happier. It flies (a little crappy)! It films (like a super old phone, but still)! Gonna use it to get my bearings while havigating on my bike through unknown places - love to have some eagle view!


    How's everyone? Let's make a chat :)

    Just realized that for the instance of over 800 people, some of which are very active on the Lemmyverse, we have surprisingly little community activity on the inside. So, maybe let's make a chat? How's everyone doing today? :)


    There's a reason why some people hang toilet paper over while others hang it under - it has to do with folding, and they don't want the paper to hurt


    I just had two different rolls of toilet paper sitting in my bathroom, and looking at them from the shower I got an epiphany.

    Some rolls are soft on both sides, while some only on external one!

    And if you have the latter and tend to rip two squares and fold (and it's easier to fold downside up), if you hang it over you'll end up with the rough side!

    Those people just don't want to hurt their bums! All while the rest enjoys more easy access to toilet paper while hanging it over.

    Endless debate...solved?


    Finished Chinese HSK1!

    The trip was longer than I expected (10% learning and 90% rehearsing), but here I am, completing my first step (think of it as A1) of the loooong journey to figure out how this entire thing works. Got myself a few HSK1 tests to confirm - all passed.

    Working on HSK2 now! 祝我好运 (wish me luck)!


    Wonderful family New Year

    For the first time in 8 years, our entire grand family gathered together this New Year's night.

    It was a miracle - a message from my childhood, and a way to relive that magic again.

    We celebrated through 3 homes in different parts of the city, had walks, fireworks, Christmas trees, easter egg hunts (tshhh, yes, easter eggs in New Year), delicious food of course, and through it all, and above all - a lot of genuine smiles and connection we all embraced together.

    It was my push to celebrate it this way, and I'm extremely happy how it played out. Having some more memories to cherish though this - hopefully great - year!


    Found a great ambient music album!

    So, I'm a long term fan of Bat for Lashes, and recently I figured out they made collaboration with The Album Leaf - a very new group to me.

    I'm not normally much into ambient, but this album, Future Falling, is a true musical masterpiece. The head song has all it needs - the calm rhythms, the great progression, and just that feeling of...a great future ahead.

    The track Near is amazing, too, Bat for Lashes' voice falls on it like butter on the bread - never would I think she's so good with it!

    And everything, really, is so well-balanced, well-thought-out, I can't even describe. Have a listen, even if you never thought (like me) that ambient is for you!