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  • Sync

    Works fine for me.

    System support

    Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, what more do you want?

    Hoops to jump through

    What hoops? I typed in my phone number and was good to go.

    potential loss of chat history

    You said that already. If the worst thing you can say about the messenger is that it doesn't sync chat history to new devices, it's probably a decent messenger.


    Genuinely what?

    lack of account based sign up

    Like I said, if were comparing it to messengers people are already using, like iMessage or RCM, this is a nonissue.

  • Is this Canvas API, or WASM?
  • Old? Newgrounds is still around! In fact, thanks to the Ruffle project reimplementing Flash Player in WASM, all the old Flash games on it are playable in any HTML5 browser!

    We live in an era where you can play Henry Stickmin on your phone! How cool is that? What a time to be alive!

  • Get rid of those angry, masculine mannerisms
  • Not everyone is trans, homesicle. If I take a long hard look at my gender and decide that I'm happier as the man I was born than as a woman, that's my business. Trying to force me into a female body would make me just as miserable as your male one was for you.

    Also I couldn't help but notice that you seem to conflate anger as a concept with masculinity.

  • Focus
  • god dammit. her laptop isn't even labelled. there is no text on it anywhere. nothing except the black chassis and the grey rectangle at a 45 degree angle.


    it's like the minimalist meme trend that was going around a while back but for brand recognition. I am not okay with the knowledge that I've beensoo easily programmed.

  • telegram_irl
  • might I suggest using Matrix instead? End to end encrypted and fully open source (client and server), plus message history gets synced to new devices (assuming both your old and new clients support it, which nearly all do), and as a bonus it doesn't store data on a centralized server.

    Oh, and it supports sticker packs and custom emoji.

  • *braces for down votes and possible ban*

    I've been seeing a worrying number of these people on Lemmy lately, sharing enlightened takes including but not limited to "voting for Biden is tantamount to fascism" and "the concept of an assigned gender, or even an assigned name, at birth is transphobic" and none of them seem to be interested in reading more than the first sentence of any of my comments before writing a reply.

    More often than not they reply with a concern I addressed in the comment they're replying to, without any explanation of why my argument was invalid. Some of them cannot even state their own position, instead simply repeatedly calling mine oppressive in some way.

    It occurred to me just now that these interactions reminded me of nothing so much as an evangelical Christian I got into an argument with on Matrix a while ago, in which I met him 95% of the way, conceded that God might well be real and that being trans was sinful and tried to convince him not to tell that to every trans person he passed, and failed. I am 100% convinced he was trolling -- in retrospect I'm pretty sure I could've built a municipal transport system by letting people ride on top of his goalposts (that's what I get for picking a fight with a Christian at 2AM) -- and the only reason I'm not convinced these leftists on Lemmy are trolls is the sheer fucking number of them.

    I made this post and what felt like half the responses fell into this category. Am I going insane?

    "Yes. It was the forklift that knocked it over. Definitely. Not my tail."

    c/dragonsthatwonthavejobsforlong lmao


    Please, for the love of God, VOTE!

    I don't like Biden either, but anyone with half a brain knows there are two choices in the 2020 election. If we had a sane voting system, voting third party might be worth it, but as it stands, no one but you knows your favorite candidate exists and unless you want to become their campaign manager that will still be true in November. Even if you did, and even if you convinced two thirds of the people who would otherwise have voted for Biden to vote for your chosen candidate instead, Trump would still win because half the country voted for him and your guy only got a third. If you vote third party you might as well stay home.

    Not voting isn't going to stop the genocide in Gaza. The US will continue to funnel them arms no matter which candidate wins this November. Trump practically campaigns on how much he hates the Jews and he's publicly told Israel to "finish up their war". He'll also make life a living hell for anyone who isn't a straight cisgender male back here at home.

    A vote for a candidate is not an endorsement of them or their policies, it's a statement that you like their policies more than the other guy's, and "sticking it to liberals" and "refusing to support genocide" (that's not what voting for Biden is doing, by the way -- a vote for either candidate is a vote for genocide and a vote for neither is an endorsement of both) is not more important than keeping the furthest right politician America has ever seen out of office.

    How incredibly privileged do you have to be to see an entire national election as what will happen in the Middle East and ignore Trump's campaign promises to wipe transgender Americans off the map, and further, to not realize that the same thing will happen in the Middle East regardless of which candidate wins?

    I hate Biden as much as every other leftist here. But I'll still vote for him because Trump is worse. If there's a single bone in your body that cares about the lives of your trans friends you will too.


    Microblog Memes AVincentInSpace
    oldie but a goodie (relevant once again in light of him magically not having to pay the $450 million)
    furry_irl AVincentInSpace
    truth or dare

    Sauce (Nitter link) is \@YateWilliams on B*rdapp

    perrule the crayons

    no but seriously how am i supposed to find enough funny memes in the specific 196 genre to post one every time before i leave


    nothing could possibly have prepared me to read those words on wikipedia.

    sonic rule


    gay rule

    yes that image URL points to e621, deal with it

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