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  • I'm having trouble seeing replys to comments.

    any idea how to fix it?

  • Uh, did get hacked?
  • in liftoff as well, got here after seeing the name change

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  • Como dice el dicho: el que es flojo paltas duras come.

    o era trabaja dos veces?

  • Does it feel like the fediverse is exclusively used by older tech nerds?
  • I'm 19 if that works for you, just following wherever people go.

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  • Como le dicen los músicos a la hora de la colación?

    ir a almozart

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  • ya se vio el vídeo de Andrei sobre valpo?

    el de la USM y el barrio financiero IIRC?

    o es...

    puerto montt?

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  • no te podis cambiar de U?

  • Autism as a diagnosis VS autism as a neurotype
  • IDK

    Like science is bases on a more rigid and solid based than philosophy and I feel it would be wrong to just start making definitions and such without a base as solid as scienc, what prevents from unintentionally include Shy NTs or left open a gate for those NTs to wish to identify as autistic because spurious reasons?

    And if "not needing to use one of the sleeves in my shirt" is a useful criteria to find people with one arm, even if in a "monoarmical" society wouldn't be the case, wouldn't make that much sence to disregard it.

  • I feel like many autistic people fall into these two extremes
  • None!

    would say I'm moderate at that.

  • I wanna fly!
  • Would be nice to be able to fly like this.

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  • y llegará la libertad, la libertad la libertad

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  • ::: Yo jo hablo anime. (pero en base a mis notas tampoco matemáticas, soy un mono y no se hablar... ehem... Uh Uh Ah Ah) :::

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  • No puedo creer la cosa que veo (se acabó, se acabó)

    No puedo creer lo que en las calles de santiago veo. (se acabó, se acabó)

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    "la tienda científica" en el metro los leones, en esa plaza hundida donde hay un líder express, en uno de los pasillos, aaaaalgo escondida.

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  • Esta es una instancia del país poroto de beany y su owner es beandoe.


    beany es el foro mas grande sobre porotos a nivel mundial.

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  • eso no está en mi apunte.

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  • siiiiiiiii desde la primera vez q lo vi quedé pegao.

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  • c'mon you can do it?

  • A submabean



    Why is so hard to human-ate?

    why is so hard to act human? why isn't obvious what you should say or do to be accepted?? :(


    What will be done about the ghost beehaw communities?

    If you don't know defederated from us but communities from there that have a copy on this instance are still visible to Us and we can post on them, they can't see what we post or comment on those, and we can't see what they post and comment over there.

    they are gost communities hosted on this sv because how Lemmy works, and my question is what will be done about them.

    21 Encontraron a Nancy Márquez, consejera constitucional desaparecida por casi 14 horas en Estación Central -

    La información fue confirmada por su propio asesor, quien indicó que la consejera"se encuentra bien", aunque no entregó mayores antecedentes sobre el caso.


    Unpopular opinion: I'm fine with ads as a form for instances to sustain them selves.

    As long there are no invasive data collection and such, I really wouldn't mind having some ads if that means making instances having more resources to grow and sustain them selves.








    un gatito