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Today, it has been 6 years since The Elder Scrolls 6 teaser
  • They should just release a new game with the graphical fidelity of Fallout 4, but with better performance and animations. They could probably cut their dev budget in half if they made a game with Skyrim's scope and FO4's graphics.

    No one plays Bethesda games for their graphical fidelity so they really need to stop wasting time there.

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • Then you should simply call that person a dumb ass and move on in that scenario. And their statement was loaded with qualifiers that indicates to the audience to not take their claim seriously. This isn't debate club or a Congressional hearing. It's a niche internet forum.

  • Urban Microcars
  • Your logic is that people outside of the US will buy these. Yet they sell like shit in Europe. No, you brought up trucks. I and the person I responded to we talking about sedans and wagons. Fuck off troll

  • Urban Microcars
  • Feel better? Any more strawmen you'd like to dress me up as?

    It's very humorous that you think I'm talking about large trucks as the alternative to these micro cars when I'm talking four door sedans and wagons; 4dr wagons are the most popular body style in Europe btw. Seems I'm right about the US market and the European market too. Best to not act holier than thou when your market isn't clamoring for these vehicles either.

  • Infiniti finally released a concept for an electric car INFINITI EVs, QX65, & QX80 Announcement | New Dawn Event

    Discover the New Dawn of INFINITI Vehicles, including our first all-electric model (Vision Qe), and a peek at three models on the way: QXe, QX65, and QX80.

    INFINITI EVs, QX65, & QX80 Announcement | New Dawn Event

    The car looks good but I'm not a big fan of the wheels. We'll see if this concept actually makes it to production.


    [Ahsoka Spoilers] I'm so sorry, fellow Star Wars fans

    I tried, I really really tried not to soy face when they revealed Thrawn. But it overpowered me. The sight of a book character being on screen overpowered my will, my mouth fell agape and I full on soy faced. I even kicked my feet a little.

    Like a thousand YouTube clickbait thumbnails before me, I collapsed under the weight of immense hype.


    Cannot comment in this language

    I was trying to submit a comment today when it said I couldn't comment in this language. My account default is set to English, but I don't see a way in memmy to select the language for my specific comment.


    Thoughts on the new logo? Infiniti Introduces New 3-D Logo

    This is the fourth logo redesign in Infiniti's 34-year history, this time to focus more on an "infinite road" and "horizon line" design. Can you make out the changes?

    Infiniti Introduces New 3-D Logo

    I personally don't like it at all. Looks like the old logo had a kid with the 🤓 emoji.

    I am curious what all two of the Infiniti drivers on lemmy think.


    PSA: Lemmy kind of has a mobile app for iOS

    I'm stretching the definition of "app" here but Lemmy appears to be a progressive web app, so if you click "add to home screen" in iOS then the icon for Lemmy will open up a captive web browser that behaves like any other app.

    It's not as fast as an actual app, but it feels very similar to using one. Most apps are just react-native these days anyway.


    Feel free to ask for car help

    I am making myself available to help here. This will be the official migration point for /r/infiniti


    Reposting my earliest Mass Effect post

    I will help keep /c/masseffect alive by reposting an edit I did from like 2011 or 2012. Forgive the cringey text, I was a teen.