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Progress can be seen in all parts of life
  • To be fair though, part of the passengers were a father & son participating in a sort of father & son trip in which the son was adamant that he didn't want to go down in the submarine. He was literally scared. But the father dragged the son down with him, and sadly the son perished inside something he feared.

  • Operating Systems for Different Life Stages
  • I've seen Fedora lauded for being so responsive, and I'd probably go for that over the super bloated Ubuntu. I know it's not debloated either but that is preferable over dealing with Arch which needs a lot of tinkering time which eats into my work time.

  • Please be satire
  • Why would I post anything about it? It's my vacation and I would be drinking too much to even bother posting about it.

    I might even catch up on my planning and research (as a teacher it's a treat to actually develop as a teacher when there's time).

  • YouTube's war against third party apps is just as ridiculous as its war on adblockers
  • YouTube already did the math, as did almost every single company and corporation on the planet.

    There's a lot more revenue in advertising than subscriptions, especially on a website that started off entirely free (so Netflix for example goes in the subscription model rather than the advertising model but that seems to have changed!)

    There's a mass of people who follow up on these advertisements. The latest advertisements I've encountered on YouTube are really really calculated and well scripted. For example the digital dollar advertisements sound like they're going to save you from financial ruin. It's clever and it's working. Money is pouring in.

  • About yay helper

    When using sudo yay it recommends not using sudo. It seems I had two different outcomes from using sudo and then from not using it. Having used it, what effect does this have?