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If there's one thing you want people to learn, what would it be and why?
  • Because it's subjective?

    EDIT: example - abortion is evil for conservatives, but it is practically good for others

  • If there's one thing you want people to learn, what would it be and why?
  • It could be a better way but not the "only way"

    It should be Jesus who is the only way, boom !!!

  • If there's one thing you want people to learn, what would it be and why?
  • Adding to this, the criticism is more valid if you understand more

  • Being courteous [Off the Mark]
  • 5 is a Karen

  • Life Coach with Bill Burr Bill Burr’s Advice for Breaking Off an Engagement

    Bill Burr answers some questions from Tonight Show viewers and gives advice on things like moving in with a significant other and communicating with roommate...

    Bill Burr’s Advice for Breaking Off an Engagement

    Incredible Bicycle Cars - Human Powered Vehicles

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    > Incredible Bicycle Cars - Human Powered Vehicles

    Happy 16th anniversary, #fediverse!
  • App for Mastodon?

  • Introducing: The Minimal Phone
  • their indiegogo page has more info, but yeah their main site is down

  • Introducing: The Minimal Phone
  • Minimal Phone founded by the Bald Company

  • Introducing: The Minimal Phone
  • It already has more than 1k backers last i checked, but looks like they are still in designing phase. It looks good, hope they can deliver

  • [|(-,)
  • ,-(•.•)-°

  • Happy 16th anniversary, #fediverse! Evan Prodromou (@[email protected])

    Sixteen years ago tomorrow I published the first post on the fediverse. It's still visible on today, although the URL format changed a few years ago, and the redirect plugin stopped working a few years after that. http...

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    Lemmy GPT bot now runs on GPT-4o
  • I'm mindblown how it can retrieve the posts and/or user information. But also worried that OpenAI has access to Lemmy posts.

  • [Game Threads] 12 MAY 2024 - PLAYOFFS RD 2 DAY 8
  • Man, this game should be the finals

  • Thunderbird for Android / K-9 Mail: April 2024 Progress Report - The Thunderbird Blog
  • I thought thunderbird is getting paid by mozilla

  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink reports trouble with first human brain chip
  • I mean it's too early to trust anyone with this new technology

  • Does anyone know why SteamOS is based on arch rather than Debian?
  • KDE because it looks like Windows? So gamers will have a familiar interface instead of Gnome

  • How This Pen Changed The World
  • I thought it was a 10min ad video for Bic. It keeps on reminding the viewer that the pen was responsible for the growth of literacy.

  • What 11in laptop do you suggest?

    I don't think lemmy has an equivalent /r/suggestalaptop community, but feel free to let me know if any.

    I really like my acer Chromebook c720 because its easy to carry around and doesn't feel heavy when placed on my lap. Google no longer supports this model, so i turned it into a Linux machine via Arch Linux and Sway as the WM. This setup really fits my needs. However, it is underpowered with only 2G and old cpu. There is another model (4G + i3), but i cant find it anywhere in my area.

    Is there a laptop you can suggest that has very similar dimensions, but higher specs (up to 8G ram if possible) and has good compatibility with Linux? I use my c720 for almost all stuff - watching movies, studying some web dev stuff, etc. but not gaming. I'm not really asking for any links on where to find them, but just a suggestion. Already tried 14-15in laptops, but i would still prefer around 11-12 (maybe because of small hands?).


    Why is brawl allowed in NHL? Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    I'm not a hockey fan, so don't know anything about the players or even team names. But i just saw i trending. Maybe these 2 teams are rivals, but im wondering why the refs are allowing them to fight. Unlike the NBA, refs always get into the middle to stop any punches but NHL is different. Its not cool for kids to watch, but I'm entertained LOL


    The Self Balancing Monorail

    Piped -


    coming out to my straight brother



    Migrant Detention Camp

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    JAXA's SLIM mission is going to attempt the first "pin point" landing, with an accuracy of less than 100m Elizabeth Tasker (@[email protected])

    Tomorrow. My good people. We land. ON THE MOON 🌝 This is not a drill ⚒️ JAXA's Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) mission is going to attempt the first "pin point" landing, with an accuracy of less than 100m. (This is compared with conventional landing techniques, were anywhere with...


    Teams apparently can't call when using Firefox

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    > Teams apparently can't call when using Firefox > > Teams also doesn't support multiple "work" accounts, so I had to boot up a laptop to accept the call. 🤷


    Turn a godly idea into profit

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    > Should this be in unethical life pro tips


    No wonder Jesus didn't get a fair trial...

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    > No wonder Jesus didn't get a fair trial... > > Last words on the cross: > > " much for nepotism!"


    Copy post title?

    the request has been closed but the select feature is only for contents


    Do you guys believe in other super natural thingy?

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    > I recently deconverted last year. During the process, I learned to be skeptic on supernatural events after watching debates and some episodes in AXP. > > That's just me after deconversion, so I'm not sure if all exchristians are the same. I'm wondering if there are exchristians who believe in other supernatural things like ghosts? Or aliens?

    i already posted this in from my world account, not sure why it's not showing up so re-posting again to see if it goes through