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Claw Machine [MoringMark]
  • I'm fine with a little girl conjuring a magical goo hand out of nowhere, but I draw the line at silly odd coins.

  • Might Take A While [MoringMark]
  • Timeskip=>Adult/Next Gen and how we distinguish before/after S3 in the Human Realm (how do we do that? just assume one or the other unless its obvious?). That

    Yeah, I've had this problem a bunch of times :/ I just try to infer as many info as possible from the page:

    • If the Hexsquad is in Luz's house, it's almost certainly set during S2-S3.
    • Certain characters make it obvious, such as Flapjack (pre-S3), Waffles and Bean (post-S3), Masha (post-S3).
    • If the characters don old outfits, it could mean that it's set in that season (although it's not always the case). For this purpose, Luz's scar and King's cracked skull/glued horn can also help identify the timeline.
    • If a page references multiple time periods (such as "He Tripped." and "Phases") I tag the most recent one.

    If it's genuinely impossible to distinguish between pre and post-S3, I just default to post-finale. It's not ideal, but it's better than leaving the box blank, I guess. I thought about introducing a "non specified" timeline box, but I feared that it would become unwieldy and a bit confusing for some people.

  • I'm new
  • When I read of historical conquerors and dictators, I always wonder where the heck do they get their drive to do all that.

    Like, I struggle to wake up on mondays, spend wednesdays hoping that the weekend comes soon, and on saturday I lay on the sofa and do nothing for 24 hours straight.

    This guy invaded a foreign land he didn't need just because he felt barely offended by the words of its inhabitants. He should've appreciated the humour and moved on imo, but maybe that's just me.

  • Might Take A While [MoringMark]
  • While dropping in the last few days of comics, I realize we don’t have a Timeline tag for timeskip-era when Luz and Amity are adults but not part of an ongoing storyline. It looks like you’ve just been calling those Post Finale? That might need a little review

    You have a point. I suppose it would be best to use "Next generation" (or maybe change the name to "Adults/Next gen" so that it covers both), as they are theoretically the same time period.

    Contrast also calls our character listing into question now too. I’m find with listing everyone seen, even in cameos, but what if they’re completely unseen, with no dialogue, but explicitly confirmed to be in the area?

    I'd say no, because that opens a huge can of worms. I think it would get too difficult to take into account who might be in the general area, and in some cases, it would make for a messy tag system, mostly in established storylines where multiple pages happen in the same location/time frame, but characters drop in and out of view (such as aLHoB or Grom Factor). For example, the students fighting Kikimora in aLHoB change every other page (the Fear chars only appear in the beginning and the end of the fight, Jerbo only in the end, Boscha appears in the beginning and in the aftermath, etc...). If someone is trying to look for all the appearances of a certain character, it's going to get real messy really soon if the tagging gets made on a "who is in the vicinity" policy.

    Tagging only characters that physically appear in the page will also be useful to run some stats on chars appearances after we're done! I'd be really curious to see the results of a list of chars sorted by number of appearances.

  • Perk [MoringMark]
  • Why get a fluffy pet when you can get a shapeshifter that can turn into all fluffy pets?

  • Creative Assembly Reportedly Working On A Total War: Star Wars Game
  • They'll do anything except my beloved Medieval 3.

  • Look man I just wanted to play an actual dragon
  • Still the most glorious piece of homebrew I've ever laid my eyes on.

    Still haven't been able to play it because life is a bitch.

  • A Little Hint of Blue - Chapter 6 Part 13 [MoringMark]
  • Well, magic comes from the heart, so they are not completely wrong <3

  • Microsoft to release next 'Call of Duty' game on subscription service, source says
  • Maybe you're thinking of Xbox All-access, which allowed users to buy Xbox + Game Pass Ultimate and pay them all over one year (or three, can't remember).

  • A look at & review of what has been called the worst RPG of all time
  • I once tried to read F.A.T.A.L.'s rulebook. Not because I wanted to play it, of course. I just thought it would be fun.

    I was wrong. It was fun for, like, ten seconds. When literally the first page of the book throws you into a scenario where you have three or four different reasons to have sex/sexually assault a woman, the book loses its charm pretty fast.

    It then quickly spirals into a gross, demeaning, disgusting pile of misogyny, gore and ignorance, all in the name of "historical accuracy", hiding their distasteful opinions behind "prominent philosophers" and hand-picked statistics.

    I applaud anyone who is able to read more than ten pages of that abomination and survive long enough to write a review. Had I continued reading past that point, my brain would have liquefied.

  • PlayStation names Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino as its new CEOs
  • From the source:

    Hulst is CEO of the newly named Studio Business Group, which includes all of PlayStation’s first-party teams, plus covers the development of PlayStation IP onto other mediums, such as TV and film. Hulst was already head of PlayStation Studios. He was previously the co-founder of Horizon and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, which was acquired by Sony in 2005.

    Hideaki Nishino will lead the Platform Business Group, which includes console hardware, technology, accessories, PlayStation Network and third-party relations (covering major publishers and indie studios). He was already SVP of Platform Experiences. He’s been part of the Sony business since 2006, holding numerous roles at Sony Network Entertainment, Sony Corporation and SIE.

  • Untitled by Kendra Phillips (2024)
  • Really cool, I just discovered this community and I love it already.

  • Are you looking forward to the new Inside Out sequel?
  • Sequels are made when creators don't have faith in new ideas and want to attract customers using existing IPs. This is especially true for sequels to stories that are already complete: there was no need for a sequel, they are just making it because the IP is popular.

    Exceptions to the rule exist (Toy Story 2) but I wouldn't hold my breath. Looking at the list of upcoming Disney/Pixar movies and seeing just a bunch of sequels (Inside Out 2, Zootopia 2, Frozen 3) just speaks of corporates choosing the "safe" route of betting on popular pre-existing IPs instead of new stories and original settings.

  • VIPs [MoringMark]
  • Hooty truly is the expert of romanticism.

  • I’m making a 5e setting inspired by Ancient India!
  • Non-european settings are always nice to see. Heck, I'm European and I'm tired of how little variation there is in fantasy. It's always a copy-paste of tired tropes and familiar landscapes. People should be allowed to go nuts with their fantasy setting.

    Best of luck with your project!

  • At School [MoringMark]
  • Weirdos stick together :)

    School bullies are the worst. So glad that period of my life is over.

  • Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Will Aggressively Pursue a Multiplatform Strategy After Profits Tumble
  • SE releases have been all over the place recently. Sometimes it's PS exclusives, sometimes Nintendo exclusives, sometimes console exclusives, sometimes they release on PS and Nintendo but not Xbox...

    I was an XOne user a few years back and it was exhausting. PC side it's a bit better, except that their flagship series is locked on PS for who knows how long, and then locked on Epic Store for one more year.

    As a potential customer, I didn't feel exactly welcomed. I was interested in FFXVI, but didn't have a PS5 (I still don't). Now I don't have the time to play long-ass games anymore, which means that by the time it will finally be released on PC, I won't probably buy it.

    I was someone who was willing to give them money, and they refused it time and time again. I'm sorry for their difficult situation, as Square has created some great games from my childhood that I will forever cherish (both as Square Soft and Square Enix), but let's be honest, this is their fault.

    I hope they follow through with this decision, though. I doubt I'll be a customer, but maybe they'll make some kids as happy as I was when I was their age and playing those old FF titles. People deserve to play those games without being told to buy two different consoles and/or wait an eternity and a half for exclusive deals to expire.

  • Sonny Legacy Collection got announced - the classic flash games are coming to Steam
  • I'm seeing a lot of former flash games coming to steam lately - I even grabbed a few, such as the Epic Battle Fantasy collection.

    The Flashpoint Collection is great to relieve my childhood one flash game at a time, but it's nice seeing that some of those devs are still around, and having the option to support them for the fun times I had for free as a teenager.

  • Thanks [MoringMark]
  • Season 3 is wonderful and the ending made me tear up. Go watch it immediately, it's really really worth it!

    It's free to watch on youtube, so it's a no brainer if you have watched S01-02 already.

    (I also recommend not reading these comics until you've watched S03, because they may contain heavy spoilers for the finale)

  • 2024 Core Rulebooks to Expand the SRD

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce the expansion of the fifth edition Systems Reference Document (SRD 5.2), which will include updated content from...

    2024 Core Rulebooks to Expand the SRD

    Key points:

    • SDR 5.2 will be made available under Creative Commons.
    • It will release within weeks of the 2025 Monster Manual (which will release February 18th, 2025).
    • It will contain information from all three core rulebooks (PHB, Monster Manual, DMG).
    • It will be localized in all officially supported languages.
    Brackeys is back, and will now make tutorials on Godot

    This is exciting news for every aspiring game developer! Brackeys, a popular YouTuber who used to make in-depth and very user-friendly tutorials about Unity, is returning after a long hiatus, and will now create tutorials on Godot (for those who don't know, it's a FOSS game engine, but I'm pretty sure that, if you have an account here, you already know it).

    Brackeys' tutorials were (and still are) the best tutorials for Unity, and have helped many aspiring devs (some of whom I know personally, and who later made a career out of it). His return, and the fact that he's now chosen to specialize on Godot, is a game-changer (pun intended) for the accessibility of the FOSS engine. Considering the recent Unity debacle, I'm happy that Brackeys will help people jump the ship, and I'm sure it will be instrumental in its success in the future.

    All announcements from the triple-i showcase

    Some trailers have been shared here, but not all. This is a list of all 35 announcements from the Triple-i initiative showcase.

    [6000x3376] Mt. Le Conte, TN, United States - Photo by Matt Hatchett

    Photo by Matt Hatchett from Pexels:

    [Bug] 'Hot' sort order in multicommunities not working correctly

    If I sort a multicommunity by 'Hot', it will show all posts from community 1, then all posts by community 2, etc... kind of defying the purpose of a multicommunity at all. I solved it by sorting by 'New' instead, but I figured I'd mention it here because it took me a while to notice - I thought people were not making new posts at all, while in fact, it was just displaying all posts by a lowly populated community first.

    Relic Castle down, following DMCA takedown notice




    Dear Pokémon fan game community,

    It is with heavy heart that I announce that the Relic Castle website has been taken down following a DMCA takedown notice.

    Relic Castle has always been a non-profit, ad-free, tight-knit community and we pride ourselves in what we have achieved. Members have felt at home, made friends, and even careers with us. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that the forum part of this community, which was to turn 10 years old this year, has had to come to an end. With over 20.000 members and 65.000 posts, Relic Castle was a home to many of us.

    The Discord server is not going anywhere, and the site is still visible as an archive using the Wayback Machine.

    Thank you all for being with us this last decade, and thank you for making Relic Castle as awesome and life-changing as it has been for some of us.

    Sincerely, Marin (Owner) & Andy (Manager)


    FAQ: (will update as we can/want to) 1- The website was backed up and sent to me (Cat) right before it was taken down, so nothing is truly lost. 2- TCPI should not be contacted as it was a third party who is authorized by TCPI to supply DMCAs and looks legitimate to us. 3- The DMCA was on the entire site for using "unauthorized copies of copyrighted material", so different from one game being taken down. 4- What will RC staff do next? Is there a new site or will the Discord be expanded? We don't know right now. 5- Put love into the world today

    Summit merges the date of publish with the date of edit

    A post/comment that was published, say, ten days ago, but edited two days ago, is shown as being published two days ago. Would it be possible to display the date as "10d (2d)" or something similar, to distinguish between the two dates?

    Heroic Warrior v1.2.2 - A revamped Fighter

    !Page 1 - Class features (1) !Page 2 - Class features (2) !Page 3 - Class features (3) !Page 4 - Class features (4) !Page 5 - Subclass: Blademaster !Page 6 - Subclass: Commander !Page 7 - Subclass: Green Knight !Page 8 - Subclass: Psyker !Page 9 - Subclass: War Veteran !BackCover and Credits

    The Heroic Warrior is a revamped Fighter that shares some similarities with the One DnD version of the class, but replaces the weapon masteries (which I honestly find overly simplistic and boring) with battle maneuvers and additional fighting styles.

    The goal is to create a martial class that's simple to use, fun to run over multiple sessions, and on a more equal power level with casters, while also trying not to dilute its "martial" nature with spells-like or arcane powers (such as giving it overly flashy maneuvers).

    The four subclasses provided are heavily inspired or directly derived by existing subclasses: the Blademaster is a blend of Battle Master and Cavalier, the Commander is an improved Purple Dragon Knight/Banneret, the Green Knight combines the Eldritch Knight and the Arcane Archer and gives them Pact Magic with third caster progression, the Psyker is a middle ground between the Echo Knight and the Psi Warrior, and lastly, the War Veteran is a mix of Champion and Samurai.

    Feel free to comment and share your thoughts; I'll be happy to improve the class following other people's opinions and suggestions.

    Full image album (Imgur): Ko Fi: Online reader and pdf download (MEGA):

    Fighter: Ashworm Dragoon

    I've been working on this one for a while, and I'm happy I've finished it in time for the release of Dune 2! The Ashworm Dragoon was a prestige class in DnD 3.5, meant as a "mundane" (as in, non-magical) special mount for fighters. The two main hurdles when writing this class was finding a way to have the ashworm come back to the player in the event of death (most familiar subclasses in the game don't have this problem, as the character has spell slots to heal/resurrect their faithful friend) and balance the burrowing speed of the ashworm (I actually found that the rules are a bit more restrictive than I thought, and I've added a few more to prevent strategies that the players could employ to cheese encounters using their burrowing speed).

    !Page 1 - class features

    !Page 2 - companion stat block

    "Cards of Eternity: The Wheel of Time”, Wheel of Time themed card game, announced Journey to Another Age With "Cards of Eternity: The Wheel of Time”

    Fans of Robert Jordan's sprawling world The Wheel of Time® universe will soon have a collectible card trading game experience like no other. Aether Ga

    cross-posted from:

    > Cards of Eternity offers both Solo Player and Co-op (PvE) campaign modes, which delve into the intricate mythology of the series while unlocking an expansive range of new content for players to explore. > Cards of Eternity promises an exceptional experience for casual and competitive players alike. Matchmaking features allow players to find opponents at their own skill level, ensuring more balanced and enjoyable matches. Detailed tutorials will make the game more accessible to newcomers and training modes will let them experiment with new tactics. > Regular content updates will expand the library of cards. Players will have endless ways to modify their deck and adapt to ever-evolving gameplay strategies. The digital platform also allows for competition events, limited-time game modes, and other dynamic content that will keep the game fresh and engaging. With more than 200 exquisitely detailed cards to collect, dazzling animations, and player-driven card trading, Cards of Eternity is expected to foster a passionate user community. > An integrated AI guide will add a truly personal touch. Using the One PowerTM technology recently announced by iwot productions and D1srupt1ve, players will be able to unlock and interact with sentient characters and creatures, adding a captivating RPG-like dimension to the gameplay experience. The One Power provides a foundation for endless, immersive storytelling possibilities and will be a game-changer for the trading card genre. Players will be able to experience AI gameplay for free, but extended use and access to the full suite of features will require a One Power subscription. Additional details about One Power will be provided in a future announcement.

    Xenogears - Small Two Pieces

    Ending theme from Xenogears, the most ambitious videogame ever created.

    Fighter: Banneret (revised)

    I love the banneret as a concept, but I absolutely loathe the execution. The main problem of the original class is that Rallying Cry is not good until you reach higher levels and you only have one use of it, Royal Envoy feels more like a ribbon feature, and Bulwark is so specific in its trigger requirements that you may play an entire high level campaign and never successfully use it once.

    With my rework, I tried to make the features more useful and their use more frequent, while also maintaining as much of the original concept as possible and striving to keep the class simple (without adding unnecessary stuff like a banner mechanic, warlord-like maneuvers or anything like that).

    Art credits: Purple Knight by BryanSyme

    Barbarian: Path of the magpie - An improvised fighting barbarian

    A friend of mine wanted to play an improvised weapon-wielding barbarian. He was using a homebrew subclass he found online, but frankly speaking, it was terrible, so I reworked it. This is the result of 2 hours of rushed brainstorming and development. I'm not a barb main, so I'm not really familiar with how they work, but I'm satisfied with the result.

    While creating the subclass, I tried to satisfy the following demands:

    • Allow the player to use unarmed strikes and improvised weapons, obviously.
    • Try to make improvised weapons unique and not just "reflavoured martial weapons" (achieved with the random roll and additional effects to unarmed stirkes and attacks with improvised weapons, I hope).
    • More choices during combat. The person who was going to play this doesn't like how shallow and same-y most martials in 5e play (hence the "Barbarian Exploits" feature at 6th level).

    Any kind of feedback is very much appreciated!

    The Owl House - Discussing the animation test and the (unreleased) pilot

    This is a series where I discuss either confirmed or supposedly cut content from the show. You can read my previous posts here:

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    SOURCES: Animation test: [1] Fandom page, [2] YouTube (full video) Pilot: [1] Fandom page, [2] Youtube (live stream of Dana talking about the pilot), [3] Youtube (PostHoot where Dana talks about the pilot and the animation test)

    So, just to make things straight: the animation test and the pilot are two different things. The animation test was created because they weren't allowed to animate the whole pilot. Please note that nothing in the pilot or the animation test was ever meant to be canon. In the words of Dana: "The pilot animation test that a lot of people see floating around on Tumblr and Twitter is actually a minute and a half animation test because we weren't allowed to animate our actual pilot. The pilot itself wasn't written to be the first episode: it was written to be a test of tone, a test of character, so we were just willy-nilly throwing stuff in there that we knew wouldn't make it into the show".


    What follows is a few observations from a quick glance of the animation test reel. A timestamp is provided for each of the observations, so that it'll be more clear what I'm referring to when talking about some specific tidbits.

    • [0:05] Like in the series, humans don't have magic. Luz's desire to become a witch was always intended to be the driving force of the narrative.
    • [0:15] "King used to know magic". Although fairly ambiguous, it could mean that King was already written to have amnesia.
    • Also about King: he had brown fur and red/blue eyes. I can see why they decided to change his colour palette lol.
    • [0:37] Willow, or rather Paulina, had already been conceived as a character. She already had affinity with plants, but aside from that, we don't really know much about her role in the story.
    • Her introduction is a reference to Ron's broken wand in the Harry Potter series, but it's unknown whether the similarities end there, or if more parallels were planned. Her lab seems a bit run down to me, which could mean that maybe she was envisioned as the "poor student" like Ron, but that could just be a coincidence or me reading too much in a very short animated reel.
    • [0:48] "Sir William", an unknown character, makes an appearance. There isn't much to talk about, because the pilot doesn't tell anything about him. Fans speculate that he was a "proto Hunter" (while also being different from the other Proto Hunter), mostly because his introduction was later recycled into the "Wake up!" gag from S02 EP06. In my opinion, the chances of the two of them sharing a similar backstory are slim (if not entirely non-existent), so we should look at them as totally different characters.
    • [1:08] The dead titan's skull has a much more prominent muzzle, similar to King's. King was probably always meant to be a titan cub.
    • [1:09] Eda was already planned to be a hoarder and seller of human junk.
    • In the same shot we can see the Owl House, and a strange thing can be noticed if we look at the door: Hooty seems just an immobile, non-animated carving on the door. Maybe his character hadn't been planned at this stage yet? The fact that the house "blinks" could mean that the entire house, and not just Hooty, was a living being.
    • [1:23] An unknown enemy. Fans have dubbed him "Proto Belos" but there's really nothing that supports that theory. As far as we know, he could just be an evil side-kick or a one-off villain.
    • Of note, Luz wields the magic of Eda's magic staff, which could imply either that she was eventually meant to learn magic, or that innate magic and palisman magic were already two separate powers in this pilot like in the series.
    • [1:37] Luz performs magic in a similar way as the series, although she doesn't use glyph magic, but some kind of alchemical symbol.
    • [1:44] Maybe more important, she's learning alchemic magic from a book whose cover depicts the silhouette of an unknown demon that kind of reminds me of titans? Maybe glyph/alchemic magic was already linked to titans at this stage in development.


    "The pilot was in many ways similar to the first episode, but there were a couple of major differences". Please not that the pilot has NOT been released to the public, so the two livestreams of Dana talking about it and showing some concept art is all we can base our analysis on. In italics, the direct quote from the streams (when not specified, the quote is from Dana herself).

    • [57:01] Amity made an appearance in the pilot. Luz attempts to befriend her because Amity unwittingly or unknowingly stands up for her in class and, as a thank you, Luz draws her a picture, but she got a... I think the line, specifically, is "I got a paper cut while drawing it, so I just worked it into the picture". The concept art shows a picture of Luz and Amity together, with the words "Thanks pal!" written over their heads. Amity has a red line over her face (Luz's blood) that makes it seem like she's blushing. We got a bit more detail about this scene in the other video: "They were in the hallway after class, and Amity just defended her because everyone was bullying her for her project". I'm unsure how to read this part: was Amity a human at this stage of development? Or is Dana talking about Hexside already? The fact that this concept art is put before everything else in the episode makes it seem like it's supposed to happen early in the pilot, and in the first episode Luz shows a school project in her human school.
    • [57:35] There's a lot of similarities with, like, Eda and Luz. This was a slightly different scenario where Luz tries to run away from Eda and Eda is like "Oh, I know what you are... You are a customer!". It's kind of similar to what we got now. I think for a lot of the original words we literally used those for the first episode. The concept art shows Eda grabbing Luz's arm to hold her in place, then showing her some of her junk. Like Dana says, it's pretty much the same as their first meeting in S01 EP01.
    • [58:02] The Owl House looked a little differently. [...] Instead of a living room, it was more like a... (Spencer Wan) Foyer? (Dana continues) It's a beautiful drawing, we took a lot of inspiration from his [Leonard Weiss] concept pieces and worked it into the actual house. The concept art shows the interior of the Owl House. It's cozy, the ceiling is magically lit, and some light spheres float around, similar to those that Luz creates with the light glyph. The art is credited to Leonard Weiss, a freelancer who worked with the team in the early stages of development.
    • [58:49] Lilith made an appearance in the pilot, she... (Luz Batista) She was so early on, both her and Amity. (Dana continues) When you're making a pilot for a show, especially a pilot that's not going to be aired, and it's just going to be used for testing - because this was shown to a limited amount of kids to see if kids were into it - you kinda want to throw as much cool stuff as possible into the first episode, even if it's not the first episode you actually want to do. So I was just throwing in as many characters as I thought would be interesting, Lilith being one of them. I think, at this point, she was - at the very very beginning - she was actually the principal of Hexside, instead of Bump. That was before we figured out where we wanted to go with the story and how we wanted the characters to develop. It didn't quite work with the series, which is why we ended up changing it. (Spencer Wan) Didn't she also turn into a... (Dana silences him). The concept art shows beta Lilith wielding some magic. She's very similar to show!Lilith. What Spencer Wan was trying to say before he got shushed was, Lilith was able to turn into a bat. Also, "Similar to Eda turning into the Owl Beast when she gets stressed out, Lilith used to turn into a bat when she got stressed out. However, that didn't work with the story".
    • [59:55] The ending was a little different. Luz does get stuck and she has to find her way home, but in rewriting the pilot, me and my season one story editor, Rachel Vine, we thought it was more interesting if she made the conscious choice to stay and had to deal with the consequences of that later. The concept art shows a melancholic Luz looking at King, who's checking himself out in the mirror while wearing the Burger King crown.
    • [1:00:30] The ending hug was a little different. Eda still didn't know what a hug was. [...] I think the lines are exactly the same. Same with King. The concept art shows Luz crying while hugging Eda, then doing the same with King. It's a bit different than the first episode, where Luz consciously decides to stay and happily hugs Eda and King. In both the concept art and the episode, Eda is visibly not accustomed to hugs.
    0 Dungeons &amp; Dragons Publisher Denies Selling Game To Chinese Firm: Here’s What To Know

    Rumors sparked by a Chinese news report suggested that Hasbro may be eyeing a sale of its Dungeons &amp; Dragons IP — but the game’s publisher has denied it.

    Dungeons &amp; Dragons Publisher Denies Selling Game To Chinese Firm: Here’s What To Know

    "In a Thursday statement to multiple outlets, including Forbes, Wizards of the Coast, the Hasbro division that publishes Dungeons &amp; Dragons and games including Magic: the Gathering, denied the rumors, claiming while the company has multiple partnerships with Tencent, “we are not looking to sell our D&amp;D [intellectual property],” and the company would not comment any further on “speculation or rumors about potential M&amp;A or licensing deals.


    The Speed Daily report also claimed Larian Studios—the Belgian video game company behind the popular Dungeons &amp; Dragons-based “Baldur’s Gate” games—was originally a possible purchaser of the IP but lacked the funding, and has since served as an intermediary between Hasbro and Tencent, which invests in Larian. But in a post on Thursday, Larian CEO Swen Vincke dismissed the rumors".

    How did that work out for you?

    Credits: MoringMark.

    Memeing a show by using the fan comic of that same show. Don't mind me, just dangerously close to breaking the fourth wall.

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